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Walwyn: I am vying to be the next NDP leader

Myron Walwyn.

By Esther Durand, BVI News Staff

Education Minister Myron Walwyn has confirmed plans to contest for leadership of the National Democratic Party (NDP).

In an audio-visual statement seemingly intended for party members, Walwyn campaigned to be voted as the next NDP President — a position currently held by Premier Dr D Orlando Smith.

The party will be having its next round of internal elections this month.

In the near-two minute long video Walwyn said: “I am now seeking additional responsibilities and I ask for your support once again to lead our party into the next general elections.”

“I ask you on June 23 to vote for someone who has strong leadership qualities, vote for someone who is innovative and productive, vote for someone who is approachable and accessible, and vote for someone who is an everyday man of the people. Vote for me, Myron V Walwyn, as the next political leader of the National Democratic Party.”

It is not clear whether Dr Smith is voluntarily stepping down or whether he will fight to remain as political leader.

All is not well in NDP

During his campaign speech, Walwyn suggested all is not well within his party — a suspicion political observers have had for several weeks, at least.

“We are facing major challenges as a country and also as a political organisation,” he said, without delving into details of the so-called challenges.

“But I am absolutely certain if we all work together we can overcome each and every one of them,” added Walwyn, who has always publicly demonstrated loyalty to Premier Smith.

I gave my all

While campaigning further, Walwyn said he has given a ‘one hundred percent effort’ to the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, and Culture.

He then thanked delegates, supporters of the NDP, and members of the public for the ‘confidence’ given to him over the last seven years.


Notably, in an anonymously commissioned survey from Caribbean Development Research Services recently, majority of residents said Dr Smith was still the preferred leader in the territory.

Nonetheless, residents have named Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie and Walwyn as close contenders.

Meanwhile, political observers have been speculating for weeks that Dr Smith’s leadership may be under threat of coming to an end.

Since then, Walwyn’s statement has been the clearest indication that those speculations are true.

Just a week ago, Deputy Premier Dr Kedrick Pickering claimed he was unaware of any upcoming internal elections for the presidency of the party. He made the statement on national radio on May 29.

Dr Pickering said up to that date, he was not a contender for leadership of the party, and declared his loyalty to Dr Smith. However, he said he would accept ‘whatever’ leadership position he is called to serve.

In the meantime, BVI News understands at least two other government ministers are eyeing the post.

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  1. lol says:

    da going put us in the same predicament

    • Island Man says:

      We will not be in the same boat my people. there ae leaders and there are people who born to lead. Myron has the knowledge, peoples power, leadership and an independent thinker. I don’t believe Myron will take the nonsense and sit idly by. Mr. Smith was disrespected on to many occasion by his team.
      Myron an represent this territory in any form amongst world leaders. He is well spoken and speaks with authority. Andrew and Frazer Huu!!! I will vote NDP again with if a fed dead ship will stay away from the party…

      • Seer says:

        And that includes d——– and l——- from Myron himself. Lets not act like this man is the second coming.

  2. strupes says:

    we don’t want no islun marn to run we country

  3. waylox says:


  4. Ehheh says:

    We vote for the man from Antigua!

  5. Voter says:

    Walwyn is the best man for this job.

    • Lord see for us says:

      No to that. I do not think he is the best person for the job. He is not humble enough.

      • Leadership Matters says:

        Being Humble is not a key prerequisite for good leadership. Passion, Self-motivation and a having a Positive Attitude are and Myron have all three. Effective Leaders also have vision, Goals, a Plan and knows how to execute.

        Being humble is a nice to have but not critical.

        My vote is for Myron at such a time as this.

        • Wisdom says:

          Being Humble is everything. If you can’t humble yourself after awhile your life will fade away.

          This will happen to any Leader who can’t humble

    • Albion says:

      I’d certainly agree he is the “least worst”. I struggle to see how anybody could support ——– or ——–.

  6. The Judge says:

    Myron is the best candidate for this post at this time. A very hard worker who has delivered since in office.

  7. Boom bam says:

    Yellow amd Eggy getting my vote.

  8. Wisdom says:

    I am in support. Myron Leader. Marlon Deputy.

  9. OnLooker says:

    King you spent $1.6M on a quarter wall around the High School. You really feel people going want you be the leader. Get real

    • Island Man says:

      He is not the minister of communication and works. that is not his ministry. His is (education) Mark is (communication/works. learn something as a BVislander.

  10. patriotic says:

    We want a humble leader who respect locals and residents alike. It’s my opinion that hon walwyn does not has the statemanship factor. He might be a nice guy but it takes that special person who are well spoken with unlimited vocabulary to represent bvi not only locally but internationally as well

    • @ Patriotic says:

      Vocabulary??? Really? That’s what’s gonna move the BVI forward at this juncture? Stay there with your pseudo-intellectualism!

      • Island Man says:

        (@Patriotic) Have you ever listen to Myron? the man is well spoken and at a high standard of statesmanship. What is a states Man? Please explain! BVI a sorry for some of our people.

  11. Just Wrong says:

    Anyone, Anyone but Mr. “Done Deal”

    • Observer says:

      I have a great respect for Honorable Skelton and Honorable Pickering even though some people think he fights for the rich. They have made great contributions to our country’s development. I must say though that it’s time for fresh vision and new energy to take us forward. Give Myron a chance he will do well.

  12. Poor fellow says:

    Poor Waalox. He will sit there and blog all day.

  13. Press on says:

    As a voter I have been pleased with the performance of Myron. My experiences with him have all been pleasant and he genuinely tries to help. He has improved the education system and has created a lot of useful programs to help young people. He is really very accessible and he doesn’t come only around election time like soo many of the others including the other two who might be the other main contenders for the leadership.
    Myron, hold your head up. You are a good person and a hard worker with good leadership qualities. This island is full of haters and people who like to pull down each other. You can tell that even from some of the blogs where you can see that people’s words are personal for whatever reason. Rise above that. If it’s God’s will for you to win nobody can stop that.

    • Voter too says:

      I agree with you 100%. This guy has earned his stripes and will make a great leader for the BVI. I really hope the NDP team makes him the leader so that we can move this country forward.

  14. Walterene says:

    We cannot vote for someone who love c——–, don’t take a——, it is my way or no way at all.
    Right know education is a ——- show. If becomes Premier the country will be governed on a ——— show.

  15. Lol says:

    Well I could imagine how many hardcore VIPs and other Ps must be breaking off them fingers blogging against Myron. I know for sure that one person they don’t want leading the NDP in an election is him because they will have hell winning. It’s a far easier win for the VIP for Ronnie and the VIP wouldn’t even have to campaign to beat NDP if ————- heading it. Ayo right to blog cause I wouldn’t be able with all that work keeping up with Myron. Blog people! Blog people!

  16. Virgin Gorda says:

    We prefer Myron all the way. We need young, energetic and intuitive leadership. Not the regular OLD BOYS CLUB.

    • @Virgin Gorda says:

      Umm, please don’t speak for the whole of ‘Virgin Gorda’. there’s many of us who DONT think he will fit the part!

      • @-@Virgin Gorda says:

        Umm, I never said that my opinion represented the view of the entire VG people just like it would be ludicrous to think everyone share your sentiments. Kindly don’t misrepresent my post! Thanks!

        • @Virgin Gorda says:

          Then use your own damn name! Im sure you are smart enough to notice that by using a general ‘Virgin Gorda’ as name, you’re represents the entire ‘Virgin Gorda’. YOU MISREPRESENTED YOURSELF!

  17. I am pleased says:

    If it’s one person who has my vote next election is Myron. I never heard about politicians calling people to see if everything ok with them and how they could help. This gentleman actually does this plus he does his work. Keep doing what you do Myron. Everybody wouldn’t like you but much more are for you that against you.

  18. good to great says:

    It will be a cold day in hell…All the doves will fly out

  19. WOW says:

    If he’s out of b—.

  20. God bless you says:

    Minister Walwyn I thank you for all you have done for me and this country. You were the first politician I see after the hurricane. You came to my house to see how my family and I were doing and promised to come back. I said that he wasn’t coming back but one week later you returned and brought things for my family and I. I can’t soeak for other people but I thank God for you everyday.

  21. Socrates says:

    Is Dr. the Hon Premier D. Orlando Smith, AL, MoF days numbered as leader of NDP? Is Doc steeping aside as leader of NDP? Has Doc apprised his mates that he is steeping aside? Is a palace coupe in the making? Has loyalty to the Premier ran its course? Should the Premier step aside? Has the Premier’s mates been lay waiting him like a lion on the hunt?

  22. John Elliott says:

    I have watched this young man through out the years and his accomplishments has been very inspiring. We should give him a chance I genuinely think he will do well.

  23. Proud Parent says:

    I thank you soo much Hon. Walwyn for getting the schools reopened soo quickly after the devastatiing hurricanes. You are a man of action and you will always have my vote sir. Thank you.

  24. One BVI says:

    I would like to see Hon Walwyn as president and Hon Penn as his deputy. They represent what the new vision of the BVI should be.

    • . says:

      President??? WTH I hearing here? Where are you from? A vote for Walwyn is a vote for i—————–, clearly. And if people from countries with Presidents are here voting, that represents a coup.

  25. Strong Leadership says:

    The BVI needs a strong leader at this time. No offense to Dr. Smith, but he’s doesn’t really inspire and drive positive change and push the country forward. He doesn’t lead the party. Ministers say and do what they like, some comments totally damaging to him personally and the party. He could have spoken up and defended his Government against many scandals but he just seems to hide from it. At least defend yourself or admit to a mistake if you make one. Out of all of the NDP candidates Myron is the best choice.

  26. Valueless says:


  27. If we are honest says:

    When NDP lost the elections in 2007 I said that party dead! They put Myron on the ticket and he revitalized the party in 2011. He obtained the most votes in the last election. He is capable of leading the NDP. This is the right time for new leadership.

  28. Tek That says:

    Let me say that Myron Walwyn is the best man of this job. Here’s why: He’s down to earth, connects with the people for the entire four years, he cares and has strong leadership kills

    ——– on the other hand only cares about his rich white friends and ——– is rich and cares about no one else except his family and those friends rich like him.

  29. Rubber Duck says:

    That is another nail in the outside investment coffin then.

    Another pill in the BVIs attempt to commit suicide.

  30. BE REAL says:

    Dr.Pickering is the next in line for the leadership position. He was there since the party started and he is the deputy premier. I think Myron is very capable too. My only problem with Pickering is he lil too l—- back with his ministry. And need to deal with that Sargassum seaweed lol

  31. Virgin Gorda Resident says:

    Hon. Walwyn has done an outstanding job as Minister of Education and Culture and has been the only elected at large representative who has consistently held office hours on Virgin Gorda. Whatever one’s personal opinion of him may be, one thing we cannot question is his work ethic. His work as Minister speaks for itself. He loves people and genuinely tries to help. His heart is with this territory and he certainly has my support. #WeDownWithThis

  32. kool kid says:

    vote Myron

  33. NDP Supporter says:

    Ronnie is a good guy but hard to get a hold of, I love Kedrick speeches but unap——–. But we see Myron all the time. Easiest person to find when you have a problem. This dude really help a lot of people even before the hurricane them. I like Marlon too, easy to find and talk with.

  34. snafu says:

    They all st—–, so you have to work out who st—– less!

  35. Patriotic says:

    We have what i call “sleeper leaders”if choose to enter the political arena would definitely comes out as winners. People like gerard farara, colin oneal are prime examples

    • Status Quo says:

      Like y’all getting ready to make the same mistakes again. Do these men have a long record of getting their hands dirty and working with the common man? What have been their contributions to the BVI? What history of philanthropy do they have? Are they compassionate? Relatable?

  36. Hmm says:

    Myron is proud just wondering what will happen if he’s Premiere

  37. LOL says:

    Myron two to three bloggers are out in force trying to make Myron look like a leader.

  38. My take says:


  39. Truth by a VG youth says:

    Every NDP Minister needs to be investigated. Too much wrong doings.

  40. T Ganz says:

    This man —- too much.

  41. ?? says:

    So are we just going to pretend that $1mil was not spent on a wall? Ok….I don’t feel like he’s —— and I don’t feel like he really —- every “altruistic” action he takes is heavily publicized by his campaign team to me that’s just ——— politics. They connect with the people when it suits their ——-. BVI politics just out of touch with the people regardless anyway too business orientated. If it were about the people we wouldn’t be here today and people won’t be so influenced by propaganda.

  42. he is a clown says:

    … Walwyn is a —– and ———– he is no better than P———- of S——— with all that noise. I wouldn’t dirty paper to vote for —. He needs to go take a seat like the rest of them because as soon he gets the support we don’t know what next he will take the government money too claim t build like the so call multi-million dollar wall which was on the ground. MYRON GO TAKE A SEAT AND REST YOU MOUTH.

  43. sad says:

    I blame us the people of the BVI we vote rats to guard cheese.

  44. Sam the man says:

    Just when you thought the “No Direction party” couldn’t get any —— – this bombshell! however at least he’s just as consistent as the Premier in cost o——- and delays on s———- projects! I guess its a done deal within the NDP otherwise he’d look like an even bigger — if he was opposed….surprised — hasn’t put himself forward? after all he’s been a politician for nearly a year or so now and knows all there is to know….

  45. Now tell me says:

    This candidate us about S—-. P——– to be about the people but look at little things like christmas cards invitations anything which represents his Ministry you will see the shine hitting you a mile off…why? Why not the whole team? Because he’s not a t—– ————. How could he be a good country leader?

  46. Candi says:

    Walwyn, I love your pretty socks and all, but I can’t see us going forward with you as leader. Perhaps you are more suited for deputy at least.

    Ronnie should handle our finances. No offence. Keep doing you tho

  47. NB says:

    Nooooo no no. Let us not hang ourselves by voting for ——-. Its a disaster in the making

  48. watcher says:

    as someone who has seen his leadership style first hand it would be a ———- if he becomes the premier, its his way or the h——-

  49. foot soilder says:

    Myron is better than the other two contenders:knows what he wants, has a mind of his own, stands up for what he believes in, a people’s person (rich, middle class, poor, local, expatriates), most hard working, knows his staff-genuine ones,lazy ones, fake ones,opportunist-, well educated and can represent the country at home and abroad, a little — headed (but for what he believes) has made many changes in education (even though some of the people in charge of the new policies are not consistent and he cannot micro manage-empathizes and can relate to the youths, do not promise unless he can fulfil- tells you where you stands up front(no hollow promises) listens, has the country at heart-has proven, those are the qualities that make a GREAT Leader he has them!!! THE WALL AROUND THE SCHOOL HAS PROVEN TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO KEEP THE CHILDREN SAFE!!

  50. Interesting says:

    We cannot continue to do things the same way and expect a different outcome folks. Myron is young enough to have his ear to the ground and mature enough to be respected. He is very confident, able-bodied and willing to face our challenges.

    There are a few strikes against him. I think he does not ensure that the stakeholders in his portfolio are well involved and supported in the implementation of his decisions, but that can be fine-tuned. He also makes decisions as if they are merely items to be completed on a checklist and reported on in the press. Hopefully he will aim for quality of impact for many over quantity of ego boosters to few.

    With the respectful openness and opportunity for meaningful dialog with representatives of all stakeholders in his potfolios, research and revision of data from his ministry, he can strengthen his weaknesses.

  51. Wait says:

    So Myron’s so called 1 million dollar wall is worst than the $60 mil Hospital disaster under the same person we want to put to manage our finances again? I’m just checking.

  52. Clearly says:

    Myron has divided the BVI and true leaders do not divide the people,they unite them.

  53. KING P says:

    Hold up! All you Bloggers, bout time you stop Blogging foolishness for the world to see. We must have control. Myron is a leader and all our Elected Members are leaders, despite the problems they face in their everyday life. They have proven this many times. Human make mistakes and you all praise the mistakes the Idiots like Trump do. Wake up BVI, smell the Coffee. Lavity, Ralphie, Wheatley, Romney and who else ever, they had a job to do and if you are on the outside and telling them what to do inside it’s not gonna work, you can’t please all the people all the time but the now Dr Smith First Lady and his Cabinet Members means Good for this Country, Sooooh, if Myron is intelligent enough to lead the Country into the next Generation, which we as Parents, Citizens, Pastors, Friends have no control over and it is his calling, Stop the personal negativity and give the Honorable a chance. (Just a little note). Everything cannot be the way you want it to be all the time, you got to believe in yourself and believe in someone else and accept changes. Myron. We saw this move coming long time soooo you slept on it, you beeen through it, you see the besssttt way out. My brother, goooo for it. You are a Leader that has a strong Voice. And to all you Bloggers. stop blogging and hiding your name if you mean positive. Remark or comment if you want to see better but, don’t criticize when you don’t know better or cannot make it better.

  54. Upset says:

    I am so incensed at this.What in tarnation does he know
    About finance,Would be worse than the Premier.His philosophy is to spend without thought or planning.Just go sit down and wait your turn,Lots to learn yet.

  55. discouraged says:

    So far in my opinion the majority of Politicians fight to get in to office to concrete a sure pension plan for themselves and to secretly rob the country financially blind as they can.honestly the options are so poor that i don’t even know who to vote for. burn that!!

  56. islandgirl says:

    I would like to have him to justify the expense of that wall at the high school; especially in light of the fact that the high school needed rebuilding. Or explain why the curriculum at the high school, for the most part, is not preparing graduates sufficiently for life after high school. I would like him to tell us how he will make his party more transparent. I would like for him to explain to us how some of the new government fees pertaining to tourism benefits, if at all, his businesses as well as businesses owned by other politicians. I have to say, I personally do not like the man. He strikes me as another typical power ———– polit————. F———- as a man of the people, when he is just interested in his o–, as well as his, cronies ————–.

  57. The beginning of the END says:



  58. Tola says:

    If you all can remember the launch of the NDP At’large team at the plaza across from the Road Town Ferry Terminal .That night when Myron spoke there was power,knowledge,intelligence and seriousness all aspects of a true leader.I say to you Myron has and will bring that gravitas to the NDP.

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