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Visitor spreads nearly $50K worth of ‘crime money’ across Tortola

Kirk Hughes

An Anguillan visitor who dispersed nearly $50,000 across multiple rented properties on Tortola has confessed that those monies are proceeds of crime.

Kirk Hughes made the confession in the Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday when he pleaded guilty to overstaying, failing to declare monies to Customs, and possession of proceeds of criminal conduct.

The Prosecution did not disclose what sort of criminal activity Hughes was involved in. But, the court heard that authorities suspect he acquired some or all of the cash while liaising with six Hispanic migrants who were recently smuggled into the territory.

It is reported that local law enforcers caught up to Hughes because a number of those illegal migrants named him as their contact and “gang leader” when they sneaked into the territory between August and September of this year.

After learning his name, law enforcers apprehended Hughes and conducted subsequent searches of his vehicle, and the several properties he rented since arriving in the territory in June.

The court heard that police recovered a ‘large sum’ of cash in his vehicle, another lump sum of cash was found at a residence Hughes rented in Hannah’s Estate, and more cash and several cellular phones were found at another of his rented properties in Soldier’s Hill on Tortola.

The monies amounted to $45,831, the court heard.

After hearing the reports against Hughes, Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin ordered that he be remanded.

Hughes is scheduled to return to court on September 24 when his attorney Leroy Jones will mitigate on his behalf.

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  1. Hmm says:

    They wouldn’t look work to do.

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  2. lol says:

    both he and jones could pass as brothers because they have similar resemblence

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  3. NDP says:


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  4. Well Sir says:

    Kirk having spent time in p—— in USA for d—- t—— I really thought he learnt a lesson. S——–Anguilla, his humble wife and children and Anguillians

    • Well says:

      Quite sure he was d——- from the US after he served his time. He picked Tortola because Tortola is known for washing d—– money and Tortola is very lax when it comes to doing back ground checks. Every flea and family can come to the BVI and do as they please.

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    • Mr. Hodge says:

      we sure have been seizing a lot of cash lately… accountant general well pleased

    • Not surprise... says:

      shame shame shame…..– lies alot but pretend to be innocent……imaging one of — female friend in bvi try to get us involve….– started twisting story, when i inform her she ignore me then said — hates me…..i hope shes watching herself now….god don’t sleep….police have your home as target long time……who is real now……

  5. Realist says:

    How could a British citizen be guilty to overstaying on British soil? BS!

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    • @Realist says:

      Please learn your laws. Not because we all British OT means we can freely walk into each other’s country. Each OT is self governed meaning they each have their own laws.

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      • Realist says:

        Legally… Citizenship, Constitution, Sovereignty, Human Rights. It’s that slave mentality which have us black fools where we are – no where. Are you saying that UK citizenship in Europe are superior and have certain privileges constitutionally as opposed to black overseas territory idiots? Reciprocity is unconstitutional! Which Constitutional or Human Right Court will rule in favour of any overseas territory on such bogus agreement, or even if it’s written in their domestic laws. It’s bull!

        Citizenship is Citizenship even in Hell!

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        • Say What? says:

          What the h**l does that even mean? Sometimes people just feel better having a rant.

        • Realist says:

          Bear in mind that no one is condoning any alleged crime here… what is also being played out here is that the British had gotten Tortola to bite the racist bait – and it’s a shame Tortola did it to Anguilla. This is bigger than a Kirk Hughes! It is unconstitutional for any British Overseas territory to discriminate against British citizenship (Human Rights) irrespective to any agreement, which may only be recognized by the courts but not enforced by them.

          Reciprocity is discrimination, and the largest shame Overseas Territories so-called governments (fakes) have dished out on its citizens…

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    • Sxm says:

      That is a question i want a tolian to answer. Axa tola Montserrat all under british. So how axa over stay in tola.strange. same like french sxm ppl when we go there having EU pp pure stress, but tola could Côme in frenchside no stress

  6. Anguillian says:

    Such a distinguished Gentleman in Anguilla. Well you can never look behind a face. Look at this:

  7. Blue Beard says:

    British soil??

    What is British soil?

    And under what legal and humane means did it become British soil?

    Did God ordained it British soil?

    Is Colonialism and now neo-colonialism the case of the illegal made legal?

    Is a thief recognized as a saint and or royality?

    Is a crook recognized as an honest person?

    When will truth and justice answer to the human cause?

    All soil is soil, God’s soil. Use it while we are here, but claim it not as yours, because it is not yours.

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    • Realist says:

      It’s called sovereignty! Or go independent!

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    • Truth be told says:

      God loves everyone. Except you. He really doesn’t like you. So you’re not getting any of his soil.
      Perhaps that’s why he gave the soil to the British. Just a thought.

    • sky light says:

      “All soil is soil, God’s soil. Use it while we are here, but claim it not as yours, because it is not yours”

      This is a deep truth.

      Many are not, nor will ever be ready to understand until the moment they pass away. There is no discharge in that war.

  8. Leal friend says:

    Everybary people are son god who is gulty only for help ..he is good man i know ,and only god know the true..this man is good person.

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  9. Hmmm says:

    He looks like M. Vanterpool long lost cousin

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  10. LOL says:

    All these anguillians need investigating

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  11. Leal friend says:

    In this time help …help…help.the inmigtants is brother son the god.this man have big heart..god with you forever

  12. Realist says:

    You all better take this one seriously! Stop this Kirk from entering too… and give him as time!

  13. Anguillian says:

    This guy just doesn’t seem to get it, didn’t he do time in the U S? now here he is doing dumb s**t. Lock his a** up. i feel for his wife and kids and the Anguillian population.

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