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VISAR receives $174K to purchase new vessel, support operations

VISAR in action

The Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) is set to receive $174,000 from the United Kingdom Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) which will assist with the purchase of a new marine vessel and support VISAR’s daily operations in the territory.

Governor Augustus Jaspert announced during VISAR’s Annual General Meeting on Monday that funds were secured through his office.

A media release from the Governor’s Office said an estimated $140,000 will contribute towards buying the new vessel, while funds will also be provided to support the maintenance of VISAR’s new and existing vessels.

The balance will enable VISAR to run a first-responder course for volunteers working in remote locations. This is aimed at providing skills and capabilities to help injured persons out at sea while en route to a medical facility.

“I am very happy to announce this funding and to see the continued collaboration between VISAR and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. The MCA has always held VISAR in the highest regard for its governance structure, accountability and operational delivery,” Governor Jaspert said.

“This is something I take special interest in given my constitutional responsibility for the safety of BVI and our disaster preparedness. I am pleased to see UK funds being invested in our people to help our people,” he added.

VISAR grateful for grant

Executive Creative Director at VISAR, Julie Schneider thanked MCA for their donation which will go towards benefiting the safety of the BVI. 

She said: “VISAR is grateful to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency for the recognition of our volunteer search and rescue organisation, and for the generous grant which will secure the purchase of our new rescue vessel for Virgin Gorda. This will ensure the continued safety of our crew and the citizens, residents and visitors to the British Virgin Islands.”

Meanwhile, MCA’s representative Christopher Doherty-Ingram said this new vessel and the ‘first responder’ training can “make all the difference in life-or-death situations”.

In a November interview with BVI News, Schneider revealed that one of the main purposes for VISAR’s Winter Wonderland at the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park was to assist with raising at least $100,000 to purchase a new vessel.

She said at the time once the goal was achieved, the remaining funds collected will go towards funding other initiatives by the organisation.


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  1. well sah says:

    They wrecking so many boats that yo have to give dem a new one every year?????

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    • Lars says:

      the boat that is being replaced in VG will be 9 years old, and is still in perfect operational condition as the volunteers service and maintain it so it is ready 24/7

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  2. Dman says:

    Give it back. Money from Colonial Oppressors. Independence will give us the right regress on our own.

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    • Yup says:

      And the boat will end up broken down is
      n storage like all the Government boats.

    • Facts are inconvenient says:

      You do know the British people paid the New World slaveowners to release their slaves don’t you? They had to borrow 20 million pounds on 1833 to do that. It was equivalent to 25% of the entire wealth of the British economy at the time and was only repaid in 2015! That sounds like a decent country doing something to make ammends to me, not a hateful backwards looking country you prefer to portray.
      It sucks to find out you are just an angry person looking for something to complain about, doesn’t it?

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  3. YOUTH says:

    Nothing against VISAR but why?

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    • ok says:

      The BVI does not have a coastguard VISAR takes up this slack as the RNLI does in the UK. The funds come from Maritime agency in the UK there is no BVI Government agency that deals with emergencies at sea.

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      • Precious says:

        So, what does the marine branch of VIPD and BVI Fire and Rescue Services do?

        • reply says:

          Fire and rescue don’t have a boat? VIPD chase down and arrest criminals but they don’t collect casualties, VISAR does this and then the ambulance collects and takes to the hospital.

  4. Clearly says:

    The UK is playing games.

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  5. FACTS says:

    The UK could have given that money for a boat directly to Customs,police or some other government agency but anyone with sense can see what games are being played.

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  6. Bossman says:

    It just to assist with the maritime triple eye (III) code and requirement for sea search & rescue, other OT’s are getting a lot more than that to assist the setup of similar search and rescue capability to gain compliance with the code…

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  7. @FACTS says:

    VISAR is called out when boaters are in distress. THEY SAVE LIVES. Customs & Marine Police have totally different agendas – their jobs are to check vessels arriving into the Territory & ensure border security, etc.
    VISAR has saved many locals & tourists lives; they are totally necessary.

  8. Rubber Duck says:

    Would an independent Mugfahie government support Visar?


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  9. Wellsah says:

    Some of these comments show that the people are uneducated about our marine industry

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