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VIP meeting in coming days to elect new party chairman

File photo of a motorcade Virgin Islands Party supporters. (Photo by Jessica Mikoleiczik)

The Virgin Islands Party (VIP) congress is to meet in a private meeting this Sunday to, among other things, elect a new chairman to take the party into General Elections.

Constitutionally, general elections must be held in the territory before May 12.

Apart from electing a chairman, highly-placed sources say the 76 delegates will also be seeking to elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Public Relations Officer (PRO) and Assistant PRO.

Sources also said that so far, two persons could be contesting the position of chairman of the party. The first is Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, who is the current chairman after being voted in last April to replace former Premier Andrew Fahie. The other contender is Opposition legislator Carvin Malone who is a long-standing member of the party who has previously served as president.

In the meantime, sources have also indicated that a meeting will be held this week with the party’s Secretary to confirm the names of persons who intend to contest the various positions. As it relates to the post of chairman, persons can be nominated from the floor during the time of meeting. Observers wishing to attend must send a notice to the Secretary to be included on a list. This would then need to be approved by the VIP’s executive.

The party’s executive is yet to decide on a venue for Sunday’s meeting, BVI News understands.


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  1. Uk Own says:

    People Still Going to Vote for Vip.To put the country in more problems.People wake up ask foe all Politrickians Resume before Hiring them. Send Resumes to ToLa Radio for vetting we will Select or leaders from There. THANKS..

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  2. hmm says:

    I have yet to hear one person express that they feel like Showande doing a good job as Premier.

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  3. Trouble in Paradise .. says:

    I hear its Carvin, Lou Smith, Carl Dawson and Sowande..This going be messy..Waiting..

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  4. Forward says:

    I’d love for our country to move beyond these legacy parties, or at least term limits to reign in how long any office can have control

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  5. Resident says:

    I will prefer Sowande to Carvin any day. I don’t think Carvin has the intelligence to be premier. If not Sowande then somebody like Dawson. But definitely not carvin!

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  6. Umm says:

    Hope that issue was addressed in the Constitutional Review process. Term limits etc.

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  7. Oh says:

    So when is NDP going to meet to elect a new Chairman?

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  8. Easy Vote says:

    Sowande by far. Carvin Malone as Chairman of VIP? Dead on arrival if he were to win. The VIP cannot do any worst than Sowande especially in the current climate.

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  9. congress says:

    Please vote Carvin for chairman!

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  10. major says:

    co vid nine teen is a deadly vi rus, get the, vac cine – carvin malone

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  11. @ resident says:

    Showanda has killed the bvi and the economy he must go and go fast

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  12. at @ resident says:

    seeing you are quick to cast judgement on him. Tell what way has he done such. list all the ways in which you see he have kill the territory.

    The premier just got the title as head, in the midst of once can say irma-after-shock circumstances. And not only perform well, represented us in such a manner. It let the whole world know we’re not that bad after all.

    Tourist and still coming and in numbers, The Hon. Premier has a lot on his plate and a lot of stress to take on. I truly commend him for all he has done and continue to do for this territory

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  13. prodigal son says:

    We are awaiting the return of Julian Fraser to the VIP

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  14. school charen seh says:

    The party dont want the member for the 6th because she is hard to sell

  15. Lola says:

    @ Resident

    I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  16. Concerned Citizen says:

    I am shocked to even think that Voters of the Virgin Islands would even consider re-electing a VIP Government to power or any party for that reason. Party Politics is more of corruption and Bad Governance. Voters of the Virgin Islands need to vote for 13 Leaders with competence and integrity as individuals and not party candidates. Plainly everyone can see that the party system has failed the people of the Virgin Islands. On Election Day, Think Person and not Party. the people who are thinking Party is because they want the system to remain the same. Corruption to the core. Maybe it won’t be such a bad thing for the UK to take over for a while. people of the Virgin Islands Wake up and change.

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  17. Truth says:

    So help me understand , how can you have someone be Chairman of the VIP who has stated clearly that he wants to see the vacuity Party stay in tact and Govern . Does that person have the best interest of the Party at hand? Highly unlikely. Hon. Malone has both the people interests and the party best interest at hand. And let’s be clear Political parties are needed they provide balance . I also beg to differ on the intelligence question. He is more qualified than most. Even the Governor in his speech admitted that the accomplishment of the last 4 year were some of the most productive ever . Hon. was the architect of the rebuilding of the VIP and thereby can claim credit for many of said accomplishments

  18. jesus says:

    cvin stop giving yourself props.,you being investigated. whe de 12 m from health

  19. Lol @major says:

    Lol haha. I can’t take any more of that talk ing and read ing by car vin. lol it’s ir ri tat ing 😂

  20. @ school charen seh says:

    Totally AGREE

  21. . says:

    You better be glad he stepped in to save our

  22. @@resident says:

    Really? How did he do that?

  23. Hmmm says:

    Well stated

  24. Redstorm says:

    Love it! Please pray for the leaders of this country.

  25. Bi-Stander says:

    I can put my Neck on a Block, If the VIP is voted into power for 2023 Elections, There will be another COI in 2024. Any Bets?????

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