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Vincentian allegedly injures wife, stepchildren with machete and car

A St Vincent man residing in Diamond Estate has been charged with wounding after reportedly attacking his wife and stepdaughter with a machete and mowing down his stepson with a vehicle.

The man, who reportedly committed the offences this week, is also charged with possession of an offensive weapon.

BVI News understands that the accused man allegedly used the machete to inflict wounds on his stepdaughter’s face and to hit his wife all over her body.

The stepdaughter is reportedly being treated at the Dr Orlando Smith Hospital.

As for the stepson, BVI News understands that he was riding his motorcycle home when the accused Vincentian used a car to hit the stepson off the bike. He (the stepson) sustained minor injuries, BVI News understands.

Police are reportedly investigating the matter.


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  1. Gramm Azone says:

    WTF?? Is wrong with people?? This person seem to have a lot of rage, anger and evil built up inside him. Suppose he killed all of them?? He sick cause its the same wife he will look to go kiss and jump on top

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  2. son of the soil says:


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  3. Indigenous Virgin Islander says:

    Out of all the nationalities we have in the VI, Vincies are the worst. I have been calling for a visa freeze on them for years now. Cutlass and gamaxone should be on their national emblem.

    Geez, Everywhere these people go they cause high drama and strife.

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  4. St Indigenous Virgin Islander says:

    Vincentians May have rage, but Most Virgin Islanders and corrupt. It seems as the BVI is fill with Saints… There’s No Country in this world that don’t have bad behaving people. From Premier right down to the street man. Come off a Vincentians.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    You all kill more now than vincentain. All over the world you go is trouble. Ongly heaven is safe.

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  6. country bookies says:

    95% of the vincy people are very ignorant/illiterate

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  7. Sam says:

    You all like to wish people bad
    . When you live in a glass house dont throw stone.

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  8. THE TRUTH HURTS says:



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  9. Mind yo business says:

    If u don’t know the story shut up.

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  10. Mind yo business says:

    Uno so quick to judge.. Mmmmmm what was happening behind closed doors?
    Only God can judge. Who are you to cast stones? Not every woman is innocent until proven guilty..

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  11. please says:

    I don’t care where you say you indigenous of, there have been a pattern established enough to draw some concerns. There needs to be a quota Vincentians and Jamaicans in the Virgin Islands. Sorry if that offends some of you.

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  12. facts!! says:

    they shoulda deport yuh mother too

  13. Tim says:

    Vincentian again?

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  14. local says:

    jail time? to eat whom tax money!! send his dotish self back way he from

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  15. local says:

    Why is it so sad? Many locals run married men just to avoid leaving the country, and their souls are now quite sad as a result! with regrets! Many of these couples who got married and the woman turned around and put the man on their time ought to be investigated by immigration! Many people abuse women and work when they are not supposed to.

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  16. LOL says:

    You got a be a special kind of [email protected]$$ To come and turn things around on Virgin Islanders. Stick to the [email protected]#$ing topic at hand. Guess you’re a vincentian and was offended LMAO!!!

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  17. @ indigenous British virginislander says:

    so that’s why you all family gun down the vincie in fish bay and the other one behind rite way in town 🤔 ( there is law and order in every country, if you you break it the law supposed bto deal with you / where the person comes from has nothing to do with it ) you left out the holy youths who killing eachother other in broad daylight / in drive by using AK- 47 and other submachine guns

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  18. @local says:

    many st vincent man run married locals during the pandemic and so they unhappy in truth

  19. Welcome to the BVI says:

    Welcome to the BVI, with the most Holiest of Holy indigenous People .

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  20. BS says:

    They already arrested and charged the culprit which was from USVI, not BVI.

  21. Really says:

    Just go sit down.

  22. @ Mind Yo Business says:

    STOP misusing this only God can judge me phrase.

    James 5:19-20: “My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, 20 remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins.”

    Out of Context: We’re living in a day that values tolerance above all, unless, of course, someone disagrees with our beliefs, lifestyles, or opinions; then, we’re extremely intolerant. We may even boldly shout, “Only God can judge me!” However, this is Tupac theology, not Biblical theology.

    In Context: This verse is not a warning against speaking out against certain actions or behaviors. In fact, in other places of Scripture, we’re told “we’ll know them by their fruit.”

    Even though we remove the plank in our eye, Jesus still says we must remove the speck in our brother’s.

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  23. Anonymous says:

    Behave yourself when you come in another man country our else go the f**k back home

  24. Barberbwoy says:

    Tec alto mouth off vincy
    Look how man kittens up baloo for multiple murders and robberies no one talking about dat
    Who could be wick like some of you bvislanders

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  25. Barberbwoy says:

    Tec alyo mouth off vincy
    Look how man kittens up baloo for multiple murders and robberies no one talking about dat
    Who could be wick like some of you bvislanders

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  26. Concern says:

    Good for nothing s**ing together Dogs

  27. Child of God says:

    These people are so divided and angry, the first 5 comments are just angry comments toward the man, fine but offer some compassion for the lady and her children that are injured. My heart goes out to her and her children that they all recovered. The law will deal with this man! Sending prayers for this broken home.

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  28. 345 says:

    I think it full time that the government send out all vincencian out of the BVI

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  29. Tola says:

    That is our country go do alyou s**t in alyou country

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  30. Untouchable says:

    My comment is you live abroard conduct yourself,if you know how you were brought up so that your mama feel proud of who you are.Eating an rotten snake all the vinom is capture in your body so whatever the out burst accept it, hey guys its a choice we all at some pointed time have to make.question Who prevent and protect our love ones from these beast we choose in the life we live? Stay safe and focus on you and what makes you happy.

  31. Jah says:

    Vincy men are the most wickedness men out right now. They lie cheat steal and manipulate

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  32. Wozza says:

    I dont want this to be a knock on people but statistically St Vincent men have caused more injuries to females in the past couple of years than others.

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  33. Jamaican says:

    Move yah a$$ bout Jamaican move up piss a guh a yuh bed dusty looking a$$

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  34. Monaco says:

    Absolutely no reason for Vincentians to be given the priveledge of living and working in the VI.
    They have,time and again demonstrated their cannibalistic nature spilling human blood and dead bodies,adding curse and bad Karma..
    Considering that BVIslanders are not in other Caribbean countries like a feeding frenzy,and behaving badly ,4why on this Earth are they here in massive amounts committing time and again their cultural barbarism. It is there way of life in their countr. We know that it isxwh they are…The BVI is the creator the willful creator of their failed destiny,,,,simply for votes from a demographic less educated and least interested in civility ,a concept with which they are unfamiliar.

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  35. Only premier in the world in jail for selling guns and … says:

    Why ayo didn’t jump on the indigenousPremier and the indigenous cartel money laundering VI worst drug haven of all the territories. Jump
    On that . Stop lumping people in one basket .

  36. Silent says:

    Speedy recovery to the injured family but some y’all on here is some bitter Betty’s who can’t get to control vincy men and some bow cat Bertie’s who lose y’all woman to vincy men am not condoning violence against anyone but am a proud vincy

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  37. Lily Ann says:

    I’ve been involved with 3 Vincies within 10 years, and it got so bad that if a man open he mouth right now and tell me he from Vincy, I politely tell he Guh Lang yuuh way eh. I rather chose a Jamaican over a Vincy man. That’s how bad my experience was.

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  38. Beware says:

    If you are from the VI you have had at least one sour encounter with a Vincentian. Though it may not always come to machete play, they are a very lying, scheming and thieving people. I guess it’s a result of the level of poverty most of them hail from. They bring that dog eat dog mentality here and things like this is the result of that. It is tiring seeing this machete slinging story by the same group of perpetrators atleast twice a year on our local news. Sorry to the lady and her kids.

    On another note, locals be mindful of getting into relationships with people from elsewhere. Note that I said be MINDFUL, not that you shouldn’t date non-locals. Many of them come here to hustle and would sweet you up and when they get into your good graces they drain you like a leech. Don’t let what may seem like “love” blind you.

    I know we like to say it’s the local men that like to involve themselves with women from elsewhere but I can assure you that there is a much higher percentage of local women shacking up with these men from elsewhere; clothing, feeding and financing them in full. Beware.

  39. vi says:

    Right now the prison is full, think is best to just send him right back to st vincent don’t put him up in the big house too eat 3 meals a day on tax payers money, the next plane that going st vincent put him on it case close.

  40. Always telling says:

    The local women in Tortola to stay away from the men from St. Vincent. Those men are brutes and can’t be trusted. They love to chop people up. The way he attack the woman and her children he was about to kill them. I truly hope he is never allowed to walk the streets in Tortola again. Send his behind back to his Country. As a taxpayer I am tired of feeding criminals that is not from Tortola that is in prison.

  41. Hmm says:

    When last you see a Jamaican in the news for anything bad?

  42. Wrong charge says:

    The charge should be attempted murder of the step son and daughter and wounding for the wife

  43. Manifest says:

    How Jamaica and the BVI name take over the comments. This news is about A Vincentian let it be about them Jamaicans done have their fair share,don’t do your crime and try use other countries to justify your wring doings.

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  44. smh says:

    The ignorant of some people. let give God the glory and praise that the family are safe it could of bin worst. Forget about the Vincentians, tolian and Jamaican story and say a prayer for the men and the lady and her kids..

  45. control says:

    it’s always dishearten when your hear another person from your country do something stupid, and now you know that mud is going to be throwed on your and your character besmudged because some idiot who you don’t know and have nothing in common with besides where you are from.

    I would admit it, some men from SVG have shown themselves to be brutes by their actions but that’s them. so would I take offense when I read how SVG men are? nope!!! their track records speak loud, I cannot defend the indefensible. The brutes are in the minority and their actions reprehensible. Yet that’s not me nor those closest to me.

  46. Hmm says:

    Bout Jamaican, one thing Jamaicans know how to handle bun. Bun Fi bun

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  47. It'sMissAlie says:

    Referencing a biblical verse is so irrelevant to this story.
    Island people and their religious nonsense. Never fails.

  48. My son says:

    If Virgin Islanders wicked why you want to be among them? Step off…get out from among them.

  49. Vincy to me bone says:

    You’re such an a**hole

  50. Vincy says:

    Shut to f*** up n stop blaming everyone for for other ppl wrong doing, we use cutlass y’all use gun, look how much of y’all innocent children in gin war…aryo worst than us

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  51. Vincy 100% says:

    Shut ayo dutty tola , f**king each other man , and woman ms yall could walk in vincentian shoes, vincy ppl help build tola in ayo wicked ms when all you going jail for fast money , at least vincy plp ain hiding s**t , yall badminded killing each other rapidly and hidding it!! Clean out aryo dirty f**king house and mouth before passing it on vincy plp

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  52. Judge nation says:

    I love your comment it like captain out all man out some ppl think they so educated cause someone do some everyone should be punish (their nation).

  53. Judge nation says:

    Well you think u can judge all person for one person u think your so educated just to show how dum u r cause u one cant run the island make it worst this world i sure the only think u can do is burn water not… etc.

  54. Judge nation says:

    I understand what ur trying to imply. The primeer was not the first to do what he did when he behind the curtains say they need to clean the street from guns,when it was him who was behind all these crimenal acts so not only vincentain is the whole world

  55. Nation Judge says:

    Yh its good to be regilious and blinding the ppl an making fast money thats how we wan tortola to be some guns an coke will be nice making they money corn shell all over the ground hear about the shooting out east end around the sametime but that was good would ah just be a fast death

  56. Nation Judge says:

    Hear about the shooting east end better than chopping someone cause they just die fast an everyone for get so that not count as evil that just doing de job

  57. Nation Judge says:

    U r a crimenal ur self judging all for one man u need to judge ur self i wish u can put a river here in the bvi cause u think ur a God, maybe ur one (a god of dumness).

  58. Nation Judge says:

    He could have take differen action but i dont know what happen father i leave u to Judge in Jesus mighty name u are God alone

  59. High time says:

    Idgaf which Vincy upset but its high time yall get a visa restriction idk why other countries have and yall don’t.. I’ve seen it for myself and heard through manyyyy people about the negative interactions with Vincy men..The good in other countries suffered for the bad , so its time the same happens. High fng time.. And if yall wanna jump on my case kiss ma ahh and l1(k it across okay?.. or simple go drink yall favorite.

  60. Proud vincy says:

    3 different vincy man in ten years eh..hmmm…seems to be one common factor here

  61. Proud vincy says:

    Mr high time you might want to wipe the corners of your mouth , yo vomiting bulls**t!

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  62. Proud vincy says:

    You all full of ignorance and not afraid to show it fact you all downright proud of the bigotry and Hate you hold for your fellow caribbean brothers and sisters…. And yes you all are part of the damn caribbean so when yo calling us island people remember that…damn stupid…anyway I digress …we not going nowhere, we here for a reason and when we ready we will go home to our nice nice country.

  63. VINCY says:


  64. Anonymous says:

    Look in jamaican news yo ms

  65. Anonymous says:

    How many murders in svg compare to the other caribbean countries.. Get yall dirty ms ofd vincy men

  66. @ proud Vincy says:

    Lol so you the first in line to kiss ma ahh I see?…lol.. Yes Cause when you in another persons country behave df?… look around you ms look at all the other countries restricted and look at yall crimes recently.. I dont wanna hear about the drug dealers cause thats the country issue but if you go back to your nice country I bet Killing is a norm too.. drinking that drink is a norm too huh?.. We all ain’t brothers and sisters cause you would understand wtf I was saying if you were so much of a brother or sister.. look at all the other restricted brothers and sisters?.. What makes you so much better when you are committing these gruesome crimes more than the rest?!.. [email protected] of.. Yall proud even when yall are wrong… I’m not against expats but what goes for all should go for you too.. so proud Vincy feel free to stay here as long as you are allowed to.. Be on your best [email protected]!g behavior… Why are yall so coward though?.. Wanna do ish but take the easy way out lol..

    I met good ones but there are nice people in every country B. Even in the “Big Bad BVI”.

  67. Peaceful observation says:

    My heartfelt sympathy to the injured family and hopefully a speedy recovery.
    As an in partial person (looking in from the outside across from across the planet)… we must acknowledge there’s one planet Earth that only belongs to God. All Black people are from Africa (light skin, brown skin, dark skin, green skin, however one chooses to describe themselves). No one group of people owns any specific island!!! With that said, there should never be a need for violence especially as a resolution for any circumstance. If there are unrecognizable differences, we were all given legs for walking. Simply walk away! However, being offensive towards each other via this platform is ridiculous (for lack of a more appropriate observation). The Caribbean is ONE culture, all islanders. Being all “kettles” and calling each other “BLACK”, is true ignorance. Again, I don’t support violence of any kind or ignorance especially from nations/ islands of ONE culture, educated or uneducated (which is prevalent across the Caribbean as a whole). Peace to you all from the Caribbean Islands (ALL Islanders).

  68. @ Anonymous says:

    Lol Just to let you know don’t ever compare yourself with Jamaica.. You aren’t the same size either.. You haven’t contributed nothing neither in Slavery( let me help cause maybe you dont know history but some of the worst slave revolts were done in Jamaica and Haiti) or in todays day to move blacks forward.. So please don’t compare yourself to Jamaica.. Another thing.. Jamaican men arent known for chopping up people in the BVI.. Jamaican men don’t have the name that Vincy men have in Tortola as bad as they may be. Don’t worry about what happens in countries not on your level .. Worry about what your men been doing here cause its a vincy man in the news!.. Cause whatever you contributed in the BVI, Jamaica and the other countries have done the same… Lol Vincy swear they can be on par with Jamaica..Best move around bih.

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