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Vincentian sentenced to months in prison for assaulting lover

Randy Butler

Vincentian Randy Butler has been sentenced to 10 months at Her Majesty’s Prison for battering his lover and destroying her cellular phone after she reportedly gave him ‘the cold shoulder’ at a party.

He was sentenced to seven months for the offence of assault causing actual bodily harm and another four months for criminal damage.

The sentences are to run concurrently which effectively means, he will spend no more than seven months behind bars.

In handing down his sentence, Magistrate DaBreo said the seriousness of the offence and his lack of remorse were factors that aggravated the offence.

On the other hand, she considered his early guilty plea and no previous convictions as mitigating factors.

“I believe a sentence of imprisonment is warranted,” she said.

Butler was also ordered to pay the victim $205.99 compensation for the cellular phone. He will spend an additional 30 days in prison if he fails to pay.

Additionally, Butler was ordered to pay another $1,494.87 in compensation for the victim’s hospital fees. If he fails to compensate her, he will spend two months at the adult penitentiary.

All the sentences for compensation are to run consecutively or one after the other. His term of imprisonment will take effect from September 16 — the date he was first remanded. 

What the court heard happened

The court heard that the couple who are both natives of St Vincent and the Grenadines was introduced through a mutual friend.

Butler resided at Long Trench on Tortola while the 30-year-old female lived in her country at the time and used social media and WhatsApp to communicate.

Roughly two to three weeks later, the offender purchased an airline ticket for the woman to travel to the territory. She arrived on August 4.

When she arrived, she reportedly spent four nights at the offender’s Long Trench home.

However, the couple got into a misunderstanding, and the woman in question moved out and went to live with a friend.

The court heard that on the night of September 13, Butler and the complainant crossed paths at a party in Old Plantation on Tortola.

He reportedly tried to speak to her. However, the woman was not interested in having a conversation with him, the court heard.

The offender reportedly responded by grabbing her cellular phone and throwing it into a wall which caused it to shatter.

He reportedly told her, “I want my money for the ticket that I bought you,” and allegedly made threats to end her life, the court heard.

Butler’s actions caused a disturbance, so he was thrown from the party. 

The court heard that then Butler hoisted a rock and pelted it at her which caught her on the side of her head.

The complainant was later taken to the hospital where she was treated for a laceration to the head and soft tissue swelling to the area.

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  1. Oohhh. Boiii says:

    Balsam Ghut then ET Joshua straight flight
    Was it worth it ?

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  2. Wow says:

    Months in jail for not only assaulting the woman but for saying out loud in court he is not sorry, but 2 years for a young local budding athlete with no priors, for taking a TV after Irma. You must love the justice in this place!

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  3. son of the soil says:

    Hurricane irma still wreaking havoc in this country because he is a relief worker that came in after

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  4. Welll says:

    If he had given the money to his mother rather than spending it on a piece of trash that the flies reject he would have not been in the situation that he is in. She is out here living it up with her man and partying while he is on lock down. All you local married woman watch out for that down Island ghetto B**ch. She is going to befriend and play nice nice and F**k up your marriage. I got my ?on that SKANK AKA THOT. SHE GET OUT OF LINE,SHE WILL GET A 2X4 ACROSS HER FACE THIS TIME AROUND FOR SURE.DIRTY B**CH NEED TO GO BACK TO THE DIRT FLOOR GALVERNIZE RUN DOWN SHACK THAT SHE CAME OUT OF.

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    • @welll says:

      Totally agree, those down Island women and Santo women will befriend you,eat and laugh with you while plotting to F**k your man or husband.Then the bold starving b**ches want to start S**t with the men wife. I agree,I will beat the b**ch senseless with a baseball bat across her face.I will not allow any down Island or Santo trash to come on my home turf with that S**t.

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      • smiley says:

        especially them vincy woman.. love used the poor man them to come out here in the BVI and Saucing up the place for money…them thing all about money.

  5. Windy says:

    Easy, As soon as he’s served his time or paid fine deport him.

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    • @Windy says:

      I will agree with you. He have no remorse for what he did because she played him. If my math is correct,so far he is $ 1,700.86 in the hole plus the cost of the airline ticket. If she is still here when he get out of jail,things is going to go bad for her. We don’t need any more Vincy men hacking up women on BVI soil.Ship them both out and let them deal with their problem back on Vincy Soil.

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      • Serious stuff says:

        Yeah they both have to go. They can’t hold him in jail forever, all I can say is she skated. Just by him not showing any remorse, girl I would run. You don’t mess with a man pockets.

  6. bad man says:

    I wasn’t paying

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  7. Just look says:

    Those 50 cent street walking w**es will always bring a man down.

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  8. Just Saying says:

    Previous reports had me thinking that the man got nothing for his money.Boy was I wrong!! The woman spent 4 nights at his home. In my opinion she paid in FULL! He should have simply cut his losses and move on. The cost of living and inflation high. He really underestimated the value of things. Silly man and Silly woman!!!!

  9. Line up says:

    A lot of St.Vincent women especially in the East End area have no respect for themselves.They are called bar hoppers.Married and unmarried its such a shame.I feel so bad for their husbands.

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