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Walwyn elected as NDP leader, Penn new party VP

Photo provided.

Education Minister Myron Walwyn is the new leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP).

NDP delegates elected him as party leader tonight, June 23.

He defeated Health Minister Ronnie Skelton who was also vying for the post. It is not clear whether any other party members were nominated to contest for party leader.

Walwyn’s reported running mate, Marlon Penn, was also successful in his campaign to become party Vice President.

Penn went up against first-term legislator Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull who is said to have been Skelton’s running mate.

Prior to tonight’s internal election – which was closed to the public – Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and Deputy Premier Kedrick Pickering were NDP President and Vice President, respectively.

Premier Smith had announced days ahead of the NDP event that he would not be seeking to be re-elected as party leader. It is said Dr Pickering made a similar decision for the vice presidency.

Ordinarily, elected legislators who sit as President and Vice-President of the NDP would be the territory’s Premier and Deputy Premier, respectively; once the NDP is the governing party.

However, it is possible for a governing NDP to have a party president who is not the premier, or a party vice-president who is not the deputy premier, BVI News understands.

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  1. trouble start now says:

    This might be the only 2 seats that the NDP might win…With ronnie , doc and archie retiring spells trouble…Kedric and mitch gone elsewhere…The 5th and 9th district are up for grabs….THE INDIGENOUS BVISLANDERS WILL NOT PUT A ISLANDMAN TO LEAD THIS COUNTRY….NEVER!

  2. My 2 cents says:

    Nap must go

  3. Eagle eye says:

    Only mark could have test Myron.both of them spend heavy in public

  4. Truth says:

    Congrats Hon Myron.

  5. Visitor says:

    The nightmare goes on – or – make the goat a gardener

  6. Sam the man says:

    Confusion reigns as usual in the “No Direction Party” nobody seems to know what has just been voted for! It was simple before – Premier and Deputy now it just seems to be creating more roles on the gravy train and F…k the country…

    • @ Samantha the Man-Liker says:

      Even on Sundays you’re bitter? Sheeeeesh! We’re tired of your unsolicited unconstructive criticism. You’re negativity is exhausting!

      • Sam the man says:

        Not bitter just speaking the truth that “heads in the sand people” like you can’t see if it came and bit you on the A**e! Grow up….

        • Sam the Man-Liker says:

          It would be refreshing if you posted something of substance sometimes, besides your general BS every day. Use the platform to be objective. The door you spew reeks!

  7. They have sealed our faiths says:

    We f like a duck. Time to BVI strong in another country. I darkness foreseen will come. The BVI will crumble

    • You are an idiot says:

      Power of the tongue…speak the destruction of the BVI into manifestation. You are our worst enemy but I speak supernatural favor to fall over the BVI in JESUS name!!! My God prosper us and may we rise higher than we once was!!

  8. Devon says:

    Best choice for BVI ! Well done Myron.

    • Born here but not from here says:

      So I guess this is how the BVI feel about me too…born here but not of here. Thanks. I hope the others like me are taking note!

      • shamsuu says:

        if all the immigrants gang up together and polarize the political arena born here/ indeginous-will fold ther tail. but most of us integrated into bvi community one way or the other. holding against a person because of his ancestry/ or island should not come nto comnsideration. of course if political powr remains with indeginous folks country will be stable. because if and when bad times visit us. those with links to their mother countries[not u k] wil flee like seasonal birds visiting ANEGADA

        • Born here but not from here says:

          Sorry about your comment: but you are not in a position to dictate what anyone will do are not do, in hard times;

          We are all citizens of this world; And May the GOD of Creation have mercy upon you all, who fighting over HIS creation; blessings to all.

  9. Interested says:

    Here comes another Donald Trump.No h———.Good luck with this one NDP

  10. zzz.. says:

    Here’s to innovative thinking hopefully tempered with pragmatic appreciation of the situation for those at the most basic level in society. We need a number of new and updated laws so I look forward to seeing what legislation will be introduced in the near future.

  11. The blind shall lead the blind says:

    I am so saddened by last night’s results I think it is disrespectful for a just come Johnny to rule a party. We have seen and experienced for ourselves what NDP Government has done to this country. It would be sad to put them in for a third term! Not a voter but I have felt the effects of their governance. We marched to stop England’s “injustice” but we could not do the same to stop our Government’s injustice and misuse of finances. Still no word on the planes, what is going to happen to agriculture, mold killing our kids in school, raise for public servants, pier park issues just to name a few. H Lavity Stoutt and the other past legislators would be ashamed of us. We have let power, ego and money run the BVI into the ground! After the events of 2017…I thought the BVI would have been stronger but I am not seeing it. BVI Strong hmmmmmm? My grandmother used to say only when wind blow fowl batty a show! But we refuse to look. God is still on the thrown. Too many issues to ignore when making the right choices. I wish the BVI God’s blessings! I also hope for change! Focus, and pray long and earnestly before making a vote that can affect you BVIslanders and us Expats!

    • The Most Honorable says:

      I find that its the religious goons like yourself who severely lacks the required brain power necessary to see things more reasonably.

    • Opthalmologist says:

      You’ll get over it. Your disorder is treatable with therapy. 🙂

    • Youth says:

      Most of the present president are new comers

      What you fail to realize that the youth is in control and Myron are there for them and they are there for him

      It has nothing to do with where you from .

      It is the personality that someone has, a person that can represent our country locally and internationally.

      We the youth need someone to represent us

      God you know we need someone to represent us in this time and with prayers and fasting it will be done

      • @youth says:


      • When? says:

        He is for them? Them who? Not the BvI public school kids and teachers!! 9 freaking month’s later and money available for Festival but look at the state of the recreational facilities and schools! Ayo so far up these politicians backsides that every breeze blows you attribute it to the same clueless flukes ayo up/down promoting for self-seeing purposes. He won – oh well that does not make him the messiah many seem to think he will be – after all are we truly better off since Sept. 2017? Where is his stance on the alleged misconduct and misappropriated public funds? Oh I forgot…..silence is golden in these here parts.

      • Rubber Duck says:

        Don’t fast. He owns all the restaurants. ( Or will do after he becomes the anointed one)

    • Sam the man says:

      The “No Direction Party” continues its path of greed, self aggrandisement and “what’s in it for me attitude” – they not blind no sir , they clever and know exactly what they doing – we the fools as we keep voting for these inept losers that continue to bring our Islands to its knees! They will be giving Africans free access to our country as well as the Chinese soon and they are just as corrupt as the NDP leaders – a marriage made in Heaven….

  12. Rubber Duck says:

    A huge nail in the coffin of Investment.

    May the BVI economy Rest In Peace.

  13. 2 Grand says:

    All comments points. Observations. Suggestions. Fears and hopes are the expressed feelings and thoughts of every individuals freely expressed. Conclusion time is the master and will reveal what is true what is right and wrong and ultimately the future and fate of the Virgin Islands and it’s people.

  14. Truth b told says:

    What a d——!
    ——– (not leaving outK——–) dont even look after h– own district. — look like shot compare to all the other. —— dont care about us. Qe bettwr open our eyes. They are All opportunists

  15. Nice says:

    Congrats Neighbor, congrats Walyn u all deserve it

  16. revamp says:

    The country must sink. You all talk about f—– M—— is by far worst than Fraser. — has the ——s brainwashed and those q—-rs. Because — is a —–r himself.

  17. Oh shut up says:

    Most of you only saying he’s the man for the job because he’s talked about legalization of marijuana.f’ing morons.

  18. Power of the tongue says:

    I have been reading and growing spiritually lately and one thing I’ve been learning about is the power of the tongue. People even if you don’t like the selections please pray for them to do do an excellent job instead of saying negative things. I know it’s hard to do without knowing your master, BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS: IF THEY FAIL, WE FAIL ALSO.


    Especially at the most difficult times!

  19. Vi says:

    Oh well. He will be the Leader of the Opposition after next General Election no Premier

  20. Maria Louisa Varlack says:

    Myron Walwyn why don’t you go back to the island of Antigua? Go back to the island of Antigua. British Virgin Islanders are very ignorant people. They also chose none Virgin Islanders to be their political leaders. No wonder the British Virgin Islands is in trouble. You should have call Michael R Bloomberg instead to flip the house.

    • Hmmmm says:

      The last time I checked Myron was born in the BVI and is a Belonger. Why would he go back to Antigua? If you own a business and you’re hiring a Manager and you have 5 people, 4 of whom are locals but the non-national is the best of all, you are going to ignore that and pick the local just because they’re local?

  21. Youth says:


    My mother is not from here. I was born here and has been an embassador for my country for all my life.
    I think it is my right to run the highest position for my country because it born here not where my mother is from. Fact almost all chihren 50 years and less born to a BVI Islander is an American . Are they going threaten like Myron.
    It is so sickening as a young person to read all this ill. We need prayers and if we continue we are going to get double lash from God . Congratulate the guy and wish him god’s blessings. Pray for our country because you know what only god can change things

    Not Ndp or vip

    If you don’t have constructive criticism please for god sake keep off

    It ihorrible

  22. Andrew Fahie says:

    Will be the next Premier. This new NDP leadership has sealed that notion.

  23. Lily Ann says:

    I heard about the Quirks of this man, but everyone has secrets, but I’m always impressed by what I see that hes doing … Congrats Myron … a position well deserved !!!

  24. Ralph says:

    Walwyn was born in Tortola.

    What is the problem?

    His last name?

  25. FACT/LOGIC says:

    By law, if a man is eligible to VOTE, he is then eligible to RUN FOR OFFICE. Then he is eligible to WIN. Then he must be eligible to LEAD!

    Walwyn has VOTED.
    Walwyn has RUN FOR OFFICE.
    Walwyn has WON.
    Walwyn has LEAD.
    Walwyn is eligible to continue to lead at a higher level.

  26. Love says:

    Yeah…kudos honey..our first — leader.

    • Dolly boy says:

      Seem two things no one comment.

      1 Myron needs to win big . BVI need stability in politics . That what Lavity, O’Neal and the doc biggest legacy IMHP

      2 Where this leave QC gerry . He ready to serve his country , he made his money, he is a leader

      Bring on the next election , get this sorted

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