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VG resident tries to shoot man but gun jams, court hears

Brandon Riley being escorted from court on September 3.

A St Thomas man residing in North Road, Virgin Gorda has been denied bail following an incident in which he allegedly tried to shoot a man but his gun did not fire.

Twenty-seven-year-old Brandon Riley is now charged with unlawful use of a firearm, possession of an offensive weapon, using threatening language, using insulting language, and three counts of common assault.

He was not made to plead to the charges during his arrest appearance in the Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

The court heard that Riley racked up those charges over a series of run-ins with the complainant.

The first of those alleged incidents happened on July 6 in the Valley, Virgin Gorda where the accused man reportedly saw the complainant at a bar and pulled the chair that the man was sitting on from underneath him.

The court heard that several days later on July 28, Riley allegedly kneed the complainant in the leg twice while they were in a barber shop.

It is alleged that another incident happened on August 6 at the White House Bar and Club in the Valley when Riley accosted the complainant and said: “You want to go to the police but I’m going to shoot you tonight.”

It is alleged that Riley then pulled what the complainant claimed to be a ‘real gun’ and allegedly pointed the weapon at him.

It is further alleged that Riley cranked the gun twice and pulled the trigger. But, according to the complainant’s report which was detailed by prosecutors, the weapon ‘jammed’.

The matter was subsequently reported to police and Riley was arrested and charged on August 31.  The gun in question has not been found to date, the court heard.

No bail

Riley’s attorney Leroy Jones told the court that before his client was arrested, he had departed the territory. Jones said Riley, however, returned and turned himself over to police after learning he was wanted for questioning.

In a bid to win bail for his client, Jones also told the court that Riley has no previous convictions.

But, Magistrate Giselle Jackman-Lumy said the seriousness of the alleged offences and the possibility that Riley may abscond because he is a US citizen are factors that make him a candidate that is not ideal for bail.

She said denying bail also assures that ‘no harm’ will come to the complainant in the matter.

Riley is now on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut and is scheduled to return to court on October 3.

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  1. mbga says:

    jail him then deport him

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  2. What!! says:

    Attempted murder charge??

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  3. Service your gun says:

    Usually caused by poor ammo, gunk built up near the firing pin (preventing it from moving forward properly) or trigger mechanism, or a weak firing pin spring. … Usually caused by a worn ejector, low velocity ammo that doesn’t provide enough energy to cycle the gun, or poor shooting technique (limp wristing).

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    • Really says:

      Bvi news you should not publish comments like these…comments that help killers kill!!!

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    • Gumption.official says:

      Too bad they stop using emails to sign in before commenting on post. I swear to all God if they was doing it and each time anyone disagrees or support crime even if they did it or not I would have investigate them and check they behavior out. For example why would more then 7 people dislike a comment like (I hope they find who kill the 11year old girl) – we can’t and will at accept or could afford to have those kind of mindset around us. I’m Happy more and more people are starting to finally stand up for what’s right.

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      • Branson Toby says:

        Dude you does get any sauce?

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        • Sad says:

          @Branson Toby you’re obviously one of them who don’t care what happens around your island. The smart ones going to college and going overseas to study the dregs are who are killing themselves. Well dawinism in progress. Idc anyway let them kill iff themselves…

          • It is raining in the bvi says:

            T— b—— when you can call people dregs and talking about college you are out of place an you walk around feeling big but look at your mom life story the hidden one’san ask questions and or about your family you would not be that happy relax now

      • To Gumption says:

        They will dislike it cause just like the killers, some bloggers are heartless also. It is so sad that up to this day,no clue was given as to who killed Mr.Penn and the innocent child. But justice will come one day

    • Hmmm says:

      This post shouldn’t have been posted

    • And how is this helpful? says:

      How is it helpful to give information that would help someone commit a murder?.Your comment is irresponsible at best.Thank God his gun jammed.Too many murders in such a small place.

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    • Hmm says:

      Sound like he jam it himself before he pull the trigger LMAO

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    • Candi says:

      Sounds as if you are full of experience

    • Crank says:

      He cranked the gun twice…

    • LCS says:

      Guns are illegal! Shouldn’t even have one in the first place.

  4. Too many allegations says:

    Too many allegations in this story for me to comment. Facts please.

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  5. lol says:

    little boy with a gun, all the time in this news now. Tryin to be all gangsta. SMH

  6. ST.Thomas says:

    Keeping it real.He is a ST.Tomian like myself but he have to be punished for allegedly going into another Man’s Country and breaking laws. I agree with the Judge for not granting bail.

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    • Bandit says:

      Thomian ???? Or is he really one of those who parent just went to St Thomas to have him so that he can be born a US citizen but don’t know a thing about St Thomas or has not even lived one day in St Thomas. You that there are thousand of those babies right here in Tortola. hmmm

    • Stop talk f**k says:

      The next man ant self from here ayo don’t know sh-t and want to run ayo mouth my parna bj and going nowhere all rights for the bvi soo all of ayo —- ayo mother

  7. Iron lion says:

    Another healthy young man with his life ahead of him being led away in handcuffs. Time to break the cycle.

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    • Gumption.official says:

      @Iron lion I must agree with you. Way too much young people are being sent to prison even the grave yard. The cycle must be broken but it’s difficult with so many popular people are negative influence in our community. It’s so much and so overwhelming it over shadowed the good. For most young people being LIT is being ratchet and mean to themselves and others. We must focus on our now young youths as they maybe be 10 years old today but one they will be an adult. Let’s continue to support and encourage them to be better than us.

      • Fam says:

        @Gumption.official I sad to say it but some people are lost no amount of talking you. You just have to let them get what they want. As long as no innocent get hurt let them just do what they want to each other…….you cant save everyone….some people are unredeemablem

        • tourist says:

          most sensible? Y’all bush biyy have no pennies to rub when these punks do what they want to each other on these 8 square mile of land. tourism gone. rich men leave. business done. it effects the sh– out of all. community leaders need put some godd—- moral compass out there and hold all parents to raise their kids with respect. or place going haiti and maybe along the way those with money at stake take a few out deep who damage the economy for everyone, over their selfish cowboy sh–.

        • Branson Toby says:

          See somebody gets it.

    • Yes says:

      Most sensible comment on here….agree

  8. me again says:

    little boy playing big man
    she could be he modda
    but as dem sa “boy a boy “

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  9. Clown says:

    Real gun clown

  10. Concern says:

    If you haven’t found the gun how can you charge him with it much less deny him bail if you have no evidence just what the complaint is saying ? Who says it true? Secondly if so much incidents happens before the last one why is it only now being brought to attention?? Thirdly the story I got is that the complaint hit the accused first resulting in him pulling out the fire arm.. WHICH DEFINITELY MAKES MORE SENSE! If somebody wants to really kill someone they wouldn’t advertise it, REAL KILLERS DON’T talk broadcast their moves .. Think about it!!!

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    • Born here says:

      I sit an listen the compliant brag an say the accused lucky he didn’t get slap with his right hand an this happen before the accused pulled the so called gun

      • Loudee says:

        Waw!A gun versus a slap?Why didnt he slap the complainant back instead of pulling out a gun in a crowd of people.What if he had shot innocent persons or someone close to you.I bet u wohld be singing a whole other song.

  11. Single & ready 2 mingle says:

    My only concern is if this means his police girlfriend is single,hurry up send him to the villa on the hills so me & her can get acquainted 😛

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  12. F$&@ People says:

    Don’t worry dawg the father don’t sleep just keep quiet and watch how things play out

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  13. Woow says:

    He needs to be eligible for bail. If he didnt shoot anyone why not put him up for bail, who knows the gun might not be real and if so maybe it didnt had any bullets. And why on earth are people saying report like really,who says he doesn’t have rights for here and even if he didnt and came here as a baby or toddler where do you want him to go, back in his mothers womb.

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  14. me again says:

    @ concern
    u are a REAL FOOL In a small bar/ room about 20X30 ft with more than 20 ppl U talkin bout wha complaint sa !
    When it was complained/ reported first if the popo had done wat was rite he wouldda be up d ghut LONG time
    but as dem sa ” boy a boy “

    • @me again says:

      Your mother is the fool!!! Obviously people in the bar saw what happened and talking and it doesn’t match the complaint story a$$! You must be a hater for the bs you there talking !!

  15. Gumption. Official says:

    peer pressure – It’s our brothers and sisters biggest issue. The peer pressure is something that push good people to the edge at times. A lot of people just don’t know how to say (No) walk off (deal with the moment) etc especially when so many around are encouraging it by (1) cheering or pulling out their cellphones even both.

    Me being a vitamin Of being bullied in high school wasn’t nice, but I had and still having the opportunity to give life a try. Sadly for the guy who bullied me, from age 19th to present he’s been in prison for killing a man. He was one of those who was hype up or always expecting to be hype or in today’s team (LIT)

    We have a new set of young men and woman coming to Replace us. When some of them become 35 like I am today, with God’s Love We’ll be 70+.

    We have to Finding ways on having them think more about their future. Thinking about the (What if. The maybe, The could of) etc before happening) But can’t be a blind eye that often and lately a lot of good people with good potentials ruined or dampen their records in case they chose to do something positive later on. But It’s just a lot of work)

    Regardling this young man case and what he did I’m not a supporter of it. A few of us ain’t for it. I know he was doing his best and really give life a go. Not sure who he was involved with or the other side of the story but open statement (It’s only sooo much and only so many complaints) a person will do or make before they’re push to something that they can possibly ruined ourselves. More teenagers need proper guidance on how they can deal with peer pressure for anything they shouldn’t be doing or about to do. Smoking/Sex/Stealing etc.

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  16. Accuracy needed says:

    I would like to get the real details of this alleged altercation. It almost sounds like someone’s ego was bruised and now a price has to be paid. Interesting

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  17. Anonymous says:

    Look mr. Riley does not trouble anyone okay the complain it keep harassing mr. Riley till he pushed him to the point you guys don’t live on Virgin Gorda so you would not know what’s going on don’t believe everything you read on the news…

  18. Are You Kidding Me? says:

    That man (the “victim”) is lucky to be alive and good.

  19. Ah mi say family says:

    I wish I can meet y’all personally. If it has 20 ppl in white house everyone can’t see the gun. Ppl over here just like to tell stories to give the impression that they been in this or something almost happen to them. Is one thing he never promote me to bad, he always tell keep away from trouble. That pork eating rasta man somehow keep tying to get under my “mind your business” skin. He parna get a lil money off if terror like he looking the same. At the end of the day he hit first it should be self defense. You gone police to strike a man? If he say he going shoot he how he get to hit him, why he run after. Sense out of non sense. Is a whole heap of hear say and want to be in thing going on

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  20. Sigh says:

    Ah set ah weirdos, we against all odds. Ayu new to what going on. Stand strong bro, is a good thing you humble so a lil time off island aint going hurt you much. Joff like lie so you know what happens to liars when they have to repeat themselves

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  21. For real says:

    He got just what he deserved time for bed sleep good people.

  22. It is raining in the bvi says:

    It is time that the people that born or live in the bvi stop fine excuse an at the same time stop judging cases when someone else is in problem remember twelve inches make one foot an sixteen ounces make one pound so what you want to sell for be prepared to pay the same amount when things change A few of you who are talking about the young man have a great deal of problem with you and your family looking to kill him am going to ask you walk with your rain coat your rain is coming

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