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WALWYN: Even ESHS educators can apply for principal, deputy acting in post until

Education Minister Myron Walwyn and resigned Elmore Stout High School Principal, Sandy Underhill.

Officials are now gearing up to publicly advertise the position of principal of Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS), which became vacant after outgoing principal Sandy Underhill resigned the post; reportedly to contest the 2019 General Elections.

When contacted Friday morning, Education Minister Myron Walwyn said the hiring of a new principal is a matter for the Public Service Commission and Department of Human Resources. He added that he does not know when the advert will be made public or whether it will happen within this current school year.

“I would imagine that once the advertisement goes out, even persons who are within the school can also apply for the position. It’s just that advertising [the post] is part of the legal requirements,” said Walwyn, who made that note amid whispers that a St Lucian was being considered for the position.

Deputy Principal gets acting leadership, until …

Deputy Principal of ESHS, Vanessa Garraway, has been appointed as Acting Principal of the educational facility until someone is appointed full-time, Walwyn said.

“We have a very able team at the high school … Ms Garraway will be acting until further notice and then movements will be made to secure a new principal for the school,” said the minister, who added that he received this information from Cheif Education Officer, Connie George.

Garraway, who has been an educator for more than two decades, has served as Acting Principal at least once before.

As for resigned principal, Underhill, she is reportedly planning to contest the next general election under the Walwyn-led National Democratic Party (NDP) banner.

Henry Creque also departing, job already being advertised

Her resignation as principal precedes that of Deputy General Manager of the BVI Electricity Corporation, Henry Creque, whose position is already being advertised. Creque, who is reportedly on his final week in the post, is also reported as an NDP election candidate.

The NDP, which currently sits as the governing party, is yet to officially announce its slate of candidates for the elections.

Government leader, Dr D Orlando Smith is also yet to declare a date for the elections which must happen by April 16.

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  1. Myron you say says:

    The same way Myron moved un—————- to get to be head of NDP. Is the same way he is going to try to hold that position for his p—- Sandy Harrigan Wheatley Underhill. She —- that principal job from under Tobin and now she wants to keep it for when she loses this election or make sure that another s— Letitia Penn-Rogers gets it. Who you fooling but it is opened up to all ESHS staff. That’s just his cover to hand it to Penn-Rogers and have teachers quit in protest. Why for once we can’t do what is right and give Mrs Garraway the job she deserves as she is the deputy. When Melissa Aimee was deputy the job was s—– from Ms Scatliffe to give to her. Oh I forgot that was a different —-, Andrew Fahie. Anyway God doesn’t sleep no matter what v—– you using Myron, God is greater. Every dog has your their day. It’s good they extending the prison. You going to need room for you and your ego!

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    • What! says:

      We need a wistleblower law to prevent further corruption in our country. Will MR Myron agree to support this if he is re-elected? Will he agree to keep his hands out of our cookie jar?

    • Well says:

      So what happen if the VIP wins and they decide they don’t want her… people like you all does just comment without thinking why try to make young children education base on politics… well now you know the post is vacant apply for it make a difference and stop criticizing..

  2. spin says:

    tank god the yellow site called he out

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  3. So cool says:

    Yes Sandy, you got my vote. It does not matter what they have to say, I’m rooting for you.

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    • Accra says:


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  4. Guess says:

    The green eyed monsters is on their S..t for the weekend. Sandy, you hold your head high and pay the haters no mind.

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  5. OH YEAH says:

    Team NDP all the way. Say what you want, clap back all you want, NDP got this. Myron might be getting heat, but he will be just fine. Say what you want,Myron is the one that is going to get the Country up and running.

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  6. Political Intelligence says:

    I am very disappointed by the NDP selection committee (what ever and who ever makes that up). I have insider knowledge of U********, and is a miserable sandy B****! These are not the kind of characters the NDP needs.

    Ask the school children who had as their teacher.

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    • @Political Intelligence says:

      I had her as a teacher. Back then she was a solid no nonsense in her classroom person. She wasnt passive like most of these teachers today and I was one of her least favorite students. But the respect she demanded and gave in the classroom is one these younger teachers wouldnt understand. We need more teachers like that. But as a principal she let me known because I expected more leadership and not passive behavior from her.

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      • Huh?? says:

        Not sure about your comment in the end but …………………………………. Myron and Marlonwill probably get in becausr have their people but the other rest …. NDp try to be a good opposition buddy

  7. Speaker says:

    The speaker of the house resign yet??? Struupes.

  8. Well says:

    So what happen if the VIP wins and they decide they don’t want her… people like you all does just comment without thinking why try to make young children education base on politics… well now you know the post is vacant apply for it make a difference and stop criticizing..

  9. Native says:

    One thing I could say is whoever you voting for in the district go all the way don’t cross….. you only going put PVIM in the driving seat…I smell Ronnie in the opposition for a next 4years

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