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Walwyn in the courtroom! Represents client in criminal damage case

Myron Walwyn at the John’s Hole Magistrate’s Court with his client on Tuesday.

Former legislator and former chairman of the National Democratic Party, Myron Walwyn is back in the courtroom.

Walwyn, an attorney-at-law, represented Dwight Callwood when he appeared before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo on Tuesday.

Callwood was charged with criminal damage of a vehicle on March 27 this year.

Following Callwood’s guilty plea during a previous court appearance, Walwyn mitigated on his behalf, stating that his client is not a violent person unless he was prompted; such as in this case.

Walwyn said when the vehicle in question came near to him at a fast pace, he flung a bottle that damaged the back windscreen after being prompted by the complainant who showed him ‘the middle finger’.

He then urged the court to impose a reasonable fine as his client did not waste the court’s time.

In response, Magistrate DaBreo imposed a $1500 fine to be paid by January 30. In default of not paying, Callwood will spend four months at the adult penitentiary.

For damaging the back windscreen, he was ordered to pay compensation of $814 forthwith or in default, two months in prison.

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  1. Birds of a feather says:

    Wow, so that’s his excuse for throwing a bottle ??? Well well.

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  2. the facts says:

    I am one who misses Myron from the politics. He was one who I know for sure cared about people and did his best to help whoever he could. You can see what he has done for the eight years he was there. Did far more than some who were there longer. You will do well wherever you go.

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    • LOL says:

      Your comment made me laugh cause he is very selfish and was only about helping himself

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      • Lies and more lies says:

        if you said that about Myron then I can tell you that you are a liar. You all told all kinds of lies on him to get him out and people believed. Myron was the most helpful and accessible person in the government when he was there. No lies can change that fact. Anybody who said that he was for himself either crazy or blind.

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        • Agreed says:

          Granny always saying for every disappointment or set back is a blessing. At least he knows who the lying reptiles are for sure this time.All who had hands in getting him out of office, their time will come sooner than they think.What goes around will come back around.

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      • @LOL says:

        You are a dishonest person. No one can say anything like that about Myron. If I had to say anything I would say his problem was he helped too much and was always trying to help everybody. But to say he was for himself is a big fat lie. Sick of all the lies now!

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  3. Practice says:

    At the rate things going, you’re be back in office in the next 3+ years. Keep practicing in the meantime; however, do want your client next time that 2 wrongs also don’t make it right. Everyone needs a second chance in life. Learning is a everyday thing. Keep at it.

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  4. Practice says:

    Keep practicing, because at the rate things are going, if this new gov’t don’t start doing things right, you will be back in office in the next 3+ years. Hopefully, you have also warned your client- that two wrongs also don’t make the situation right. Everyone needs a second chance at it. Keep it up.

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  5. Lol says:

    That dude have small man syndrome. ??

  6. vg says:

    I am missing my honourable especially in the legislative council. I always looked forward to hear what he had to say because he always had a good comments to make

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  7. Devon says:

    Big mistake voting him out of the HOA for the BVI… Hopefully he will make a return.

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  8. Eagle eye says:

    Cant stop the general hustle.

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  9. Expatriat says:

    One of the best I have met in the BVI.
    People need to recognize Mr. Walwayn as an honest ,dedicated and hard working individual and always have BVI Islanders at heart.

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    • Haha says:

      Lawyers and honest is an oxymoron. Lawyers care little about the truth or facts. They care about what they can get away with and increase the chance of their preferred result. The worst criminals have a lawyer even when there is very convincing evidence to support their guilt. As a juror I watched a lawyer spoke about a well known nuisance like he was a choir boy and if I didn’t know the guy well I might have been convinced.

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  10. For sure says:

    Myron will be back. Will say it, he is smarter than all of them that is why they plot to have him voted out.

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  11. Don’t get it? says:

    Why are there soo many wicked people in the BVI? The man is out now, why not allow the man to live? Dead with the negativity and brighten up the place with some positivity for a change; it’s good for your spirit.

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  12. Thing is says:

    At least he know who the back stabbers are and what they did.

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    • Ausar says:

      “Thing Is”, you’re absoloutely correct!

      While Andrew spoke only of going “good to great,he actually made it so!

      He was great for education, but that “hurryhence” attitude to be in power, is what took him out!

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  13. Nice says:

    Today I saw pictures of principals receiving awards for the licensure as principals. And I said to myself thank God for Myron vision as minister. Andrew Sat there for years and put nothing in place for his principals except lowering the pass mark. Walwyn we miss you.

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  14. Don says:

    Myron still blogging about himself boss go away

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  15. waylox says:

    I didn’t know that he still exist?

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  16. Want2Kno says:

    He’ll be back in court to answer those fraudulent wall contracts too…

    • @want2kno says:

      I am tired of our people just saying things without evidence. We are too destructive with our mouths. Why are we like this? Why do we try everything to destroy our own people even when we know that what we say is either not true or we have no basis for saying the things that we say. I for one tired of hearing of this damn wall. We hide behind pseudo names and blog all manner of lies on each other. If you believe what you write then say it publicly or respond on your Facebook page where people can see who you are. Until some of us get sued we wouldn’t stop. I am just sick and fed up of our nasty behavior.

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  17. Your time says:

    Myron is the kind who will make it anywhere. He is smart and he could work Giod luck in whatever you do. I told you to take time for yourself and leave these people and their politics alone. We don’t know how to appreciate good people.

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  18. Wow! says:

    Never would have expected representation on such a lowly case. No time for refusing I guess!

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    • @wow says:

      And if he didn’t take that case and it came out that he refused then we would say he too full of himself or he don’t like representing locals. You can’t win with some of us so the best thing to do is let us talk and don’t study us. Rolling eyes

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  19. Move says:

    Why is this news? Let Myron do what he is doing. The people made a decision on Election Day. Election is now over. Myron seemed to have moved on quietly. I haven’t heard him and I see him from time to time about his own business. I suggest some of us do the same. Is it that we are bored in the BVI? Myron served us well. Anybody who say different possibly have their own agenda. Time to move on.

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  20. Leave the man alone says:

    You lying disgusting plotting ???? in the grass need to leave the man alone. He is a private citizen minding his business. He is not out here biting the hands that feed like you mooching mother F***ers that he helped along the way and then you turn around and stab him in the back.What goes around comes back around ??? mother F***ers.

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  21. LB says:

    This … is what MVW come back to the court room for?

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  22. AM says:

    Mannn listen! Out here WORKING and DELIVERING as usual. I don’t really know why this is news, buttt I’m glad it is, actually. Just goes to show, he is who he is, and his works will continue to speak for him. Thanks for your service, vision, and passion. I didn’t realize how much I missed you in politics. Wishing you ALL the success, health, strength, and JOY in whatever you put your mind and manpower to!

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  23. Take time says:

    You do what you do best Walwyn, produce. I expected to see you back but it didn’t happen. They gang up on you to get you out. The same NDP that you help win two times and the VIP who had to concentrate on you to win the election. You was the threat. You becoming leader of the NDP was too much for some to swallow which tells me a lot about some of them. Take the time for you and your family and decide your next move.

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