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Violators of free food initiative to be dealt with after investigations

Government along with the Family Support Network (FSN) and the BVI Red Cross are conducting investigations to identify persons who have abused the initiative to deliver free essential grocery items to residents.

Minister of Social Development Carvin Malone gave that indication on social media at the weekend.

He said: “All recipients of territorial provisioning packages (groceries) are warned that the delivery to homes are being checked to verify that numerous packages (more than one) from either government, FSN and Red Cross were not received by the same household.”

The minister also urged all persons who have received items multiple times to contact the essential supplies hotline to reverse the error.

“Violators would be identified and contacted. You are encouraged to call 852-7688 and make [arrangements] to correct as there are families in need that have not been served. Do your part! Do the right thing” Malone stated.

The minister’s appeal comes on the heels of a BVI News report that cited government consultant Claude Skelton Cline stating that residents were abusing the free groceries initiative.

According to Cline, persons within the same household were requesting the welfare food packages at different intervals.

He said once the first delivery is made to a household, another person within that same residence would call one of the aforementioned entities to request another free package; reportedly under false pretence.

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  1. Hmmm says:

    You know who they are. Give us the names. Sad. Them is “wutless” people. .

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    • Unjust says:

      This was a huge unjust to the people that was cheated out of food by the dirty vultures that used and took advantage of the system. I would say, the behavior was people were acting like a bunch of wild savages. Well, let us see the behavior of the wild savages now that they are allowed out of their cages. Yes I said it, a bunch of wild savages.

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    • Time says:

      It is time that the local Belonger pays the same for criminal activity as the rest living in the BVI. The Belonger feels the law doesn’t apply to them. Their relatives in the government protect them. Equal justice for all. Unfortunately they who stole will just get a slap on the wrist like usual.

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    • Tricks says:

      Some the drivers was very bad wutless and made there own arrangments to do what they wanted . Full of tricks, not all but some of them, so when you investigate check them too

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  2. Ashamed says:

    I truly hope that this is not only lip service. Reason being, we all heard a similar announcement from the former government after the Irma thefts, but everything was shoved under the rug (again).

    This new normal gives us a golden opportunity to rise up from the ‘business as usual’ attitude prevailing here, where violators feel that wrong is always right. Please, Leaders, enforce the laws, and let us revert to the law-abiding Territory that we once were. The past month was priceless, as even crime and lawlessness were hiding their faces.

    Lastly, those who defrauded the government in that well-intentioned initiative should be ashamed of themselves. Opportunities such as that one usually bring out the beast in many greedy persons. They need to be held accountable and they should have to pay back for stealing from the countless taxpayers who fed them.

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  3. Quality of food says:

    Does anyone realize how poor the quality of food is we eat on a regular basis?

    The biggest cause of death globally is cardiovascular disease. And in comparison to this Corona is a joke. Millions of people die annually due to heart problems, thousands due to Corona.

    And still… the government gives away fried chicken and fries.

    So… it doesn’t matter that people die. As long as its not due to Corona.

    Or did you really believe fried chicken and fries is causing no problems to your health?

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    • @quality of food says:

      You clearly have no idea what was in the food packages distributed by the government because it was not fried chicken and fries.
      If you don’t know the facts then please keep you invalid opinion to yourself.
      Take the time to find out what was distributed, and if it still isn’t up to your standards of quality – then make your comment. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, just make it an educated one.

    • Gwen says:

      People in Africa and third world countries would be happy to have fried chicken and French fries.
      Be thankful for what you have.

      The worst is yet to come

  4. No nonsense says:

    Yes! Where is the whistle blower legistation or that does not apply to them. Them is ah set ah THIVES and look who them thiefing from. Them selves and future generations.That money alloted for foor could have been pit to sooo many mor needed things. Them driving or handing out food to dem friends and…I could hang every one. Innocent and guilty alike. As for Mr. Fahie and his trust worthy 1st district. What ever was sharing my NEIGHNOURS got Blue bag, green bag, $$ and what everelse was free ánd still getting. Hell man dem aint got no mercy. But then again dem love hand outs. Ah set ah generational lazy, ambition less BVIslanders. At the last moment I orderded Friday Night, it aint reach yet!!

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  5. ? says:

    AND I SING…..

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  6. GTFOH says:

    I am proud to say I did not get anything from government except the curfew. Some people could have waited but they have big appetite and fancy taste. They probably were tired of canned food and couldn’t turn down the opportunity for freebies. Don’t forget it used to happen when Popeyes used to have the free food every New Year so why you think they wouldn’t go for seconds and thirds.

  7. Trow back says:

    We notice from the hrricane the people that sopose to share to the neady have people park close by who the shere things to multiple time to pack away in vehicle a fue of us was just there to watch the action of those who we codent belive doing those things ,since two thousand there is a big twist withln the ways of the people of the bvi some of these local people will take bad infilence from outsiders just to feal like they have friend from every where the leafies them will kill them local men just to look goods for them man from out side am talking about woman in big position who always look up on to do things in time like this if you.are not in the bar drinking rum womanizing and getting they dont check fe you you cant get nothing from them in time like these because they have so much friend to give to.

  8. tax payer says:

    As I understand it just because you pay taxes doesn’t mean you are due a care package. This was for people who were out of food. There are those of us that could have requested a package but didn’t so that those in dire need could get assistance. Those of you who took advantage have committed offense. You have to live with yourselves. Be ashamed. This is no time to be greedy.

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  9. I would say this says:

    I think this is pure lip service, nothing is going to come out of this. I could have easily obtain a box but I did not need it.why take something because it is free. Have heart and let the food go to someone who truly needed it. I agree, this greedy savage behavior is shameful and truly disgusting.

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  10. Thing is says:

    Mr. Malone, you are aware of who the culprits are. Post their names.

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  11. Poor BVI says:

    The BVI is on the brink of collapse. Everyone dose as they please, no one respect the laws of the land, Everyone in the BVI makes their own set of rules. No kind of control what so ever.

  12. IRMA says:

    These people will be prosecuted just like the looters after IRMA/MARIA….
    Carry on and stick your head in the sand and hope the problem goes away!

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  13. Ghut says:

    In huntums ghut 1 house hold of parent and 3 kids received 4 rtw package, one mart pig and 3 Bobby’s pkg.

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    • Hmmm says:

      That’s not far but do you know how much people are living in one house. After irma it have family came together in one house just to get by. I’m just saying it could be one house have 11 to 13 person in a house sharing and one package wouldn’t have been enough for them so maybe two or 3 person from that same house hold call in the get enough food that was wrong let them know so next time their wouldn’t do it. But as isahone package would not feed a family of 8 or 5 more then the one with 11

  14. Gale says:

    Some of the distributors were helping their friends also.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Go through your list & see which were Govt workers

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  16. BB says:

    The biggest violators is the government. It’s shame you impose curfew 24/7 lockdown on the ppl of virgin islands, and because you handout groceries to the ppl y’all making it a big first. If y’all wasn’t happy with it in the first instance y’all should have done it let the ppl them go to the grocery store. These are the same ppl put y’all in power…. guess what election coming again and Mark my words. One term in office.

  17. Sanjay says:

    I fill the form all now i dont see no one email me back to see if i can get food.and u ve some greedy people’s who get more than once and other’s suffering because of them.

    • Jill says:

      Dont seem like you are suffering to me. You have strenth to express your thoughts. Thank God. I see some people posting videos kf what they received and all i could do id smile. While it may be difficult to determine who are termed “needy”, i was just wondering if 3 working adults live in a house with one child, could that family be termed needy or greedy. If some videos are shared you will hold your heads, but my mom says what starts bad will end bad.

  18. My oh my! says:

    This was Governments inititive, ok we thanked them for that. However, it is unfair that persons requested and didnt get, this can be due to the distributors taking packages to them special Friends 3,4,5 times and who knows if any photo took of those homes. In addition, some churches were distributing to memebers as well and who knows, if there were’nt those who got from churches and other stores suppliers. How will government know about mthem. On another note, do u really want to tell me so much is going on all around the world (cases, deaths) of which BVI is no exception and my government has time on their hands to sit down and go through a list of free food handed out to residents to see who get more than one package. Come on food is something that goes in your body one way and comes out through another. This is already passed(history!. What they can do next time is figure out another way in which this inititive can be handled more effectively. GOD FORBID there wont be a need for another occurance of such. Let pray BVI in the name of Jesus Christ of that this virus be consumed by fire. Let by gone be by gone please. Thats the least to worry about.

  19. John says:

    90% of them

  20. Anonymous says:

    Check the distributors house especially those who can’t cook it will be stock on till Christmas

  21. Wow says:

    I personally think the gov’t need to take the L on this..because from the top the online forms should have had a reply email confirming it was received…Thus eliminating the double emails…(2) The packages show have been packed to the numbers per household…So a one man pack is not the same as a 4 family…(3) Who made the list of names no one person name was to be on a different list unless your drivers had communication between each other to confirm delivery..It’s human beings we dealing with alot of different personalities…we live and we learn…

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