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VIP finalising candidates next month | Fahie not running At-Large


Premier Dr D Orlando Smith recently said the 2019 General Election might come earlier than anticipated but, in a follow-up statement, Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie said his party will not be caught unprepared for the election.

Fahie said the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) plans to finalise the VIP candidates who will be contesting the respective District Representative posts by the middle of next month.

He said the VIP will select its At-Large candidates “very shortly after”.

Fahie – who is the elected representative for the First District – then sought to address claims stating he will contest the 2019 polls as an At-Large candidate.

“I want to totally close down that rumour. Andrew A. Fahie is the First District candidate for the Virgin Islands Party,” he asserted.

Premier Smith deserves respect

The Opposition Leader made the statements following the recent internal elections of the National Democratic Party (NDP), which saw Education Minister Myron Walwyn emerge as the new leader of the NDP.

Fahie congratulated Walwyn and the other victors of those elections and further expressed gratitude to Premier Smith, who stepped down as NDP leader.

Fahie said: “As Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party, it is only respectful to, first of all, say thank you to the outgoing President of the NDP, Dr D Orlando Smith, for the hard work and dedication that he has given. We definitely had our battles but we definitely have to respect anyone in leadership when they decide to hang up their hats”.

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  1. Bloop says:

    Lmao he can’t run at-large because he NOT going to win

  2. Hmph says:

    All this fighting for opposition leader and all this talking and you don’t want to run at-large? Quite honestly, I would have vote for you because you seem to be the only one with sense. Now you’re going to put in 4 other people we have not seen fighting for us and want us to vote for them? Disappointed.

  3. LOL says:


  4. vip heckler says:

    So these will be who foy chose and not the congress….

  5. beware says:

    The rattle —– is about to strike again ladies and gentlemen

    • Diplomat says:

      The Hon Fahie, D-1 Rep, the Brown Bomber, is a FAMU Rattler: RATTLERS WILL STRIKE, AND STRIKE AND STRIKE AGAIN!

  6. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The conditions on the ground are riped for opposition picking. But the opposition seemed to be floundering. If it were an opportunity to win an election, that opportunity is now. If the opposition cannot compete successful in this election, the VI is reduced to a single party. The opposition seemed to be missing an opportunity to capture an opportunity. Will the opposition be caught flat footed and flat on its face again. Last election it flinged together at the last 11:59 hour a list of candidates that crashed and burned; it was martyred 11-2. Will it happened again?

    After 4 years to plan, why is there still going to be a 2 step process to select district and at large candidates? Is this poor planning, ineptitude…… .etc? Further, it is a smart move for the Hon Fahie to run in D-1 vice running in a crowded at large field? A crowded field split the vote, resulting in some highly qualified candidates getting kick to the curb. Though election is a popularity event, it is still about winning. The opposition needs to get its act together and stop pretending and wasting our time.

    • @PO says:

      Please! You guys said the same thing before last elections. A few people on the blogs and on the radio complaining is not a true reflection of what’s happening on the ground. The voters are not stupid and while NDP have their issues, they are not all bad and have done some good for this Territory. At this delicate stage of recovery and trying to rebuild our pillars I would rather have the leadership of NDP with Myron/Marlon leading this Territory than Fahie and the VIP and I’m sure many will agree with that. No politician or party will ever be perfect and get everything right but let’s call a spade a spade. Unless the NDP breaks up they will win the next elections very easily.

      • @@PO says:

        P@@PO, it NDP in your opinion is the best option for the territory, why would it break up?: “Unless the NDP breaks up they will win the next elections easily.”

  7. Olie says:

    Wow look at district 7 who is that

  8. HLS says:

    Mr. Fahie was groomed by the great leader of the 1st district hence why he is loved by so many, he is also the only true genuine politician currently elected that really love and help people without an ulterior motive of votes, this man has been doing what he is now doing for the people long before he was a politician. That’s why he will be an even better leader than the great, say you heard it here first and I don’t back The VIP my blood is RED

  9. Truth says:

    The VIP does not have a full slate of candidates and the game has changed in a major way with Myron and Marlon now at the helm of the NDP.

  10. I says:

    Am willing to give Fahie a chance……but honestly can not get past his program with the previous ports director! he needs to come out and make some kind of mea culpa. Staying mum on the topic seems like an endorsement of what took place. Anyone with any lick of sense could see what took place…..if it walks like a duck etc!

    • Truth says:

      Ive been saying the same thing, our organization was promised 5000.00 for the year and we received 1000.00 after months of involvement.we never received anything further and nearly a million dollars was gone just like that…. ask cline ask fahie.

  11. the block says:

    he only do for the 1st no other place

    • Correction says:

      — helped H– supporters in h– district. Don’t be fooled by all h– noise. We know the real representative who will overlook you in time of crisis. A hurricane crisis just because you didn’t support h–. — can’t be no real leader.

  12. brothers says:

    and mark

  13. Online Now says:

    If you have not been active in local community issues over the past 4 years, why would anyone vote for you as a district candidate? The running of a country is not about an election every 4 years, it is continuous. If you are only interested at election time then you are not a serious candidate.
    VIP should have had candidates in place since the last election!

    • On Point says:

      Oh my God! I wish I could like your comment a million times. All these Johnny come lately folks. Shows their real concern isn’t helping people. Just opportunists. No community service under their belts. What have they done for their communities/districts?

  14. Let the blind see says:

    Fahies perfect at Large candidate is right there in his own district and he can’t even see it…wow!!! R.C. can get more votes than all the VIP At Large team that I’m seeing going around besides C—- Da——… Both Fahie and C— knows him very well… Get this man involved and start grooming him… Stop playing!! Ayo want a young leader… There he is… The govt. Is currently wasting this young man’s talent.. I’m way up in the 7th and 8th district and I can see this..

  15. Scary Mary says:

    Preston Stoutt should be the candidate for the first district with Fahie running at large.

    If Fahie got behind Stoutt, and helped him to get a strong foothold, they could be a winning team. Stoutt is a good and intelligent man and he KNOWS the first district well.

    Sadly both he a Fraser share a common flaw, they are both j——— of others and f—— of being replaced. A true leader would instinctively know that in order to be the leader of the party and leader of the country, you must lift up others first and let your track record stand for itself.

    If Fahie expects the people of the Virgin Islands to elect him to be Premier, then he needs to let them VOTE for him! Playing it safe by running in his “comfy” little niche is a very “Fraser” thing to do and demonstrates his lack of confidence in himself.

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