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VI exploring full membership in CARICOM

The BVI is currently exploring becoming a full member of CARICOM, the organisation that brings together several Caribbean countries and territories for regional integration.

The BVI is currently an associate member of CARICOM and Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley told reporters last week that he has been speaking with his Cabinet colleagues about the issue.

Premier Wheatley pointed to Montserrat, another United Kingdom overseas territory, which he said is already a full member and explained that Bermuda and the Turks and Caicos Islands have each sought and received an entrustment from the UK to become full members of CARICOM.

Dr Wheatley indicated that in seeking full membership within the regional body, the BVI may not participate in all of the available programmes.

“Now [with] associate member status, we’re still able to benefit in some ways. But of course, what’s really important to us in the Virgin Islands is that we are able to have some level of restriction on the various CARICOM programmes. For instance, freedom of movement would not be desirable for us,” the Premier said.

According to the Premier, there are areas such as assistance with crime, tourism, health and others that the BVI can benefit from by being a full member of CARICOM.

“So the question is why are we limiting ourselves — well, limiting our participation?” Dr Wheatley said. “As a full member, you can still opt out of things like freedom of movement as the Bahamas has done. So, really, you can utilise the full benefits of membership without, of course, committing to some of the things that we don’t want.”

In the meantime, Premier Wheatley said that the BVI has been given great support by CARICOM and its heads of government but said the territory is interested in evolving beyond its present status as an associate member.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Becoming a full member is better for the BVI. You get to sit at the decision making table.

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    • Albion says:

      That would mean allowing any national of a CARICOM member state to live and work in the BVI without restrictions. I can’t see the BVI agreeing to that.

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      • Leslie says:

        Such poor thinking that perspective can work both ways; the world is changing climare is changing be carefull with your stand and wishes.

      • @albion says:

        Not true. They will be allowed to visit and stay for 6 month but working is prohibited

    • Nah says:

      Why bother? We already have England. They have more power than a bunch a tiny islands. Caricom is just a poor man cartel.

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      • We are not in need of you is y'all wanting to come be a part of us says:

        As you can see y’all coming to caricom to gain from us, y’all ain’t bringing anything to the table other than just wanting to be on the receiving end. Look y’all don’t bother come just stay in y’all tiny corner

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      • Anonymous says:

        Then let England help yall with yall crime and tourism then. Your premier is the one who said yall need help. We don’t need yall to be frank.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Educate yourself..after the last category hurricane..see who came to your aid and how your England treated BVI. See what’s happening to UK after brexit

  2. Shut up says:

    We coming up d road
    All of us will be one under caricom

  3. Anonymous says:

    BVI needs to establish a federation with the biggest Caribbean Islands. It should work if done properly.

  4. Lb says:

    Simple question: WHY? for what benefit to BVI?

    Caricom offers very little benefit to its current members! There is a reason why we have never wanted to be full members for all these decades! Do your research and stop chatting piss Sowande.

    Caricom passport have zero benefits to us. They need BVI, we do not need Caricom as an organization. We love our fellow Caribbean nationals but we do not love or need Caricom as an organization! Zero benefit to us!

    Remain a good neighbor and stay as an Associate Member

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  5. Anonymous says:

    They don’t need bvi because it’s the same has England they want to use the people for there own gain let the people farm there union travel free and all sion them say we need visa to travel in there country see Bahamas in it and when jamaican visit them Still a give them hard time this thing don’t work we should visit has we like work has we Like and live has we like this need to improve more within the government

  6. Anonymous says:

    A full caricom member should not be able to pick and choose what they want it should come with everything otherwise what’s the point if some members are giving full access and others aren’t, make sense those giving full access drop the rest and carry on. It’s like taking but not really contributing.

  7. Down2earth says:

    No, we should NOT seek full membership.
    What impact would this have on education, health, crime rate, employment, society on a whole…

    CARICOM wants all member countries to sign off on total free movement later this month. This means no more limited 6 month period of being in another Caribbean country having no questions asked. In essence, it will now be a free for all!

    A native Virgin Islander to the Nth generation

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