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VIP gov’t won’t be defined by Premier’s new car or bodyguards — Fahie

Premeir Andrew Fahie

Amid criticism about using taxpayer dollars to purchase a new $115,000 vehicle and to hire personal bodyguards, Premier Andrew Fahie said those spends will not become the VIP government’s legacy.

He made the statement at a media conference on Tuesday to introduce the two-week programme aimed at ‘regularising’ the status of expatriate residents.

It was against that backdrop the Premier said his government will be remembered for the positive change brought to local communities under his tenure.

“We are not going to let people define us by a Premier’s car. We are not going to let people define us by a bodyguard. We are going to let people define us by knowing that their life was better because this government was in power,” the Premier said.

He backed this statement by pointing to some of the programmes his government has already undertaken for residents, along with others set to be implemented in the near future.

“We’re having a press conference every Tuesday with initiatives that we’ll be rolling out,” Premier Fahie said while noting that the initiative slated for next Tuesday is his government’s ‘one thousand jobs in a thousand days’ programme.

He added: “We’re launching a marine programme after that for every single youngster who wants to be in the marine sector. We’re launching all those programmes — the Minister of Health has some, the Minister of Natural Resources and all of them [also have programmes of their own].”

As the Fahie administration moves to write and take control of its legacy as a government, a shadow of major scandals appears to be still cast over the tenure of the previous NDP administration, which spent the last two consecutive terms in government.

Arguably, chief among those scandals bedevilling the NDP is the still-unresolved BVI Airways issue in which the former government gave the controversial airline $7.2 million to commence non-stop flights between the BVI and Miami in the United States.

Since receiving public funds from the NDP, BVI Airways has missed all its promised dates to commence the flights. It then laid off its staff; claiming it needed more money to fly.

The Office of the Auditor General is probing the matter.

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  1. mark my words says:

    You and willock performance will kill the VIP chances for a next term

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  2. Ya right says:

    It will be defined by this speaker of the house, and not adhering to the same government which in power

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  3. no, Andrew says:

    Yes Andrew you are correct, you will not be defined ONLY by the no bid car and your bodyguards, you will also be defined by your attempts at dictatorship, you micromanagement of your ministers, their ministries and every little thing over which you do not have sole purview; you will be defined by your ultimate mismanagement of same; you will be defined by your ministers turning against you, much as your party voters have turned or are turning; you will be defined by the no bid contracts that are being granted; you will be defined by your ambiguity that is thinly disguised as transparency, but we see you, FINALLY! we see you.

    Yes Mr. Fahie, you will be defined by your one term premiership.

    Mr. Fahie the veneer of your ignorance and arrogance dressed in sensibility is slipping fast and showing.

    And this is how you will be defined!


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    • @no, Andrew says:

      Pure foolishness. Your hatred is a typical reason why the BVI is in the rut it is in. Fahie and his VIP team will be just fine. In 8 weeks some of you want the VIP to fix the major destruction that NDP did to the BVI in 8yrs.

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      • You says:

        People like you is the reason there are Andrews and there are Trumps.

        you excuse the one you favour over the one you dislike even though they are both doing the exact same thing!

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        • TJ says:

          What does Trump have to do with the ignorant fahie? Trump is making America great. Trump doesn’t take his pay. Tahoe spends like a king.

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      • No my boy says:

        that post you replied to has no hatred in it. You read hatred in it probably because you have hatred in you. I read it twice to find the hatred you mentioned. The reason we in this rut is because of people like you who blind and deaf. We have eight votes and in eight weeks they lost them all. Wow. Why don’t they see this is c**p.

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      • Fav says:

        That is the problem. Mr Fahie is trying to do everything in a short time. He is full speed doing things that warrant discussion and thought. I hope it is not to the detriment of the BVI. You cannot be complaining about things and doing the same things using different styles.

  4. Hmmm says:

    If Mark had went and swear in to House of Assembly like he was voted to do then this whole thing wouldn’t be. Mark is a disgrace.

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    • There is a reason for everything says:

      There is a reason for everything under the sun and usual God is allowing her purpose to be highlighted by the acts of man.

      Here we have a major problem of inappropriate application of the rule of the law which has much deeper implications and you are ignoring the that because you wish to focus on the catalyst that exposed the error in judgement that was made with the appointment of this particular person because what? you can’t believe there is more in the mater besides the pistil?

      take off your blinders.

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    • Concerned says:

      I agree…they are so accustomed to corruption that change come to better their living and they cannot embrace it. Honourable Fahie will be in for a loooooong time. Tell them find the aeroplane money.

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  5. Youth says:

    I can’t wait for the marine programme to start. I like how the VIP is going despite the few miss steps.

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  6. My take says:

    I love the way this government is going.

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  7. People says:

    I am giving VIP a chance to govern because they cannot do any worse than the 8yrs of the NDP.

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  8. One thing says:

    Fahie is a fearless leader.

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  9. Eagle eye says:

    Is fahie asking us to ignore his wasteful spending

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    • @Eagle eye says:

      But of course yes. And,when he purchase the private jet on the Government coins he will say the same thing. You never let a cookie monster dip his hands in a chocolate chip cookie jar that has extra chocolate pieces in the cookies.

  10. RECALL HIM says:

    Unless you recall or reign in the speaker, he will define the government. Right now he is generation more publicity than the Premier with this madness.

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  11. : says:

    The smart people will judge government based on their performance not by politically motivated grievances.

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  12. :) says:

    Smart people will judge government by their performance not politically motivated grievances.

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  13. E Scott says:

    Ok the marine program. Nice title but what is it what’s its goal and how will that be delivered . Yet again broad statements but no substance. Next week the gold program m then a diamond program …………… this is slight of hand look here whilst I take your pocket book.

    Can we have an update please on what CSK has achieved so far to date we has cost 8,000 dollars of his 98,000 what can he show for it

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  14. Yellow site says:

    Virgin islands yellow site only accepts pro Fah!e comments .

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    • Truth says:

      Yeah that the truth. Fahie knew hiring the esteem (comic) was a good move to eliminate any negative PR.
      Both willie and sc are in his pocket.

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  15. News Flash says:

    Our new Political Party has accepted our 11th member. So far,11 strong. We are going unseat VIP for good next election. Our goal is to put citizens and Country first. We are not in it to drain the Country.

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  16. Eyes wide shut says:

    No Andrew ( premier), you will be define by your blatant disrespect for the rule of law, disrespect for the Governor,disrespect for the courts of the land and for blatant hardheadness.These will help define you.

  17. Jill says:

    Those things nentioned by the premier as none defining will certainly be included in defining him because it was he who stated that the previous administration did not leave any money yet he can find enough to do such. What about prioritising and driving whatever you drove to get to work when you were on the opposition until things improve, if the 3 year old premier vehicle is inadequate.

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