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Visitor nabbed with fake passport | Wrong gender, misspellings in document


Another Dominican Republic man has confessed to providing falsified information to Immigration officials at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport in an attempt to gain entry into the territory.

Charged with uttering forged documents, possession of a forged visa and giving false information to a person in public office is 31-year-old Richardson Gonzales Baez.

He pleaded guilty to all the charges when he appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo on Tuesday.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that on March 7, Baez arrived at the local airport and presented a French passport bearing the numbers 09PE54183.

Upon closer inspection of the document, the officials noticed that the passport number should have been positioned vertically but was not.

The gender on the said document also indicated that Baez was female. Another discrepancy that was noticed on the passport was the place of issue. What should have been the French country of Guadeloupe was misspelt ‘Gusdaloupe‘.

The signature on the passport was also different from the signature on the Immigration form that Baez filled out on his arrival to the territory, the court heard.

The passport also showed many exit and entry stamps except the Dominican Republic although Baez’s claims that he was a French national living in the Dominican Republic since the age of four.

More documents found

The court further heard that a thorough search of Baez’s luggage uncovered another passport issued by his home country bearing the numbers RD3919195 as well as a BVI visa.

The authorities also found a voter ID card, a police certificate from the Dominican Republic as well as a job letter from a construction company in the BVI among his belongings.

Upon examination of the BVI visa, the words ‘office’, ‘Islands‘ and ‘journey’ were misspelt.

Furthermore, the signature on the visa did not match the signature of any employee of the BVI Civil Registry and Passport Office.

Baez was subsequently arrested and charged.

When interviewed by police, the confessed offender reportedly said he knew that his French passport was fraudulent and admitted that he was a native of the Dominican Republic and not a French national.

“I give my passport to a relative, and when they give it back to me there was a BVI visa stamp in it,” he said.

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  1. Lmao says:

    no way!

  2. Good Job! says:

    I must commend our immigration officers for a job well done! I have read many a complaint about their deficiencies and now that they are going a great job, I am hoping that we can be objective and say good job as well.

    Kudus to you all and keep up the good work!

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  3. Very says:

    Good work by the immigration officers. Keep up the good work.

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  4. No! says:

    This is getting scary! Great job to the Immigration Officers but one must wonder how many of these people have come in under the radar with better quality fake documentation?

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  5. Hmmmmmmm says:

    Job letter from construction company in BVI. What is the name of this company? Guess another case for the courts.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    One caught for every fifty plus that is successful is not a job well done.

    They are just trying their best against a very organised, money making criminal industry.

    We must be thankful, however, we do not have to subject our lives to such stress just to seek and find a job and a piece of bread.

    Life is tough every where, including for thousands who are right here and on salary, but who are silently struggling daily.

    Anyone who thinks a vote for VIP was just about party politics are sorely mistaken. It was a vote for the hopes of RELIEF economic suffering AND THE UNCERTAINTY THAT IS LOOMING ACROSS THE WATER WITH THE RETURN OF THE COLONIALS GRANDSON.

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  7. cool says:

    Sad but you ever wonder why those DR keep doing that so we need to ban DR people

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  8. Hmmm says:

    Just ban the man them we need to give the woman dem we money, them doing what you’ll ain’t doing

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    • @Hmmm says:

      What we women is not doing you say? Go gant your nasty A**. Ain’t no correct women is going to put there mouth on your nasty limp D**k so you have to resort to paying the women from DR to blow your nasty disgusting A**. Hope you are STD free.

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  9. wow says:

    We need to be looking inside the immigration office….seems to be a lot going on in there.

  10. abuzar kham says:

    when they pay money on counter immigration cant catch

  11. Lodger says:

    Shouldnt they just be refused entry, put on the first plane out of here? We dont need to know their background, or spend money keeping them in custody. Why not take the easy way out?

  12. good one says:

    they are doing a great job. they just need the system to be more on their side. the game need to step up. both them and custom. ask the pertinent questions regardless to who vex because when we travel to their country we are asked the pertinent questions on arrival, and, customs searching the hell out of your luggage but some customs officers (especially) know some travellers they allow them to pass without an inspection and thats not right. AT ALLLLLL. we need some deep rooted, well trained, dont give a s**t officers on these desks.people talking bout how they not friendly because they want the free pass in and ignore that little blunder and the dont check my bag people. it dont work so. search from the governor down to the smallest cockroach. we are too open and it have a lot of criminals/murderers here residing. they get the COME TO THE BVI THEY CHUPID HERE. THEY DONT DO PROPER CHECKS SO COME THROUGH. we really need to step up our game. you can tell he came with that mentality. he was positive that he would make it. still

  13. Good boy says:

    Porque prohivir la entrada a las personas de RD si todo dominicanos al igual que otros que vienen de diferente isla y paises vienen por un buen por venir para el y su familia o a caso tu no tienes familia o eres racista solamente con los dominicanos, asi como tiene gente mala igual tienen gente que son muy buena al igual las de mas personas que vienen de otros paises tienen personas buenas justa y trabajadora o tu lees muy poco las noticias que es muy dificil o muy escaso escuchar un dominicano en algo delitivo —- este comentario es para la personas que se hace llamar guay

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