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VG man allegedly steals generator for ‘safekeeping’

Not the actual generator

A Virgin Gorda resident accused of stealing a generator belonging to a store on the sister island said he took the appliance for safekeeping to prevent it from being looted in the aftermath of 2017 disasters.

Samuel McSheene, a government employee, pleaded not guilty to theft when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards on Monday.

The alleged theft reportedly occurred on September 8 last year — two days after Hurricane Irma.


The court heard that on the day in question, the accused man allegedly looted a 20-kilowatt generator valued at $25,000 from the Pinch and Save Minimart on Virgin Gorda.

The matter was reported to the police who then launched an investigation and found the stolen generator in McSheene’s yard.

When questioned by police McSheene said: “I took the generator and took it to my place for safe keeping because people were looting and I have a good working relationship with them (the generator owners).”

He then expressed that if the supermarket owners wanted to sell or rent it, he would be willing to do either.

He was subsequently charged.

He was granted $35,000 signed bail during his court appearance this week.

The matter was adjourned to November 27.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lying should carry a tongue removal penalty.

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    • VG victim says:

      They might as well just give him 3 generators. The police in VG don’t do nothin about this stuff (when 9 times out of 10 it is one of they family/friends). Just make it official and make it legal to steal stuff in VG. At least we will all know you have to keep everything under lock and key over here if you don’t want someone to take it!

  2. duck1951 says:

    One could not script a better excuse . A return of the machine and a good fine would be on order .

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  3. Jaigon says:

    After all McSheene did for that police girl, this is how she paying him back, wow ungratefulness is a curse. This is a matter that could have settle out of court and not drag the man down to this level.

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  4. 20 Kw?? says:

    He would need a crane to steal it! Safekeeping…LOL btw – that photo is misleading

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    • For real says:

      Read dam it read and understand the generator is not the one that was stolen

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    • English says:

      Well if you could read the fine print it says “Not the actual generator” smarty pants ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

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      • still misleading says:

        a story about a 20kw generator being stolen that needs a crane to lift it and then showing a 3 kw generator that a single man can pickup – that a big difference in scope. And…as you can see the News site now posted a more suitable pic. “smarty pants” my a**

  5. lol says:

    so it was stolen to protect it from the thieves? yo does heat schit

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  6. v.g man says:

    stop stop stop.He is not a virgin gorda man.He’s a St.kitts man.Toò t—- how in god’s name.he can secure a gen.set to save or protect I personally saw the gen set now he talking about payment too damn t—

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  7. No nonsense says:

    Ask no questions just lock his a*** up with the MAXIMUM time. It will send a message to the one/ ones who took the generator from the lobster farm. Put people out of work, destroy that industry and cause SO much financial rebuilding. Shame on them dumb looters. Like the miss pending politician, we are where we are a ship on a reef. Governor send for the ship, the cargo is ready for export!

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  8. LOL says:

    He hook it up to his house to save the energy too? TF?

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  9. Wow!! says:

    That’s an overpriced generator.

  10. He was a cop says:

    Throw the book at him brother M ..X police know better

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  11. catcus says:

    he reaping wat he sew when he was a cop his new name is generator

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  12. ........ says:

    Ports employee again?

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  13. but wait says:

    he ain’t a christian?

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  14. The wicked st kitts woman says:

    This is a matter that could have settled out of court…..that loud St. Kitts woman just like problem and confusion… Anyways just leave it to God.

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  15. Hey wait says:

    We love to rejoice at others calamity to much.

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  16. REAL VG MAN says:

    He is NOT a VG man!He is an SK native. On top of that why y’all try to downplay his resumé. He is an EX INSPECTOR OR SERGEANT for the BVI Police force. Ex inspector charged for looting generator should’ve been the headline.

  17. Innocent until proven guilty says:

    Wheres the follow up story

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