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VINO publishes another racially charged cartoon of governor

VINO’s cartoon published on the week of March 28, 2021.

The Julian Willock-owned Virgin Islands News Online (VINO) has published yet another racially charged cartoon of the territory’s governor on its website.

In its latest cartoon, VINO portrays the sitting governor, John Rankin speaking about persons of African descent with disdain.

The cartoon further characterises Governor Rankin commenting that black persons should be impoverished beggars.

“Dem black folks got too much … Dem all should be poor and beggin’ we for more vaccine,” it read.

This cartoon uses aggressively controversial and racial satire to comment on current issues between the BVI and UK such as the ongoing Commission of Inquiry as well as Britain’s vaccine contributions to the territory, among other things.

History of controversy

Just under a year ago, the news site had published a controversial cartoon of the then-Governor Augustus Jaspert kneeling on the neck of talkshow host Claude Skelton Cline.

That toon was inspired by the circumstances surrounding the May 2020 death of 46-year-old African-American, George Floyd, who was killed on the streets of Minneapolis, USA when a caucasian police officer kneeled on his neck for just under 9 minutes.

VINO’s cartoon was met with public outrage and resulted in at least one company suspending advertising with the local news website.

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  1. We know says:

    V— is a POS “news” site. Looking at unexplained wealth will certainly help with reducing the drug trade. All those go fast boats with 4 400hp engines aren’t needed for checking fish pots.

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  2. SMH says:


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  3. Pandora's Box says:

    That’s because he gets the attention he craves when he does stuff like his.

    At day’s end, he doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself, no matter your plight, colour, or religion.

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  4. Rubber Duck says:

    The idea of cartoons is that they should be funny. The idiotic scribbling that appear in the yellow topped sh1t stirrer never are.

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  5. Annoying says:

    Please man keep off vino nothing is wrong with the cartoon

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  6. oh no says:

    you expect anything better from Vino

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    • Boy says:

      I expect BVI NEWS to stop being so racist. Which they are. Always the pushing the COL, never write about anything negative happening in the UK and first to be so negative about things happening here. So who are the racists.

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  7. BuzzBvi says:

    Time for everyone to leave this r—- mouthpiece behind. What a disgrace and speaking in Gov bringing shame on VI.

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  8. But the law says:

    U all trying to implement is of racial standards..why not complain about that ..the bottom line of this whole issue ?…now this fact but the cartoon just a guessta of humor..stop try stirring fabulous bull crap wen there is so more serious issue we could address that need to be address..for it the people carrying all this hardship of political games…we need help out here them in the cartoon and who put it up all them bread butter on all 6 sides…we the people need help ..we not in no mood to blog politics bull we need man

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  9. B***fr** in the white wig says:

    Can’t expect any better from the —- b₩○¥

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  10. Saddened says:

    How disgusting!

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  11. Mr Shovels says:

    The yellow site is nothing more than a tabloid/propaganda machine. there’s nothing of journalistic significance on that site

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  12. GTFOH says:

    It’s funny how a cartoon hurts more than actual racism. Racism is alive in the UK. It may not be direct racism where they will call a black person the n word to their face but they always leave clues to how they really feel by their actions. Who would have thought a 100 years ago that the world would get a black president of the USA before the UK see if fit to find a qualified black man to be Governor of the BVI. It is fitting that this article came out today when the UK is receiving negative backlash for a report on race relations where they clearly have not learned anything since the days of slavery which resulted in the resignation of one of their few black advisors.

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  13. Anonymous says:

    these crazy people always tripping over some cartoon when in fact the racist people trying to take over the BVI.

    BVI news we expect you to do better man

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  14. racist? says:

    If you’re wondering whether this is racist or not – flip the colours and wording around. Then make your decision.

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  15. Everywhere is War! says:

    And BVI News fires the first shot across the bow! Wait for it….

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  16. WEW says:

    It’s a cartoon. Geez get over it. Everyone getting upset about this is exactly what is holding the BVI back. So turd world

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  17. john 3:16 says:

    the black folks have power but the white folks have the yachts and big villas and dive shops so only black
    people are criminals in the country…..

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  18. Yellow journalism says:

    The esteemed one never, ever, publishes my critical comments on the low-brow quality of their reporting (if you can call the esteemed one’s writing “reporting” rather than fantasy or opinion).
    VINO is “Faux News”.

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  19. thinker says:

    Leaving aside the question of whether the cartoon is racist (it most certainly is), none of the people depicted said anything like what is shown. It is exceedingly poor journalism to deliberately put words in someone’s mouth, particularly such inflammatory ones. The fact that VINO is owned by the Speaker, who is ultimately responsible for it, is beyond disgusting.

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  20. Advertising Standards says:

    There is no way I would advertise my company in that r–.

    Anyone who does I will boycott.

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  21. why change? says:

    We promote people who behave badly and unethically in the BVI. That’s the BVI way. Why would anyone want to change for the better?

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  22. @ boy/lol /gtfoh says:

    These days EVERYTHING is used as a weapon the message is there and the truth can be seen ( boy you need to grow up ) ( lol You need to open your eyes and look in the mirror and mister GtFoH YOU need to do just that OH why don’t you sll get a wig also

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  23. Only the comments says:

    That agree with them are being published over there in the land of the pillock

  24. Uk student says:

    We strongly support vino and we love the cartoons

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  25. meme says:

    There is absoutely nothing racially charged about this cartoon

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  26. Wow says:

    If you really look around the world , is drug money build this whole world today so just let it flow and done

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  27. Apalled says:

    Isn’t Julian Willock the Speaker of the House of Assembly? I rest my case.

  28. Anegada says:

    Very distasteful cartoon. Vino should be ashamed

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  29. The watchdog says:

    Leave vino alone they have served the bvi well

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  30. PT9 says:

    @Boy It sounds like you are a racist.

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  31. RACIST SITE says:

    Anyone with any common sense knows the true racist site: so eave VINO alone. It is clear from the pattern of reporting.

  32. anti says:

    man with money ain’t funny

  33. rebel says:

    V— should be taken to court for stirring up hate. If it were for the UK there would be no vaccine. There is only one enemy and that is Covid 19 – that dont care what color skin you have and we should be all fighting it.

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