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VG residents prepare for banking woes with tech conference

Virgin Gorda residents are preparing for the possibility of life without a functioning bank on the island by hosting a series of ‘technology conferences’.

The conferences are scheduled to happen during the next few weeks beginning this Saturday, July 28 at the Catholic Community Centre.

Political aspirant and Sister Islands Programme Coordinator, Vincent Wheatley told BVI News the conference is in response to the banking issues plaguing the island.

Scotiabank – the last bank on the island – plans to permanently close its Virgin Gorda branch on August 31. This will leave residents to travel to the island of Tortola in order to receive banking services.

Wheatley said he along with Shereen Flax-Charles came up with the idea to conduct an “intensive community education [programme] to get the community up to speed on using online resources.”

According to Wheatley, presenters in financial institutions, telecommunication providers, and utility companies will be training the masses on how to pay bills and conduct other business using their online platforms.

“We want to see more people feeling comfortable doing stuff online. Everybody has a smartphone. We want to see them using their phones for more than just taking pictures and making phone calls,” Wheatley said.

He said residents have welcomed the idea, so far.

Months ago, CIBC FirstCaribbean bank permanently closed its Virgin Gorda branch because the facility was not fit for use due to the damage it sustained from the 2017 hurricanes.

At least two other financial institutions – National Bank of the Virgin Islands and Banco Popular – are said to be exploring the possibility of opening a branch on the island.

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  1. My vote says:

    Vincent, I applaud you, you are already showing people that you are not the sit and wait for things to go south type. This is a very proactive move, I also applaud you for not taking the glory for yourself and letting people know that you value assistance from your people. Much love and respect for you. I will transfer back to VG just to vote for you.

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    • BVIYoungman says:

      Great Decision for hosting a Tech Conference Mr Weathley.

      There’s a lot of young Adults and seniors that are now getting into banking and stating new accounts. We need any lessons that we can get. im soo GRATEFUL for this!

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    • SMH says:

      This was not HIS doing…it’s sad and very disappointing when this kind of thing happens. He has been riding on the backs of others who continue to do the work while he collects the praises. The ones who are really working are not seeking praises, fame or trying to rack up political milage! True politician he is!

  2. ernie & bert says:

    is this guy actually using his post to campaign???

    • 9th District Resident says:

      Did you stop to think that these two have been going above and beyond for the 9th District for a very long time? Did you stop to think that these two have been showing strong leadership for a very long time? did you stop to think that the reason why both of them have been hunted by all parties is because of leadership skills? Did you stop to think that they would be doing this even if they did not have political aspiration? Sometimes you have to just stop a think a little. Good job guys.

  3. John Knauss says:

    To Ernie and Bert…. Actually, this man is doing something other than “moving his lips” which would be a great improvement over some past experiences. Personally, I applaud him for being “AN ACTION MAN WHO CAN”…. (no mention in the article about politics – just about a VG resident “who cares”). My only regret is that I can’t vote for Vincent Wheatley.

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  4. VG68 says:

    At least a step for the people of VG to become adept with the process of on line banking. However, still does not solve the problem of deposits & especially the need for cash – not only by the visiting tourist, businesses and the rest of the population. Still need a full, functioning Int’l Bank. I want to believe First Caribbean would still be on VG if the owners of VGYH had repaired their rental space after IRMA. The entire complex of VGYH sits in complete disrepair. Guess who owns VGYH?

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  5. What Time Is It? says:

    We love our V.G; several times voted by various Travel Magazines as “Best Island” to vacation. LDB has been voted more than once as Best Resort. These kinds of recognition build pride in all residents, (Born here and born there lol).
    We want to do what’s right for our island home and our people. We are in the spotlight and want to shine.
    Such things as thinking out of the box (in trying to solve the banking fiasco) by holding these online banking workshops, (conference or whatever the name) are progressive moves and should be applauded for what they are. Not politics or anything else.

  6. cheers says:

    i’ll drink to that!

  7. cheers says:

    i’ll drink to that! is it rum that i’m smelling? ….LOL

  8. Lone politics says:

    People don’t get me wrong, this is a good idea, however these two people are on the VIP ballot. One is running for the district and the other is hoping to get pick as an at large candidate. This is nothing but campaigning in disguise. You don’t have to believe me just watch it play out before your eyes. Two civil servants campaigning while still employed with Government. Don’t let them fool you. The National Bank is coming.

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    • TALK LESS and ACT MORE says:

      so why did you wait for other persons to organize it? Get off your *** and do for your community. Somebody has to do it. Why did you not make this noise when the business meeting was organized by the same people plus two others when the bank announced they were closing? Step up to the plate. Talking and blogging DOES NOT get results

  9. Real Karma says:

    Dear Vincent,
    I see all and I know all. What is done in the dark…will come to light. The truth shall set you free. Stay in the light. Honesty and integtity will take you far. I see you and smell you…I AM COMING! I’ll see you soon.


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  10. VG says:

    Come on people,
    this is something GOOD for the community. Forget about the politics and for once lets make sure our people get the knowledge they need to get through these rough times. Anyone in the community had the opportunity to step up to the plate and organize this. Let’s just be glad it is happening

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