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VIP officially kickstarts election campaign, video released

The Virgin Islands Party (VIP) has officially begun its election campaign with what is believed to be its first campaign video already in circulation.

The 53 seconds-long video – which party leader Andrew Fahie has endorsed – suggested the VIP would be the government to implement the long-called-for ‘whistleblower’ legislation, if the party is elected.

“This legislation gives public servants a way to report illegal and unethical activities within the civil service without fear of being victimized. Wrong is wrong. If you see it, you can tell it and you will be protected,” the video said.

“No time to divide your vote among different parties. Vote for the party that cares. Vote VIP all the way,” it continued.

In a subsequent interview with BVI News, Fahie said, over the last few years, many public servants have been concerned about things they have witnessed that are contrary to local laws surrounding proper financial management.

“But … if they say anything, they will be victimized in one form or the other and, at times, made to look like they are the villains. This legislation would allow them if they can see it, once it’s wrong, they can tell it and be protected.”

However, the Opposition leader was quick to point out “it is not a legislation for people to be malicious but to ensure that there are more accountability and transparency [in public office].”

VIP legislative agenda

Meanwhile, Fahie said the aforementioned video will be one of many that will depict the VIP’s legislative agenda. He said the agenda was developed over the last few years; stemming from concerns by the general public.

“These concerns have led them (the public) to reach to a point where they have lost confidence in public officials to be accountable, transparent, and to ensure good governance,” Fahie said.

VIP cares?

The political organisation’s campaign is operating under the slogan ‘VIP Cares’. And when asked whether he believes his party feels genuine concern or interest for residents, Fahie responded: “The VIP’s track record is one where we have shown that we care for the people.”

He further said, over the years, there has been no other political party that has demonstrated they have cared for the people and the territory more than the VIP.

“That is something that cannot be disputed,” he remarked.


The VIP leader also said most of the district candidates to contest the next election would have been ratified by the party’s congress by mid-month in July.

He said following their ratification, the party will then move to secure the candidates desirous of being At-Large members.

“That [process] is going excellent,” he said.

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  1. Hmm says:

    I dont get this guy is it about him or the party. How you going to launch a video without your candidates.

    • To Hmm says:

      Nice try. Anyone who is somebody in the BVI already knows the candidates. So your negative mouth can’t stop the VIP and the majority of voters that will be voting for the VIP.

      • uhhh... says:

        I don’t think the person was attacking anyone. Its Campaigning 101. You want to be percived as a team, then look like one.

  2. WOW says:

    That video is the biggest joke of the year. Announce your candidates abd put forward plans to move the Territory forward.

    • Albion says:

      I am interested in the candidates, but I am also interested in the manifesto. I would like to see if the VIP is willing to commit to (i) diversifying energy supply – particularly with emphasizing use of renewables, (ii) liberalizing the telecoms sector to improve service and increase competition, (iii) what is their plan for public registers of beneficial ownership? (iv) would they continue with the airport expansion if elected? (v) will they prioritize the West End ferry dock? (vi) BVI has a budget shortfall, how would they address this?

      Slick videos are fine, but there is an intelligent voting population that is looking for credible leadership who shown they can address the issues which we face and provide constructive solutions.

      Just tell us your plans, so that we may consider it when deciding who we will vote for.

    • no name says:

      you too

    • @WOW says:

      You obviously is a hater

    • To WOW says:

      You may be laughing now but not after the elections when VIP wins it.

  3. Not2Sure says:

    They should promise a Freedom of Information Act. That promise worked well for the NDP.

  4. Salt and Sand for Dinner says:

    No excuses or falsehoods, just truths.

    The current VI Party, from top to bottom has one agenda and one goal, and it is not for or about the f—- p—– of our country.

    Why this conclusion? It was stated as a matter of fact in public media. To quote directly one of its members, ” i am in it for me because all who came before me did the same thing, so you shut your,” whatever.

    Further, judging the past financial questionable history of others, there is no existing confidence that that party will do much, but to seek ——– for its individual members.

    There have been screams for the last four years for accountability and transparency by some of its members, but many fear their will be no such if they were to ascend to the seats of governance either.

    It is believed that the political desire to move country forward and the required political acumen and genuine leadership is deficient therewith.

    The BVI needs a new brand of genuine, politically qualified leaders in political strategy, economic development and strategic thinkers. They are here we know. But,,,,,

    Sadly, it is the way of the political arena in modern times, where men and women seek self enrichment through political office at the expense of the populace and country.

    Meanwhile, many locals have, for an entire career, been surviving on salt and sand for sustenance, and there is no confidence that such will change with the advent of the VIP, but the future will speak.

    Meanwhile, it is hoped that the BVIS’ voting populace will exercise informed and strategic judgement during the cycle in the interest of moving the country forward, and will vote accordingly.

    That is what we all should vote for, progress, not a personality.

  5. SMH says:

    Don’t fall for this vote by Party Nonsense! Vote by individuals in regards to their Integrity and Ethics in doing what is beneficial to the People and Territory as ONE!

  6. Wish says:

    Without question the BVI needs a new political direction. The opportunity to take the reigns with new ideas has never been better. With this being said the rollout of the VIP looks like amateur hour. I believe Fahie cares and believe he fights for the BVI with its interests at heart, but it’s not enough. If this showing and messesaging is what the VIP can offer then Fahie needs deep introspection. Perhaps this is the best he can do. Though, a true leader does not let his individual best lead to failure. My best wishes to Fahie, the VIP and the BVI. There is a lot riding on which course the BVI takes.

    • Truth says:

      He will only do slightly better than Fraser and probably win 4 seats but his support cast are looking for blood and that will kill the entire party. For starters, there is a screenshot of an email going around and it clearly shows the addressees, yet these people put out a press release saying they have nothing to do with the issue surrounding certain people’s eligibility to hold elected office. These same people talking about honesty and integrity? give me a break.

      • Albion says:

        I’d love to see that screenshot. You should forward it to BVI News.

      • To truth says:

        You are doing opposite to your name. Now go and learn to speak the truth. Mischief will not detour Fahie and VIP this time.

        • Truth says:

          The truth hurts! Why would NDP elect someone as their leader then question if they can contest elections. Does that make any sense to you? The VIP has nothing to offer which is why every sentence out of their mouth is cruise pier, school wall and Governor.

          • To Truth says:

            The NDP is busy with their infighting and both you and them need to leave the VIP out of it. The VIP has more to offer than the NDP at this time and we the people are going to give the new VIP a chance so get use to it.

  7. wake up says:

    Vote a coalition government. then they have to work together and be honest because they will be policing each other. Wake up and wise up people of the VI.

    • @wake up says:

      This coalition you talk about obviously cannot consist of any members of the current government. None of them have proven that they know the direction the country should be going in. Many of them should of been placed under investigation and should not really be eligible to run. As a matter of fact none of them know the financial state of the country as accounts have not been produced for 10 loooong years. Which other country would allow this and by the way can you name one project they have finished in the interest of the public that they have completed since 2003.

  8. Awesome says:


  9. Truth says:

    VIP truly cares about we the people. Fahie don’t mind the noise more of us are with VIP than those against.

  10. Nice says:

    The video is well put together and on point. vip will make a positive difference this election.

  11. Let's face it says:

    The VIP is the only political group that is unified and dedicated to help the people so that’s where my family and I votes are going. I am confident that the VI will once again do well under the VIP.

    • lodger says:

      We often see statements like this.
      Who are you to decide how the members of your family will vote? Dont they have minds of their own? The ballot is supposed to be secret. Dont try to be a dictator!

  12. Great says:

    Virgin Islands Pasrty All The Way!!!

  13. NDP Failed says:

    NDP has destroy the BVI- Vote VIP all the way

  14. VIP/NDP says:


  15. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Undoubtedly, the modes communication have increased and improved so any campaign would be remiss if it did not use the current communication tools to promote its message. The VIP is first out the blocks; NDP, XYZ, ABC…….etc are sure to be next.

    Moreover, due to poor planning, mismanagement, shortsightedness, political and social patronage, coupled with some natural disasters, ie, a historic flood and two Cat 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria, the BVI is going through a bumpy patch. It is in a deep and widening hole and needs strong, sound, visionary, pragmatic, compassionate, humble and civil leadership to chart a new course for today, tomorrow and the future.

    Thus, we the electorate needs to hear from leaders their plan of action and milestone on: education, access and availability to medical services, rising crime, skyrocketing cost of living, ferry service, economic diversification, public safety, environmental protection and preservation, constitutional review, immigration and labour policies review, civil service, public sector retirement(unfunded liability), self determination/independence, property insurance, infrastructure(roads, water, sewage, electricity, ports, telecommunications, gas), alternative energy (wind, solar, thermal), financial services—-beneficial ownership, freedom of information act, consumer protection agency, whistle blower…….etc.

  16. Fact says:

    Hon. Fahie you must be commended. You inherited a practically dead party that you have now revived and restored. You have shown true leadership.

  17. Bingo says:

    Maybe the illusive J— E L—- going to run lol..

  18. HUMBUGUP says:

    Same s**t different day.

  19. Inmigrante 0000 says:

    Yo espero que pienses en los inmigrantes cuáles hacemos todos los trabajos pesados y pagamos todos los impuestos espero que nos ayuden con la ley migratoria y flojen un poco 25años para conseguir una excepción de contrato de trabajo ???????????????? es un abuso Dios

  20. Love it says:

    VIP don’t mind the few haters, now is our time.

  21. Careful says:

    Be very careful when you are asking people to blow whistle when you yourself have a known history.

    • @Careful says:

      That’s washed up. For the past 3 elections you all want to win with the same gossip. Not this time. The NDP is not doing good by the people and we are replacing them with FAHIE & the VIP. It is simple as that!!!

  22. Sam the man says:

    Maybe the V.I.P party should be renamed as the R.I.P party as they have no chance of unseating the “No Direction Party” – they not interested in transparency and accountability and will weasel their way back in – the future looks very bleak I’m afraid…and if another hurricane hits we are F…ked! But heh lets go independent and really go down big style and fully ruin the country….

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