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VIP to confirm Fraser’s replacement on Saturday

Former VIP leader Julian Fraser (foreground), and current VIP Chairman Andrew Fahie.

Congress of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) is meeting on Saturday to select the election candidate who will replace Julian Fraser as the party’s political contender for the Third Electoral District.

Fraser has held the seat for the VIP since 1999 but the politician has broken away from the party and has since established his own organisation called Progressives United.

With rights to contest the Third District seat under the VIP now open, party Chairman Andrew Fahie said one potential candidate will appear before the VIP Congress for ratification this weekend.

He said another potential VIP candidate will also appear for the Eighth Electoral District.

“I cannot say who they are until they ratify them because it’s up to the Congress when they vote,” Fahie said on Tuesday.

If these two potential candidates are approved come Saturday, the VIP would only need to select a candidate for the Second Electoral District to complete its round-up of candidates for all nine electoral districts.

That would also mean the VIP will only then need to select its candidates to contest the four Territorial At-Large seats.

We’re not looking for ‘big names’

While commenting on the criteria for persons wanting to become a political candidate for the VIP, Fahie said: “We’re not just looking persons with ‘big names’ as people say. We’re looking for people with big hearts for the country [and] who are willing to work together.”

He also noted other qualities such as being educated.

The six VIP district candidates that have been confirmed to contest the next general elections are opposition Leader Fahie who will seek re-election in the First District, and Director of Culture Luce Hodge-Smith, who was named as the VIP’s candidate for the Fourth.

Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles Kye Rhymer will be the party’s challenger for the Fifth District while former Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Communications and Works John Samuel was named as the VIP’s contender for the Sixth District.

VIP President Dr Natalio ‘Sowande’ Wheatley will contest in the Seventh, and recently-resigned Sister Islands Coordinator Vincent Wheatley will seek election in the Ninth District.

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  1. Gandalf says:

    Really, you are just waiting to do the 2nd District? You already have your Rep. He is jumping from NDP to join you so don’t play us for fools!

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    • Frodo says:

      @Gandalf – not so fast hombre! The talk around town is that the 3 NDP reps are forming their own party – RS, KP, MT and the chap who’s name for D5 has been floated around for years now all backed by Whitehead and his farm. Seems like BVI politics has hit a bottleneck and all and sundry want to fill the power vacuum the incumbents are now leaving behind.

      So VIP as well as PUP and NDP will have to find unseasoned candidates to field the vacant areas. Maybe the past independent candidates will now align themselves with these new political allegiances- what’s sure is some of these political aspiratants will have badly bruised egos when the dust settles come D-Day (elections day)!

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    • ??? says:

      This article is about the 3rd district, not the 2nd district you moron.

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  2. Depressing says:

    A picture that is speaking loudly, and the words are, there is no unity or love here.

    It is reflecting, dramatically, the state of the union and the lack of unity, togetherness and purpose amongst the people, from top to bottom.

    Such is a historical psychological phenomenon that is keeping us from achieving our full potential.

    Let’s begin to at least think about unity for the greater good, rather than self.

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  3. HAHA says:

    We are not looking for big names. He is saying this now after realizing that getting good candidates is not easy so he has to settle for whatever he can get.

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  4. Not2Sure says:

    Feels like every man and his dog going off to set up a new party for the next election.

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  5. LOL says:


  6. wow says:

    lots of women running with the VIP…..Mitsy, luce hodge, jw, arlene and sharie

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  7. Smh says:

    Andrew talks soo much and when he gets in trouble he tries to point at the NDP. He went to announce his slate full of civil servants and cause then to have to resign and then cook up with Pickering to attack the Speaker from a rumours. Learn to shut up.

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    • To SMH says:

      Okay bald head we know it is you and by the way the Speaker has to go…it is unethical what she and you are doing.

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    • @smh says:

      We had enough of people like you lies. No one had to resign. Also when someone is running for office then they cannot stay in the private so your point is pointless.

  8. Sad says:

    Would be nice if all these floating candidates had our country’s best interest at heart and not just out for themselves and their big egos. No one can ever replace Hon. H.L. Stoutt! Please aspire to be like him and start caring about the BVI. A message to all politicians.

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    • Eyes open says:

      When H.L. Stoutt was alive the people treated him the same way they are now treating Dr. Smith and others so do not fool yourself. If you’re old enough rewind to the College, Admin Complex and many other major initiatives that H.L. Stoutt pushed for and was lambasted by the same people who now pretend to love him because he is no longer here with us. Further, he was the one that made sure that the BVI Investment Club was successful and who do we hate more than this very group? You may fool others with the BS but not me.

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  9. School Chirren says:

    School chirren say is Arlene T Penn he coming with… But she just as dead because of her attitude and her absence from 19 o long!

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  10. seek a bay says:

    Them cant replace fraser because VIP never won an election without district 3

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  11. Good move says:

    This is a good move by the VIP

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