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Visitors caught on camera allegedly snorting cocaine

Photo contributed

Caucasian visitors have been captured on local CCTV footage openly snorting what appears to be cocaine.

The visitors were seen committing the act while at a well-known beach facility on the island of Jost Van Dyke recently.

The eight-minute-long video shows three men consecutively snorting the suspected substance off the body of a woman who was lying on a beach chair.

After a minute elapsed in the video, a local male believed to be an employee at the beach facility approached the visitors and pointed to the live-recording CCTV camera. The employee’s efforts seemed to be an attempt to discourage and deter the suspected coke-sniffing vacationers.

As the video progressed, the visitors began to make jest that they were being recorded. They were seen pointing and waving to the camera, and before long, they resumed their reported illicit activities.

Nearly six minutes into the silent video, the aforementioned employee returned for the second time to have words with the group.

It is not clear whether local law enforcement has been made aware of the video or whether police made any subsequent arrests.

Over the years, there have been numerous reports of illicit drug possession and drug use in the territory.

Reports show that it is common among visitors and locals alike.

Tourists did body shots, not cocaine — beach operators

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  1. Sky says:

    You all think is only good habito the tourist bring to the islands?

  2. Wake up people says:

    It is about time because only one kind of peoples are going up to the government hotel. Now it would be very interesting if the local hangouts and Crab Lot are the only places that will be monitored…hmmm

  3. VILander says:

    It’s what they call a party. Why do you think they come here? Let them live and while you’re at it free all the political ganja prisoners in balsum ghut

  4. white power says:

    When you’re white you’re right

  5. Richgdgy says:

    They should have been locked up!Wake up people these idiots and tourists like them are causing all the crime.Drugs breed crime!

  6. For What!!!! says:

    Locked up for what.These tourist like you said, is the ones bringing in revenue to your Country.We the tourist, is not causing any crime in your Country. So please don’t get it twisted.

  7. Trust fund girl says:

    @Richgdgy, Corruption, greed and envy breeds crime. Someone on vacation on the beach allegedly sniffing blow does not breed crime.

  8. VILander says:

    Reagan’s propaganda war on drugs really messed some of you up. Your own queen, princes & governors use drugs lol

  9. Omg says:

    It’s really not a big deal. Let them have fun. It’s why they visit . It happens everywhere else in the world. Every vacation spot. It’s their party!

  10. Hmmm says:

    They should be charged and punished to the full extent of the law.

    The Caribbean has a serious drug problem and people like this is a huge part of the problem. There are a bunch of people in the outside world who only see the tropics as a lawless playground. They come not just to the VI but all over the Caribbean and disregard the laws and culture because to them when they go on vacation so does their logic and respect.

    • Hum says:

      They are “Caucasian tourists” so it’s ok. Not a thing will happen even if the video was handed over to authority. The big shot lawyers drive around the BVI with stuff over their visors in their vehicles because they are not randomly targeted. They are well dressed you see.

      • Tola says:

        You just let the cat out of the bag….

      • Big Shot Lawyer says:

        I am white, and a “big shot lawyer”. I have had my car pulled over many times by the cops to check license, registration etc. Never been frisked though. I dont take cocaine, maybe that’s why? Honestly the BVI has a love-hate relationship with drugs, all those $100,000 jeeps and cigarette boats didnt just pay for themselves did they? We had Customs’ Officers loading suitcases of coke onto weekly flights from Colombia for 10 years before they were caught. Plenty, plenty drugs being trafficked through BVI.

        • Big shot lawyer says:

          I am a big shot lawyer, have never done coke and have never been pulled over by the ????‍♂️ to check. What does that prove? Nothing.

    • USA says:

      I agree they should be charge to the fullest to show them that it will not be tolerate in you all ISLANDS.

  11. WOW says:

    But if I had roll a spliff and light up of course I’m a local black I mean midnight black. They would have called police BEFORE coming over to tell me out it.

    • anonymous says:

      What the hell are you talking about
      Just go around your country and every corner smells weed and you can buy it everywhere you want
      And those people selling it looks to me pretty dark

  12. Diplomat says:

    Tourism is 1/2 of the BVI economic pillar and is important to the economy. Physical security and public safety are also important in protecting locals and visitors. Vistors, along with locals, must obey and respect the laws of the territory. Openly dissing the territory’s illegal drug laws is disrespectful to the territory and its people. Locals pay a stiff penalty, including incarceration, for small amounts of cannabis so vistors should similarly suffer the same consequences for violating drug laws.

    No one is above the law. We cannot sacrifice the equal enforcement of drug laws on the altar of a few dollars contributed by visitors. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. What is really galling is that allegedly after being notified by an employee that their illegal drug activity was being recorded they continue the illegal activity, thumbing their noses at the BVI and its people. Their so what attitude and behaviour in unnerving.

    • True says:

      Indeed galling but are we not in the land of no consequence? Those in charge of projects with missing millions go scot free. What about people with no visible means of support driving in power boats worth 100k+? Is it not disrespectful to the people of the BVIs that the govt continues to foment corruption and cronyism over the needs of its people?

  13. Realy says:

    So am bean watch while giving it some sun.

  14. Excuse You says:

    Bo Bo,but most of you in the Caribbean is living, flaxing and maxing off the same drug money your sons is selling to the tourist. Just stop being such a hypocrite.

  15. lol says:

    let them try that in north korea or singapore..they may be hanged

  16. anonymous says:

    What the hell are you talking about
    Just go around your country and every corner smells weed and you can buy it everywhere you want
    And those people selling it looks to me pretty dark

  17. real seekabay says:

    What part of illegal these people do not understand. They should have been arrested and charged.

    • Pwwt says:

      Those tourist is long gone.Arrest and charged for what. Some of you on this Island break every law and do worse and get away with it. So what if they were sniffing cocaine on the beach.

      • Haul O Way says:

        Poetic justice kicks in eventually as when arrests made in Asia or the HaulO way incident closer to home in Aruba. Pwwt! poetic justice makes up for it all.

  18. Mugabe says:

    Why have caneras of recorded illicit activitues are not prosecuted..
    Why allow wypeepke to continue to disrespect you your land and the laws of your land.

  19. Pleasure says:

    It was baking soda, your honour

  20. Different says:

    I believe in personal responsibility. Tobacco can kill, and it’s legal, so it’s up to the user to take caution.

  21. nick says:

    cameras should be in road town, not spying people at the beach.

  22. Hmmmm says:

    When the black boys do it we call them thugs, gangsters and ask the judges to throw the book at them because they are ruining lives with the drugs they pedal. Now it’s pink tourists so they’re just having fun on the beach leave them alone.

  23. WTF! says:

    So y’all know for sure it was cocaine?

  24. Sham says:

    The video is on youtube. It was taken from the S—y D—–r webcam 2 days ago. Search the name to find it.

  25. Santo side says:

    It has better things to talk about ….
    Let the tourist do what tourist do party

  26. Eyewitness says:

    It is rather strange that BVINEWS has not seen it fit to retract the Story, when they have been provided with the facts. News Agencies need to be more responsible. A simple phone call could have been made to clarify the activities of the visitors, but instead they decided to print “fake news” in am attempt to do what I do not know.

    The visitors were engage in a simple act of “Body Shots.” Something that happens in almost every bar in the world. As an eyewitness, I saw what appears to be Rum. (A BROWN LIQUID BEING POURED ON THE BODY OF A YOUNG LADY AND THE MEN WERE LICKING IT OFF HER BODY.)

    Now, I have absolutely no idea how Rum can be mistaken for Cocaine, and for a view to identify cocaine looking at a screen. The News in my opinion is suppose to inform, educate, guide, and to generally make people wiser. This article achieved none of the above. News medias need to learn to investigate stories before going to print. Sensationalizing the news is not the way to go. This article basically paints the BVI’s and the many Departments that interacts with visitor in a bad light.

    I hope good sense prevails and that the news agency retracts the article with an apology.

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