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VIP gov’t revising its manifesto

Fahie. (Photo by Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson/BVI News)

Seeing that COVID-19 has derailed the government’s agenda, Premier Andrew Fahie said the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) administration will be revising the manifesto which won them the General Election back in February 2019.

He said the government is currently reviewing the progress made in the last 26 months and matching it back to the commitments made in its manifesto.

He said this exercise will help his administration to “zero in” on its targets for their remaining 22 months in office. Fahie said this is also to ensure that, despite the COVID-19 disruption, the residents “get value for your vote”.

“We are aiming to have this revised VIP manifesto circulated in electronic form in June 2021 so that you can be informed and so that you can prepare and position yourself for the opportunities that will be coming,” the Premier stated.

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  1. Hmm says:

    We are going to vote y’all out so don’t waste your time!

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  2. crypto says:

    yea to deal with the cripto current in the last manifeasto

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  3. I***t fahie says:

    What the vip need to do is get the f**k out of government let someone else run this island

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  4. heckler says:

    We have already seen the farmers and fishermen manifesto being circulated, THE VIP GOTTA GO !!!

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    • Sad says:

      Yet the media outlets say absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!

      • Deh Watcha says:

        Because they are afraid to say or publish anything.

      • Agree says:

        Indeed the media should do some investigative journalism and go find out the following:

        1. What was the criteria to get the fisherman and farming stimulus.

        2. How many persons applied in total?

        3. Were all legitimate farmers/fishermen granted stimulus?

        4. Why was the distinction for the different amounts being granted?

        5. EXPOSE those persons who are NOT Farmers nor fishermen but got the stimulus cheques with TAXPAYERS MONEY!

  5. Have fun says:

    Have fun with zeroing in on your priorities – that way you’ll know exactly how badly you messed up. The voters are coming for you Mr Fahie – You and your crew had better start working on your resume’s. Hopefully there is an economy left by the time you get booted so you can still get a job.

    You have set a new bar for incompetence. Your name will be in Economic textbooks for generations. Your name will become a verb – to “Fahie” will mean that you’ve won at messing up.

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  6. move says:

    The whole VIP need revising out of office!

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  7. Spear us pls says:

    These people had any manifesto? They cut and paste something together two days before election and present it. They copy half of what NDP and put some more zeros behind the figures. Set of jokers. Look at all the things they did that was not in their so called manifesto. Waste of time government. Don’t bother revise nothing because who ain’t going the jail getting vote out.

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    • Check says:

      A lot in ndp first manifesto were things already in the pipeline from VIP. Blog things with substance please

  8. VG Resident says:

    Oh Lord have mercy!

  9. may god help us says:

    I keep reminding you ministers I have 6 adults living in my house +++many in my apartments with a made up mind you can’t fool us again we’re ready to vote now

  10. Really says:

    Thay had a manifesto?

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