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Walwyn bemoans bush-covered Prospect Reef

What remains of the Prospect Reef Resort on Tortola. (BVI News photo)

Sixth District Representative Myron Walwyn has strongly criticised the government for the sluggish progress of the Prospect Reef redevelopment project.

Walwyn drew attention to the lamentable state of Prospect Reef in stark contrast to the thriving developments seen in other Caribbean nations. He singled out Jamaica, where substantial investments, particularly in the hotel industry, are currently being enjoyed.

“When I asked [the government] about new developments, I couldn’t get an answer. But when you look around at some of the other countries in the Caribbean, you see them doing marvellous things,” Walwyn said recently. “I was just reading just the other day, I saw that Jamaica for 2024 will be adding another 8,000 hotel rooms to what they have existing over the next two to five years.”

Walwyn underscored the absence of any recent progress at the once-thriving Prospect Reef location, which used to house a hotel development and other tourist attractions.

“We have nothing. You drive across Prospect Reef and you can’t even see Prospect Reef no more. The bush cover it up. What are we doing? Because if we are not staying on top of these things — and this is not politics, this is life, people are having a very difficult time surviving in the BVI, and I’m not sure if we are fully understanding what is happening,” Walwyn said.

However, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley, while attributing the current state of affairs to past governments, made a firm commitment that his government would ensure the project’s completion. He further asserted that he wouldn’t offer any excuses for its present condition.

“It’s not all doom and gloom in our economy. Our main pillars are performing well. As it pertains to new investments, [Walwyn] mentioned some new investments. We’re going to get some of these projects done,” Premier stated.

He added, “And again, these were projects that successive administrations could have gotten done and they didn’t get done, but we’re gonna get it done. We had Prospect Reef, we had the opportunity to get that done. That didn’t get done.”

Premier Wheatley pointed out that a new board had recently been appointed for the project, and he explained that this board was currently in the evaluation process. Dr. Wheatley stated that once the new board is fully constituted, their initial task will be to issue a request for proposals (RFP) for the development of Prospect Reef.

Premier Wheatley recently emphasised the project’s priority and expressed his desire for the RFP to be issued before the end of the year. “The government’s vision is to have a branded hotel with much-needed conference facilities,” Premier Wheatley told lawmakers recently.


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  1. Salty Fish says:

    I am sure some lucky crony with an ill-conceived back door plan will get the deal across the line so they and their close-knit circle of thieves can flourish, all at the cost of our people’s tax money and core societal needs we so desperately need to see improved.

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  3. Albion says:

    It is only fair to point out that it was an NDP government (that he was a Minister in) who bought the damn thing, and then let it languish to rack and ruin.

    It could have been another Camana Bay type development. Instead it is just a monument to government folly and wasted taxpayer dollars.

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  4. Jackie Long says:

    Let’s see is Sandals is interested in the location.

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  5. Pattern says:

    Considering the pattern, I think sowande have a thing for BUSH.

  6. Native says:

    The stark truth that is preventing the development of that property is who owns it.

    It is known historic to current fact that a certain clientele does not support anythig our business their kind does not own.

    Though there are (maybe) other issues contributing to its long stagnation, that is definitely a profound one.

    Why do we continue to know the facts but state washed over pieces of fiction?

    Truth is, if the current ownerscan’t make the development profitable for itself and the people, then get to the negotiations and make changesfor the betterment and status of the property.

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  7. BuzzBvi says:

    Just need to fund away to syphon money in tochosen people’s pockets and it will go ahead at highly inflated price. Then get hands on the huge money from the airport.

  8. UK Plan says:

    is to use the useless Prospect Reef ruin as their base for all the military equipment dispatched to the BVI later this year and next. The remains of the hotel buildings will be leveled to be replaced by warehouses for the land equipment and hangars for the helicopters. The location is perfect to combat smuggling with the sea access, small harbor and unobstructed helipads. The proposed name for this military installation in the ‘Gus Jaspert Border Patrol Center’.

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  9. sell it says:

    you need money fkn fool gov. cant run ting. facts.
    so get some money and keep your inept gov hands off. bvi rose up on private investment.

  10. @UK Plan says:

    Nice idea, but a little far from reality. The UK cannot even protect its own waters, or they just don’t want to. You decide!

  11. Sluggish? says:

    For progress to be sluggish we must first overcome government inertia.

  12. Lease vs Sell says:

    Many developers have approached successive governments about this property and when they hear that BVI Gov wants to lease the land instead of selling it, the conversation stops there. Bottom line, the Government should sell Prospect Reef. No developer wants to lease that land. The bureaucratic apparatus which is the BVI Gov. simply does not have the capacity to even issue an RFP to bulldoze the place. That is embarrassing!!

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  13. @lease vs sell says:

    thats bullshit as changing a leasehold to freehold is only some paperwork and easily done in a corporate setting

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  14. Pata says:

    Prospect Reef is covered in bush.
    To fix it, there’s clearly no rush.
    And who do we call?
    The man with the wall.
    And all of the people say hush.

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  15. @UK Plan says:

    Just a quick reminder to those of your kind who still living in another era, time and mental space…

    First, the year is 2023.

    Second, it is neither 1263, 1363, or 1463. It is 2023.

    The spectre of incading peoples lands, claiming them and doing as you will is long, long gone.

    Though your country the UK still claim colonially totese islands that they stole, time lived on land, work done, riches created for others have now transferred ownership to those people responsible for all of those.

    Are those people not people today, even if their ancestors were considered not? Have not accrued certain rights to ownership after all?

    Come on man, get out of our cenility and wishful thinking and hoping for a long gone era.

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  16. SMH#3 says:


  17. Prospect Reef says:

    is lease hold land since it was the sea floor 50 years ago. King Charles III owns the sea floor and any fill dumped on it. The King can only lease the PR created land to his subjects.

  18. misuse of taxpayers money says:

    Bailing out Romney with our tax dollar more like

  19. Just saying says:

    I believe prospect is a sacrifice,look at the trend of the brotherhood.

  20. Grow up Premier says:

    Maturity is looking at the capital projects that can benefit the country to move forward in a productive manner, and build capacity for growth .

    Stop playing the blame game , stop pointing fingers and do something. Looking at what should have and was not done is not helping the country . You are now at the helm to DO Do please

    At Elmore Stoutt High School
    open full STEAM but it is a disaster
    Air conditioning
    Poor electrical wiring
    No auditorium
    No cafeteria
    Where in life a modern day school just opened has these basic problems and lack of amenities?

    Wake up BVI casting a vote for the wrong people have SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES
    We are coming to a pretty pass

  21. Constructive thinking says:

    It is your negativity from prople like yiu that is keeping the country from moving foreard

    Look at what capacity and economic experience a man has to move us forward and leave you small minded negative comments behind

  22. Deh Watcha says:

    @ Albion……

    Yes it was bought under a past NDP government. But after elections the VIP was voted in and that was the end of that for not even other NDP governments took up the case of getting it developed.

    At the time the NDP bought Prospect with the intention to set up the culinary Arts and Hospitality training centre. I guess the VIP did not think that was a good idea. So instead, they built a large “cookshop” up at Paraquita Bay to give them bragging rights on having built something.

    You want to see Gov waste; NDP bought Prospect for around $6M, The VIP followed by building their “cookshop” for around $4M. That is $10M with nothing now left to show for it but two white elephants. And they claim to love this country? Schupps.

  23. aha says:

    bvi gov.
    of all stripes
    here’s god own show
    to illustrate we people
    what wrong ppl in power do we
    again and again with our own money
    toss it down the drain, wash into the sea

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