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VG man fined $1,000 for assaulting woman

Virgin Gorda resident Leon Forbes has been fined $1,000 for assaulting a woman.

He was fined at the end of his trial on Tuesday when Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo found him guilty of common assault.

Forbes faces two months at Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut if he fails to pay the fine by February 12, 2020. 

I don’t believe your witness

Before the close of his trial, Forbes chose to remain silent but brought his school mate, Gerrel Williams to testify on his behalf.

Williams told the court that he was present to witness part of the incident when his schoolmate spoke to the young lady about so-called ‘lies’ that were being fed to Forbes’ girlfriend.

Williams said when the woman in question saw Forbes, she immediately backed herself against a wall. He insisted that Forbes never laid a finger on her.

However, the Crown claimed Williams was not being truthful. They pointed to his police statement that Williams had given days after the incident. According to the Crown, this statement clearly indicates that Forbes, “held [the complainant] by her head and braced her against the wall”, while reportedly ordering the woman to stop lying to him.

In response, Williams disagreed and said his longtime friend, Forbes, “can’t control his (Forbes’) mouth but can control his hands”. 

After listening to both sides, Magistrate DaBreo said, “there was indeed common assault”. 

She said Williams, as a witness, left “much to be desired about his credibility”. She said his testimony would be disregarded. On the other hand, Magistrate DaBreo described the complainant as a credible witness whose account of the incident the court has accepted.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that the complaint was walking along the road near to Speedy’s office building on Virgin Gorda on September 21, last year.

At the same time, Forbes, who was riding a scooter approached her and hit her with the motorcycle, leaving a tire impression on her leg. Forbes then asked the woman: “Why all you messaging my girl with all kinds of things and all you know nothing no go so?”

The court heard that the complainant told him that she knew nothing about his accusations and suggested that one of her cousins, who is friendly with his girlfriend, may know.

He then rode off in search of the cousin.

He returned with Williams 

The court further heard that after that encounter, Forbes returned with Williams who was also riding a scooter to continue his interrogation on the woman.

Immediately after locating the complainant on the road, Forbes reportedly started shouting. He reportedly held her by her neck against a wall, making further accusations to the complainant while Williams looked on.

Following the assault, the court heard that the complainant made a report to the Virgin Gorda Police Station.

Forbes was subsequently charged.

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  1. Pergery says:

    The lying friend needs to be charged.

  2. Tola Gal says:

    Good for you young lady. Too many women let these abusers get away with their actions. Thank you for standing up to this coward and reporting his dumb a$$.

  3. The punisher says:

    If he ever lay a hand on another female,I am going to beat the h*ll out of him with a piece of 2×4.

  4. Tick says:

    I’m reading about school friend etc I wonder if this whole story are these kids school children?Talking about boyfriend and girlfriend

  5. Principal G says:

    “Don’t Pay Dem No Mind It’s Children Mel-leh”

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