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Voters rate Walwyn as best-performing minister, says survey


Education and Culture Minister Myron Walwyn is the best performing minister in government, according to a survey by the Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES).

Compared to the other government ministers, Walwyn scored highest for residents from all the various political demographics in the territory.

Walwyn’s average performance rating for residents is 5.8 out of 10.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and Health Minister Ronnie Skelton both followed with a 5.2 rating.

Works Minister Mark Vanterpool trailed closely with a 5.1 out of 10 rating.

According to the survey, residents rated Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering as the poorest performing minister. He was given a 4.4 out of 10 rating.

In a more focused look at the survey, National Democratic Party supporters gave ministers higher ratings than Virgin Islands Party supporters.

Notably, ratings from the ‘uncertain voters’ demographic seem to reflect the average opinion of respondents overall.


Dismal ratings for security and agriculture

Meanwhile, Walwyn’s commanding rating also reflected in how respondents viewed his ministry’s performance.

Overall, residents gave the Walwyn-led education sector a 6 out of 10 performance rating.

The Skelton-led health sector received a 5.7 rating, followed by the Premier Smith-led tourism sector with 5.6.

Crime and agriculture had the poorest recorded performance of 3.7 and 2.7 out of 10, respectively.

Governor Augustus Jaspert has responsibility for the local police force, which manages security and crime, while Dr Pickering is responsible for agriculture.

While releasing the report, surveyors from CADRES gave some insight on the findings.

“It is noteworthy that respondents seemed to offer higher scores for the minister than the sector in some instances; suggesting that there might be some opportunity to discuss factors that have mitigated against the performance of various sectors.”

“It is also important to note that the sector often impacts on the popularity of the minister managing it; with education tending to be one of the better-performing sectors in the Caribbean, and agriculture one of the worst-performing,” CADRES explained.

Less than 700 respondents participated in the survey, which had a margin of error of plus or minus five percent.

The Caribbean Development Research Services, which is also called CADRES, is a research organisation based in Barbados. Over the years, it has conducted polls in several countries across the region.

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  1. BVI High School says:

    Idk, i think this report might be on to something – just think about it. He definitely aint get it right all the time for sure but the man knows how to work

    • Clearly says:

      He does more public relations than the others but I don’t think he does more work or is more effective than some of the other Ministers. Afterall his PR team gets alot of ——- money to try to always make him look good.

      • PR you say? says:

        I’m sitting thinking of some of the good things Walwyn have done since taking office.
        1. New technical school
        2. Territorial song
        3. Territorial wear etc
        4. Additional 12th grade program
        5. Mandatory CXC program
        6. Financial services being taught in schools
        7. Abolition of primary five exams and implementation of key stage testing
        8. New basketball arena in VG
        9. Walters recreational Park in VG
        10. He negotiated for our entertainers to play in the USVI
        11. Removal of the different levels in the high school and implemented the student support services program
        13. Scholarship program for differently abled children – we have a number of students away at vanguard school doing extremely well.
        14. Implementation of the education program at the prison
        15. Youth employment services program
        16, Youth Parliament
        17. Youth Policy
        18. Emerging Fellows Awards

        These are just a few off my head. Is this PR or action? Stop hating on our people. When they do well say so and be honest. Myron did well for only 6.5 years in office.

        • Another good one says:

          Don’t forget the digital text books and the use of technology in schools.

        • voiceofthevoiceless says:

          @PR you say

          I like debunking myths.

          I do it for the love not for the likes.

          Let us look at MVW’s achievements:

          1. New technical school- Good initiative. Hopefully in time the stigma is removed. The school like many others is not properly funded.

          2. Territorial song- A song that fails to embrace unity among all but appears to be self indulgent and boastful. Good initiative but it needs a rewrite.

          3. Territorial wear etc- Good initiative.

          4. Additional 12th grade program- The roll out was a disaster. Hard to determine its results until years from now. Also Private schools have produced similar results in 5 years and it appears that the 6th year may well be an unnecessary effort and extra financial burden when money is scarce. Did not listen to the people. Poor initiative and even poorer implementation.

          5. Mandatory CXC program- Excellent initiative.

          6. Financial services being taught in schools-excellent initiative.

          7. Abolition of primary five exams and implementation of key stage testing- Await to see the fruits of this. The extra grade should have been at this level.

          8. New basketball arena in VG- Good project. Is it still standing?

          9. Walters recreational Park in VG-Recreational park is under his ministry? If so good initiative.

          10. He negotiated for our entertainers to play in the USVI- True but the performance is limited to cultural exchange during carnival. A start but a lot of work to be done. Oh btw when will local artistes and vendors get paid for last festival? That is budgeted money that was passed in the HOA?

          11. Removal of the different levels in the high school and implemented the student support services program- Stretching here.

          13. Scholarship program for differently abled children – we have a number of students away at vanguard school doing extremely well. Good initiative but numbers would be helpful. Just don’t say something because it sounds good but put numbers to back it up. PR anyone?

          14. Implementation of the education program at the prison- Good initiative. If he is going to take credit for this initiative at the prison what about the prison break when he declared that no dangerous prisoners escaped only for us to find out that an alleged murderer, a drug smuggler and a gun toter were and two are still on the loose. One is now dead. This is a serious betrayal of the people’s trust.

          15. Youth employment services program- Good initiative but can we get some statistics on how many youths were employed under this program. Also some overall employment statistics. Stats please. Cadres?

          16, Youth Parliament- Good initiative. A good experience for the youths.
          17. Youth Policy- Policy is good, how it is implemented is more important.
          18. Emerging Fellows Awards- Good initiative.

          No mention of HLSCC as it appears that tertiary education is not a priority. Staff yet to be paid for 6 weeks. Underfunded schools all throughout the territory. 1.2 million on a wall..That money could have been used to finance materials.

          In blind man country, one eye man is king. Yes he maybe the best performing but look at his competition.

          • Thank You. says:

            I thought it was just me that find that Territorial song somehow inappropriate…I turn off my radio whenever it comes on (ater listening to it before to hear what is actually being said.
            It is lacking something crucial to the BVI true culture, and has no humility about it, no gratitude to the God of our Fathers. It is a disappointment, although it is an achievement for those who made it what it is right now.

      • Smh says:

        You sound soo silly with what you just said. I can’t believe some people.

        • Another good one says:

          I forgot the introduction of CAPE both in 12th grade and the college

          I forgot the annual recognition of teachers

          I forgot the lincensing of school principals

          Honestly, I’m done for now. I know it have a lot more but I’m going to take a rest. Walwyn has performed!

    • Bossman says:

      The results are clear, complete FAILURE. Failed the people straight across the board. The ‘dream team’ turned out to be a nightmare.

  2. School Chilren says:

    This survey only document what most of us already know. The numbers don’t lie. Keep pushing forward Honorable Walwayn. Your works will speak for you.

  3. Hmm says:

    How can I get in on doing these surveys? Is there a link?

  4. Oh please... says:

    Is the same way the polls were showing Hillary Clinton was ahead of Donald Trump and look who won…don’t study the polls. Myron need to be a backbencher if he get elected next time.

    • @ oh please says:

      Your bitterness is clouding your better judgement. Myron got 5777 at the polls last election and
      Will do better next election. So stay in your make- believe land wishing he become a backbencher.

      • Hmmm says:

        I wonder how he would Rank in terms of honesty and integrity?

        • I am Sam says:

          Exactly Zero! Obviously teachers were not included on the survey. The legacy – Million Dollar Wall, Ridiculous Territorial Song, Even more Ridiculous Territorial Wear (insult to actual culture), Teachers Bankquet and plenty of Public Relations…

          • @ I am Sam says:

            The word is BANQUET not “BANKQUET”…I could see how made that error though. Phonetically it’s sounds that way. Keep trying though!

          • I am Sam says:

            Deliberately misspelt – follow the money!

    • Unbelievable says:

      You cannot be a serious person to suggest that Myron should be a backbencher if elected next time. That is just plain out evil and nasty to think or say. Something else is going on in your mind. Myron works extremely hard and it can be seen by everyone and you see the results as well. Wow! This country is really in trouble with some of the people in it. Irma really hasn’t changed some of our bad mindedness.

    • Jealousy worse than cancer says:

      It could only be one person who wrote this blog. Your jealousy led you now to run for elected office because Myron is a ministerand is doing well. You went to study law because Myron was studying law and you drop out. You will go crazy this time when you don’t get back the deposit you pay down to run.

  5. Island man says:

    For true he is the man.

  6. Mess says:

    Watch election day ..NDP out ..

  7. Eagle eye says:

    This will be a different election for sure

  8. NB says:

    Well i needed the laugh….

  9. Right Sed Fred says:

    Fake news de man. Fake news.

  10. Talk the truth says:

    Who could really honestly dispute this? I’m reading some of these responses and I’m just seeing how much some of us can’t honestly get over our biases and personal feelings and just tell the truth. Myron delivered. He did more work and much higher quality work in less than two terms than many of those who were there for five terms. It’s the truth.

  11. NO FAIR says:

    Hon. Fahie is the most effective senator in the opposition and we need him there to put pressure on them NDP ministers. And thats a fact!

  12. My 2 cents says:

    … better hope he can run after the investigation

    • We see you says:

      Investigation? An audit is being done on the wall at the high school from what I read in the news. Another attempt to mislead us the public. How is it that an audit is now being called an investigation because it’s under Walwyn’s ministry? When the audits were done when Fahie was minister, were they called investigations? When the audit was done on the Sea Cow’s Bay Harbour project was it called an investigation? When the audit was done on the Green Houses was it called an investigation? Is the audit on the pier park being called an investigation? Yet I notice the yellow site and some detractors call an audit of the school wall which is far less in cost than all the other audits above an investigation. We are not stupid Waalox.

  13. We must be stupid says:

    I read this story on bvi news and also on the other y— site. The bias and the collusion is soo obvious with all these political operatives. Bvi news gave a comprehensive report it seems showing the full graphs and commentary. The other site cut off parts of the second graph and then comes with a headline that Walwyn got the highest votes and Pickering the lowest among NDP Voters. The truth is from comparison of the two stories that Walwyn got the highest votes across all the different groups and Pickering the lowest among the same groups – including NDP voters,VIP voters, All BVI etc. Smh. I swear these political operatives think the public is crazy. Why would it try to down play Walwyn’s ratings? Think about it.

  14. Ehem says:

    Was this survey done by random selection?? And how many persons took part?? It’s nice to know the results but the method by which they went about to achieve these results are just as important.

  15. TO me says:

    In the last 20yrs Myron and Fahie gas been the two of the best Ministers of Education in the BVI. No one can dispute that.

  16. Question says:

    Who was rank the top most corrupt NDP minister?

  17. 1st District Voter says:

    5.8 out of 10? If it was a school course he and the rest of the ministers would have flunked.

  18. I'm keeping it real says:

    Myron is going to be the next leader of the BVI, just watch.

    • I'm keeping it real says:

      Well I am keeping it real and I am telling you that BVI Airways will fly before this — man becomes leader of the BVI.

  19. VG love Myron! says:

    I know he is the first one and the only one for a long time I saw on VG after the hurricane. He was the most helpful and caring one of all the set.

  20. Love Myron says:

    All you jealous hating people need to go take a dip somewhere in the Blue Lagoon. Myron have excellent work ethics. Yes, he will get my vote next election.

  21. Voter says:

    This is fake news, the only person worse in government than m– is m–, both havr wasted our money

  22. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    I am really surprised at Cadres in the way that they have allowed this Poll to get out there without producing the sample method they used. Like how many persons polled were NDP/VIP/Independent? How many were likely/unlikely voters etc.

    As a politician MVW is one of the best at marketing himself and to a lesser extent his agenda. He has a great marketing team and machine to support him that works hard at giving the perception that he is the man of action. Post Irmaria, I helped with the cleanup process at ESHS and while we were at work down came MVW with his BVI News Cameraman/Reporter taking photos of himself and doing interviews while the volunteers worked. Not at one point did I see him lift a shovel. Job accomplished for him. BTW i understand that he did not even organize that effort it was 88 and his crew who called people to action. Now I am not saying that he has not accomplished anything in his tenure but most times it is just marketing gimmicks.

    Back to this poll based on the way the polling is being sold it appears that this poll may have well been ordered by you guess who … Right now Doc and his Deputy are being severely damaged by this poll in an attempt to raise up …Hmmm. Think about it who would stand the most to gain from this poll? 51% want a new leader for the NDP, MVW is the front man in terms of alternatives for the next leader then MVW is the best performing Minister.

    Ok then…Follow the trail…I might be wrong…

  23. Visitor says:

    LOL, ok – sorry – if you compare to the other low cards
    But – promises, promises … Slow performance.

  24. true says:

    well at least we know now who paid for the survey

  25. VG love Myron! says:

    You could see the hater just pressing the dislike button. I am sorry for you.

  26. Flip says:

    You haters and jealous people can continue to hit the dislike button until your fingers go is not going to change a thing. LOL. you people sit back and allow hatred and jealousy to consume and control your life. What you should worry about is when the Tsunami is going to hit.

    • To Flip says:

      This is not about hatred. This man has d——- alot of i—- people just for p—r. In addition he has d—– the NDP just for p—r. These are not signs of a ….

  27. vilander says:

    Thank you “PR you say.”

    Many are hoping to see a cost of living pay increase for teachers added to that list in the very near future also.

    Why? businesses, especially food, but not limited to, are creating grave silent suffering and misery on a daily basis.

  28. Same shite... says:

    If the results had Walwyn as a zero instead of a hero then you would be singing a different tune. The issue here is not CADRES, the issue is that you don’t agree with the results and that’s that.

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