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VIP seeks Fahie’s resignation! Party backs Wheatley for premiership

Dr Natalio Wheatley.

Steps are being taken to have a new BVI Premier substantively appointed; and elected members of the governing Virgin Islands Party (VIP) have all thrown their support behind Deputy Premier, Dr Natalio Wheatley.

Dr Wheatley made that announcement Saturday night, April 30, as Premier Andrew Fahie remains detained in the United States on drug and money laundering charges.

The first-term legislator said congress of the VIP has already unanimously appointed him as chairman of the political organisation.

“Efforts are underway to seek the resignation of Honourable Andrew A. Fahie as Premier of the Virgin Islands as this would facilitate the smooth advancement of the process,” Dr Wheatley said via a live public broadcast Saturday night.

“I have never contemplated that the responsibility of the leadership of the Virgin Islands would come so soon under such circumstances. But I have been asked to lead and I rise to the call along with the rest of our team in the government who remain committed to the development of the Virgin Islands and the improvement of the quality of life for all our Virgin Islands and residents. These are demanding times for leadership and government but through the sum total of my education, training, and life experiences, I am confident in my preparedness to lead the Virgin Islands at this time along with my colleagues,” he added.

Though Dr Wheatley has the support of the majority of the legislature to facilitate his ascension to the premiership, he stills needs to be appointed by the governor. However, this might not happen with the possibility of ‘UK direct rule’ still looming.

UK direct rule was one of the chief recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report released to the public on Friday, April 29. If imposed, direct rule would see Governor John Rankin assuming the responsibilities of the elected government; something that was done in another British Overseas Territory, the Turks and Caicos Islands, after the conclusion of their COI back in 2009.

BVI to meet with UK on Monday to discuss direct rule

High-level meetings are now scheduled to be held with UK Minister for Overseas Territories, Amanda Milling on Monday, May 2 to discuss this and other COI recommendations.

In addition to Dr Wheatley, other local officials who will sit in those meetings include Opposition Leader and Chairman of National Democratic Party, Marlon Penn; Second District Representative from the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) political organisation, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull; Third District Representative who is Chairman of Progressives United, Julian Fraser; Attorney General, Dawn Smith; and other officials under the recommendations of the COI.

We want to govern ourselves

“As I indicated on prior occasions, we will be communicating our position to the honourable [UK Overseas Territories Minister] Minister that direct rule is not an acceptable option to us … Direct rule would undermine all the progress that our people have made over generations,” said Dr Wheatley, who is currently serving as Acting Premier

“Direct rule would erode the right and the ability of the people of teh Virgin Islands to elect their legislators and the representatives who are their voices in the democratic process of their governance. If anything, any action taken must move the Virgin islands forward, not backward. We have the strong belief that the people of the Virgin islands are capable of working collaboratively with the United Kingdom to implement agreed recommendations of the COI report. We are preparing proposals toward this end,” added Dr Wheatley who received a standing round of applause from elected government members, all of were present behind him during the broadcast.

In the meantime, it is not clear whether Dr Wheatley and his government have met with the other political leaders who will be present at Monday’s meeting.

Their positions on the matter have not been stated publicly in the last few days.


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  1. Wow. Fahie is already rejected by his own. says:

    Opportunistic, power hungry.No loyalty, Why did they gave up on Fahie so quickly, so easily without a fight..So are we going to March for Sowande to stay in Power? What are we really going to March for and for who’s benefit?. People better stay at their yard. Marching to me will indicate that we are in support of all the corruption, oppression all the Guns and Drugs runnings and murders..Change is difficult, in this case it’s necessary, let’s give it a chance..

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    • LOL says:

      You see the foolishness now….nobody want those cr••ks running the country. The people of the BVI DID NOT vote for him as premier. Have we forgotten how many times he had to run for office???

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      • Crazy Joe says:

        You see how hard it is to prise their hands from the cookie jar.

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      • Maybe says:

        The people of BVI didn’t vote for Fahie to be premier either. Only one district voted for him yet he got to run the entire territory.

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        • greedy people says:

          district one needs stoning! One district shouldn’t be able to choose the premier. A party shouldn’t be allowed to choose the premier.

    • Disrespectful to the Process says:

      That move VIP made putting Natalio forward as Premier instead of waiting for Monday’s meeting especially knowing one of the COI Recommendations is to dissolve HOA was pompous and disrespectful to the process yet saying give the matter regarding the Premier due process.



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    • Rubber Duck says:

      The arrogance of these clowns is breathtaking. For years they have blindly supported a d***ator that all of us on the outside knew was a cr**k. The number one Poodle was Wheatley , the worst apologist for Fahie. Put him in power and Fahie will be running the place from …, just like his friend up in Balo does.

      Sack them all, now.

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      Spoken by Fahie in his last Press Conference on Government of the Virgin Islands Facebook page on 22 April, 2022.

      This is utter madness to say this trying to fool the people and lacking a conscience a week before the arrest.

      Apologize to the people of this Territory Fahie because facts prove it’s not opinion.

      “The past Governor did go to the public and he said some very damaging things about persons’ characters. That the country is being run by persons associated with known drug lords and that monies went to cronies.

      He just didn’t announce the COI. He went really deep and while I respect Governors, I thought that that was uncalled for because you were preempting the findings of the Report by saying those things. If there were specific areas that you were looking into allow it to take its course.

      At the end of the day, the country had to look about its image because we have Financial Services, we have a Tourism Product, and persons internationally hearing these kinds of things would think that there are a set of gangsters running this country. That was wrong to do by the former Governor and I have never said it in any other way. That should be corrected and he owes the country an apology and I’ve said it before and I say it again.

      In a modern partnership you don’t behave that way so the country had to look about how to try to do damage control with its product. We trade on our name. Our name is all we have.

      What I’ve learnt in life is that you must remain laser focused, you must understand that once you’re on the top persons are going to be gunning for you but you must never take for granted the authority that God has given you through the people and I’ve learnt how to starve my distractions to feed my focus.”

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    • Moses says:

      The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These are part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with Fahie’s treason and the COI results. Let’s move quickly with confidence towards acceptance and promise ourselves not to repeat the mistakes that have been made.

      • Jack Cade says:

        Well said. Personally, I went straight to anger once I had read the US Court affidavit. The elected self proclaimed man of the people and man of god causing, directly by his actions, so much damage to the BVI and all of its people both breaks my heart and boils my blood. We will have to clear up the mess he has left in the wake and will all have to quickly move on to accepting that.

    • Migoman says:

      Subject to the governors approval and appointment(which is highly unlikely), the VIP congress will elect a new leader for the country, not the people of the territory. Whats so democratic about that? We dont know who to trust within that organization. I say either we head to the polls or let the brits do their thing! Mr. Governor, do whats right.

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    • Wigs R Us says:

      Yellow site really struggling these past few days LOL Is stuffed chicken aka popcorn minister aka beach boy aka Mr.Pause ,still around??? I remember when he jumped on facebook and disrespected all the residents that were in support of the COI… look at you and your fellow party members…now, it’s time for us to laugh at you big ….

      To wiggy: toss that white wig now my g**l, you wouldn’t be needing it anymore BWAHAHAHA

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      • @Wigs R Us says:

        He would not have to toss that wig. The U.K is about to snatch it off his head.

        Oh..child…your roots are about to show.

  2. Earl says:

    “These are demanding times for leadership and government but through the sum total of my education, training, and life experiences, I am confident in my preparedness”
    Well…. you may think you are ready for this position but we know you are not !

    All of you need suspension until this mess is sorted out.
    After spewing dislike for the UK like your puppet master you think they want to deal with you ?

    Also how can you not know what your boss has been up to for the last few years ?

    Go sit down,,, your boss can’t resign he has been fired !

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    • To Earl says:

      Exactly!!! They were all so hostile towards the COI, many of them were very rude and disrespectful when being questioned. As for this one, everything is the colonizer fault, now look their LEADER was a cr••k all along.

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  3. Bad decisions brings bad results. says:

    Olivine at Port and Willock as Speaker were two bad decisions this Administration made. I kept shouting ” Fahie noooo, don’t do that it’s a mistake but he never listen he heard me, Now those two positions have bring him down..Now we are not learning, this is another bad decision..Carvin is a better choice not the perfect one but of all available now he is..

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  4. Like Really says:

    His spouse is a Vincentian. No expat for first lady

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    • Secret Bear says:

      This is why the British are coming.☝?

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    • Hmm says:

      …Be proper statesmen RESIGN

    • Smh!!! says:

      Even in the midst of all thats going on,you still find the time to be ignorant and small minded . Yes, find some way to marginalize the expat community in spite of your territories present woes.
      It’s people like you and that misguided sense of superiority why your country is scrambling to right itself now .

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  5. Tug of War says:

    More than likely there will be a tug of war that exposes selfish GREEDY AMBITION that weakens our already compromised position. If this happens it will be the end of the road for all these jokers.

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  6. No way!! says:

    No way, he is not ready!!! For this reason , I said to desolve the house, the country will go up in smokes under his leadership, let the ppl of the bvi choose there next premier , he is a clown !!!! Suspension of the constitution is needed, let us start over with new leaders and better rules and regulations to govern the BVI!!! SAY no to this clown

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  7. BuzzBvi says:

    VIP now decide Andrew Fahie is guilty. What happened to demanding he and O.M. get due process? Innocent till proven guilty. No, straight for a money and power grab. Looking like direct rule is only option to stop this mentality.

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  8. Unfortunately says:

    This move will prove meaningless as it’s highly likely that direct rule will occur and the current government will be dissolved.

    While it’s the right thing to do from the standpoint of the party to move beyond Mr. Fahie; it’s too late. The gig is up.

    The Deputy Premier in whatever capacity he will be next week has his work cut out for him trying to prevent the inevitable…direct rule.

    He will be going into whatever discussions/negotiations with the deck of cards stacked against the continuation of the ministerial government at this time.

    He will be fighting a loosing battle complicated by lack of support by a large portion of the country if I am reading the tea leaves correctly.

    IMO, all elected officials will be out of a job soon. It’s unfortunate, but I cannot envision any other outcome.

    Speaking of direct rule, the COI recommended a temporary suspension of the constitution and direct rule for about 2 years.

    That’s what is recommended on paper, but I personally don’t believe it will be just for 2 years. Indeed, I believe direct rule will extend beyond the 2 years.

    The implications of direct rule will be huge specifically on the financial sector. The million dollar question is:

    What decision will be made relative to the long contentious issue of the publication of the registrar of beneficial ownership? This thorny issue has been something the local government has arguable resisted for sometime while the U.K. has wanted it to occur.

    Now that they will have the power to do so, will they?

    Would the governor have that registrar publicly published given the U.K.’s known position? If so, what impact that would have on the financial industry, the overall economy and jobs?

    We all know that revenues from the financial industry has been a significant contributor to the growth of the BVI’s economy over decades and generates significant profits.

    If any future decision are made relative to that registrar of beneficial ownership that adversely affect that industry, it will be a devastating blow to the BVI economy which will be left primarily with one engine running to sustain a much altered and shrunken economy.

    The BVI cannot sustain itself on the same growth trajectory it has been on solely based on tourism dollars.

    The pandemic and travel restrictions has been devastating to the economy already. Any move that would in effect cut off the legs of the financial industry will be crippling to the economy and our way of life.

    It is my hope that whatever decisions are made relative to this issue in the future, the larger picture of the BVI overall economic health, and the impact of those decisions on ordinary people will be front and center before they are made.

    It is time like these that we should be reminded of the importance and need for good governance and good leadership locally.

    Without either, we can find ourselves in situations like this whereby we loose our ability to make decisions for our country that impact us all.

    Going forward, we need to elect mature, selfless, and visionary people who will take the honor of serving the publics interest seriously, and do so with honor.

    We need to elect people who will put the country’s interest first above personal interests or self enrichment.

    We certainly need to elect people who are morally and legally sound and not engaged in alleged drug trafficking and money laundering in get rich schemes.

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    • I hear You says:

      Which means that if direct rule comes about, and the UK renege/revoke or go back on their long desire for the publication of the registrar of beneficial ownership, it means that they are HYPOCRITES, liars and corrupt. Why? They only do things to benefit them (UK)!!!

      So, LOLLLLLLLLLLL! No matter who in – a BVI Government or UK Direct Rule, they are all corrupt. Look at the UK politicians themselves; are they any better? Before you take the straw out of my eye, take the rafter/beam out of yours.

      We know what we have but we never know what we will get!!! Not condoning what was done but AGAIN be careful what we are asking for!

      And if it comes to Direct Rule, I HOPE that ALL those recommendations are implemented in the two years of Direct Rule! No EXTENTONS!!! You expected BVI Government and its people to have certain things in place by a certain time. We, the people, EXPECT certain things in place under Direct Rule by a certain time too. We are WATCHING. We are not stupid. For a long time, UK wanted to get into the BVI. They too have their nasty hidden agendas. I don’t know who they are fooling, but they are not fooling me!

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    • PARBO says:

      Having resisted Parbo (publicly accessible register of beneficial owners) since the inception of the concept, Parbo is likely the only way forward given both Russian sanctions and the Premier’s own use of shell companies to hide proceeds of crime. It will have an impact on incorporations, but the good clients will stay. There will be short term pain, but hopefully for long term gain. Otherwise, the risk of the bad apples pulling us all down is too great.

      • @PARBO says:

        I think I should clarify my position here on PARBO. I have always believed that register should be published long before the Russian sanctions, but with the same request as the former NDP government.

        I have also always believed that there were/are bad actors who use shell companies created in the BVI to move potentially dirty money around or avoid paying their fair share of taxes in their jurisdictions. The Panama papers among other revelations pointed to that.

        Reportedly, her Majesty even had/has companies created here as alleged in some report I read. Ill have to dig up the link.

        My thoughts was that a fee was being collected for setting up these companies without any vetting. Collect the fees and don’t ask questions.

        The former NDP government while tackling that issue wanted a level playing field in other jurisdictions as well such as in Jersey and other offshore financial centers. I think it was a valid request.

        If the BVI is being requested to open their registers publicly, why should others be allowed to keep their closed. In my view, what’s good for the gander is good for the goose.

        So, my argument here is for the decisions makers to be fair in their decision making, and not make any decision that will significantly affect that industry particularly if it’s one sided. That will not be fair in my view.

    • GDP says:

      The BVI is a very very wealthy country. Government spending (mismanagement of money and being grossly overstaffed) makes it look otherwise.

  9. Like Reallk says:

    No. No expat for First lady.

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  10. Time will Tell says:

    Their is no way in the name of good governancethe the remaining elected government officials should not be asked to resign they all played a significant role in this and former governments being corrupted.The honorable Wheatley wanted Agriculture under his portfolio for one reason only and this had absolutely nothing to do with food security. So citizens of the British Virgin Islands lets not be fooled they all need to go,we need leaders with a country first mentality and none there now fits the bill.So yes when a child chooses to not listen to the parents their are going to be consequences.

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  11. At this time says:

    No current member of the house, any house has my vote to lead.
    No Politics can play a part in re branding and fixing the BVI. When we re turn to the polls you will have to qualify yourself prove to the people that you are worthy of our vote and no vote will go to any remaining members. You have proven yourself to not hold the interest at heart of the BVI, time for change and as the VIP liked to say, but now the people will be saying “Time to drain the swamp”
    Let us heal!

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  12. Homeboy says:

    I am not marching for sh$$t.i had so many murders elected officials didn’t march.why must I march now. This is for yhey our interest.people don’t be fool.All who want to march are benefiting from the way the system is.crooked

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  13. Concerned says:

    I am sorry but recent events have shown that you are all complicit in corruption. You may not be personally involved but you turned a blind eye. This cannot and must not continue for the betterment of our Country!

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  14. BVI says:

    You man have proven to be really St***d. You cannot cannot appoint a Premier. Who will sworn him into office? Not the VIP party for sure. Mr. Whitley, please humble yourself and don’t follow the bad advice from crocked men.
    This island belong to the British and they are the ones who brought our fore parents here as slaves. Well if we like we can ask to be repatriated back to Africa or stay here and follow the laws of the British until we are independent. This country will be under direct rule and i will not be matching on the streets with no corrupt group of traitor, Simple! charges are drugs, money laundering and Hezbollah terrorist. He is not in that alone so am sorry, i am not with you guys. The airport, customs, port, police, immigration, labor. which department can i say is not corrupt. I cannot digest this complaints am hearing about this VIP government. No one will be matching with you. Direct rule is for the best.

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  15. Resign says:

    In the midst of all of this they are still trying to grab for power. Unbelievable. They need to do the “honourable” thing and all just resign. They are all guilty by association and cannot be trusted to move this country forward. They are all complicit in what has happened that has brought us to this point. Again, they need to resign! Or maybe they’re just trying to serve out their term so they can get that big fat pension they approved for themselves last year

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  16. I want the UK in says:

    The only reason you wouldn’t want temporary direct UK rule is if you’re also corrupt!

    Let’s finally get some qualified people in to reboot our country instead of these incompetent and corrupt locals holding us down.
    Belongers should be embarrassed, you elected that drug smuggling, money laundering id/**t it in. All the island expats & professionals with common sense, business sense and a moral compass….”weren’t born there’….and therefore have no vote in the country they call home. I’m pretty sure if they did we wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world, living in 3rd works conditions in many places.

    Thank you UK for all you do.

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    • Ignorant says:

      @I want the UK in

      What a load of hateful crap. Majority of the people here are good. If BVI was your home, you would know that.

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  17. BVI says:


    Nothing has changed. Was that the Government platform used for a VIP announcement?

    Still no respect for the people making them wait.

    Save your own asses is still in progress. They want more of power in politics and to save their own deficient political careers. What other self enriching decisions do they want to make.

    No chastisement, no distancing of self, party and country from the blows caused to every resident and bvislander WOW. Experience, qualifications? Check out Where has he ever worked? ALL FIRST TIME politicians and children running the BVI? That’s why BVI is in this mess.

    Do these people understand that standing by with the knowledge of all that was and is taking place make them just as culpable?

    He was voted to assume Premier BUT Who IS Maynard personal assistant at Ports = his WIFE

    Stop telling people DIRECT RULE when the report recommended PARTIAL Direct Rule which means capable, qualified, and HONEST Virgin Islanders will be involved in the BVI leadership, just not those who are all accessories to crimes with mothers, wives, cousins, selves, friends sucking the Treasury dry.

    People don’t be fooled. They want time to buy you with upcoming calendar items; festival contracts, scholarships, new houses on joes hill, stimulus.

    as for the Christian council letter people investigate who write it and when you find out see how much political appointments went to that one household. Hint it is more than 5.

    Without the needed repair, PEOPLE be prepared to stay on BVI soil. With business as usual anyone traveling to or from BVI or holding BVI passports Will be terribly scrutinized at airports and in countries abroad. Let RULE OF LAW rule, in the end we will all be better off. Your personal embarrassment and freedom is at stake.

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  18. Lower Estate says:

    Never in life will this Clan be accepted, it is preferable to return to the past with a millennium condition and a maximum time limit of 4, prepare for the future but for now forget the present that this clique and ignorance have no space in this society in the present immediate

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  19. dishonestly speaking says:

    So the very people that were mostly responsible for the bad governance and corruption think they should be the ones to fix it?

    Of course Virgin Islanders should be involved in sorting out this mess but maybe not the same old self-serving incompetent fools who have served us so badly.

    How about an election to choose new local non-party candidates for a national council to work with the British Governor to reform the constitution and Government practice?

    A clean break is needed not more of the same.

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  20. Be sensible says:

    Progress! Looks like we have made loads of progress! Who are you speaking for.

    The government you currently represent is not the one that was voted in. The contract has been broken. We need meaningful engagement with the UK not the perpetuation of the status quo but with a new King Pin.

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  21. You all knew says:

    If Gus knew – an outsider representing the UK who had been here 3 years then you all knew or you are out of touch with the public or plain stupid.

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  22. Andrew Fahie says:

    Congratulations Mr. Wheatley!

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  23. Road Runner says:

    Of course they wish to cling to power, sadly not for the good of the people, but only for the good of themselves. He speaks of all the progress made – Billions of dollars in revenue and our roads are appalling, schooling is 3rd world, sewerage system from the dark ages, dismal transport links, unreliable fossil fuel power the list of underachievement, missed opportunities greed and corruption goes on and on. We the people are sick and tired of this crap. They only reason one of the two big parties gets in, is the total lack of meaningful choice for the disillusioned despairing voter. The UK has to come in an clean up your up your mess. Sorry, self enrichment as a political goal will have to be set back 2 years at least!

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  24. CS says:

    “…and asked that Fahie allow the CS to have a hand in choosing Fahie’s eventual successor”

    Sounds like we can continue to trust you and your mates.

  25. Wow says:

    One f**l replacing this next. Everyone one of y’all are power hungry and greedy, you guys only cared about your self and not for the people of the Virgin Islands.
    For an educated minister you don’t really talk anything with sense. The COI results are in and there’s no way that’s going to be turned down, cause look at Cayman Islands, after their COI and UK took over for the 2 years they became so much better !
    So the UK need to hurry come take over clean this place up and make it better

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    • Excuse me says:

      YOU mean Turks and Caicos. . . however I have read how Cayman people are begging for a COI for their country. . . go Sir Gary Hickinbottom fix Cayman

  26. LORIS Rivera says:

    Never in life will this Clan be accepted, it is preferable to return to the past with a millennium condition and a maximum time limit of 4, prepare for the future but for now forget the present that this clique and ignorance have no space in this society in the present immediate

  27. Chuh says:

    WAIT WAIT WAIT first time success in politics but for the 3years in the resounding answer was I WILL HAVE TO DEFER THAT TO THE PREMIER. All of you are place holders with no experience apart from watching on. While watching on you well see what was happening.
    Who mother on 3 or more paid boards
    Who Jamaican wife know all what Maynard was doing as PA
    who lands sold at premium
    Who get lands
    Who get all dem contracts

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  28. Queens coming says:

    UK needs to take over and clean out this infested mess. The BVI has gone to Sh+t with crumbling infrastructure, corruption in both government and law enforcement,the ramblings of a “man of the cloth” (who sure has gone realll quiet of late).
    The country needs help and needs to be set back on an even keel.
    Would be a good idea to allow the US DEA jurisdiction for awhile, clean up this mess.

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  29. Pay back says:

    If the 12 elected legislators to the HOA and the 2 speakers are actually “Honorable” then they should all do the following Honorable actions today:

    1) Resign from the HOA
    2) Pay back to the BVI Treasury all their salary from Feb. 2019 to April 30, 2022.
    3) Go to their house of worship, step into their new sackcloth robes, get on their knees, begin fasting, get covered with ashes and beg forgiveness for the whole month of May 2022.

    By 1st June the BVI people will decide if any of the 14 Honorables are forgiven and who continues for more months or even years.

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  30. Emancipation says:

    Are we going to have any August festival’s.?

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  31. What? says:

    How can you call them honorable
    You should say dishonorable Fahie and others.

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  32. hmmmmm tooo.. says:

    Here we go again!! it is all about having power. Dr. Natalio Wheatley this is not what should be your priority right now and your timing is definitely wrong, however, it shows the type of person that you are by trying to convince the masses that you are qualify for the position. The funny thing is Fahie was asked by the CS that he the CS would select Fahie successor to continue their operations that question there now is.. were you already selected by Fahie knowingly or unknown to you.

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  33. GTFOH says:

    Fahie was caught red handed and charged with multiple serious crimes. If you are a government worker in the BVI and is charged with the same crimes you will be suspended or terminated. We’ve seen lesser prestigious employees suspended or terminated for less such as basketball players, actors, policemen. There is precedent around the world when a high ranking government official is charged with a serious crime, they are asked to resign because of the distractions and the need to keep the functioning of the office. Fahie made a choice when he went to that plane while on official government business. The BVI need to move forward. Fahie can no longer perform his duties so the deputy who is currently acting should be appointed the new Premier.

    This is the reason why votes count and you should choose your representatives wisely. We need people that are willing to fight their leaders not yes men. Alvin Christopher got fired twice because he didn’t disagreed with his party. We have people like Marlon who accept a bigger role in NDP after they diverted money to fix the sewage in his district to the Pier Park and then rewarded Dr Smith by naming the hospital after him. From the time Fahie mentioned CSC for a contract all the other members should have fight that.

    We the people have a big part to play in this mess too by treating the elections like a popularity contest. Mark procrastinated, resigned twice and only ran to hold a seat to potentially form the NDP government as a last minute favor to his party and you the idiots marched to get him sworn in to the HOA only for him to no show multiple debates. Are we this stupid? Actions like these are planting the seeds of corruption because you love the person more than the country. The COI gave us all an F for every vote that we casted for the last 30 years. Both NDP and VIP failed us and guess what I doubt if some of us has learnt anything because some still hope that NDP get another chance and some even want Fahie to beat the charges and return to government.

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    A politically exposed person (PEP) is an individual who is or has been entrusted with a prominent function. Many PEPs hold positions that can be abused for the purpose of laundering illicit funds or other predicate offences such as corruption or bribery.

    Because of the risks associated with PEPs, the FATF Recommendations require the application of additional AML/CFT measures to business relationships with PEPs. These requirements are preventive (not criminal) in nature, and should not be interpreted as meaning that all PEPs are involved in criminal activity.

    Notwithstanding, the current government should be dissolved knowing they sat by and watch a criminal abuse the country while some likely are involved in the corruption.

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  35. Lol says:

    Can people name those who feast eat well no matter who in.start with the power hungry sibling migrants who pushing propaganda to play both sides right now

  36. Sad says:

    This won’t work! This is the Queen island and she will do what she want!she has spoken and it is so!

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  37. Nope says:

    Big mistake.

  38. Proze says:

    Is this a joke?!

  39. Former Resident says:

    BVI have went through a lot of recent :
    * hurricane recovery is still on going
    * pandemic recovery is still on going
    * economic recovery is still on going because of both.
    The people of the BVI needs to accept direct rule under the BVI for economic prosperity and good governance.
    UK needs to include people from the BVI to govern the country .There are many intellectuals in the BVI with good standing credibility that can govern this country in any capacity.
    The present politicians need to be honest with your constituency and not trying to hold onto position for pension and fame.
    Its reality is knocking on our door so don’t be hoodwink by our very own.

  40. what says:

    So quick to try and save face, this situation and the COI are both too damning to salvage. Am i supposed to believe that these people were unaware of their leader’s corruption? There are high chances that the other VIP officials (and those in other parties as well are partaking in such behavior). You can try to pretend Andrew Fahie isnt cut from the same cloth but this party will not have the benefit of my vote however the next election arises

  41. Seasalt says:

    If you are for BVI Government to continue running this land, thumbs up.

    If you are for the takeover, thumbs down.

    Let the vote begin.

  42. Bvi says:

    We don’t want him as premier he to full of himself

  43. AskingForAFriend! says:

    Does the VIP party have a constitution for their organisation? I would certainly hope they do.
    If they do, what exactly does that constitution say about gross misconduct of a member of the party? Or, gross misconduct of the party leader?
    I would hope it’s slightly more robust than just waiting for them to resign…

  44. Dark Ale says:

    All the way back to the first CM, the blueprint has been corruption. That is a fact. The only solution is dissolve the government until the foundations are set for good governance. The BVI can prosper with the right structure in place and the right people at the helm.

  45. CITO says:

    When are we going to get good leadership in the BVI how can you make more money than the president of the UNITED STATES and complain someone needs to put a cap on all there income include the leader and stop giving them money for there district because they keep most of the money. This year make 17 years since relocate back to USVI and my BVI still looks the same they wont fix the roads simple streets lighting they wont even put up all they do is pocket the money it is shameful how the leaders in the BVI are treating there own Country you cant be wrong and get right you was the leader of the country you just have to be smart what you did was like someone who dont have no education or a JOB and desperate for money You were not frame by anyone you were only seeing what you can get If you all were successful you all would have a grand time back in the BVI but you all were in the wrong hands so u cant blame anyone but your self SELFISH

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