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Walwyn: No proof NDP corrupt, VIP just wants power

Government minister Myron Walwyn.

Chairman-elect of the NDP Myron Walwyn has dismissed claims about years of corruption, no transparency, and poor governance in his party as a desperate ploy from the opposing VIP to regain power.

Walwyn made the assertion this week in the first of a series of public radio broadcasts being dubbed NDP Drive Time.

Walwyn – who has come under spells of political fire in recent times – has again singled out Opposition Leader Andrew Fahie as one of the main instigators of the “unsubstantiated claims” against the NDP.

Before running to the defence of the NDP, Walwyn said Fahie has no moral virtue to speak about corruption.

Public is misinformed

He then went on to label talks of NDP corruption and bad governance as ‘misinformation that should have been corrected but was not’.

“However, my fellow residents, a failure to respond to, and correct the misinformation is not corruption. As the new leader of the NDP, you have my solemn pledge and commitment that you will be properly informed and all misinformation will be corrected going forward,” Walwyn said.

He proceeded to list a number of NDP initiatives, which he said are proof the party is not corrupt, does not mismanage public affairs, and is not lacking transparency.

In relation to the issue of transparency, Walwyn said his government presents daily news releases, answers questions in parliament, has ‘regular public meetings’, and the Premier has monthly conferences with members of the media.

“The NDP government is the government that has strengthened the governance structure to ensure accountability and transparency. It is the NDP government that passed the Public Financial Management Act of 2006 in the House of Assembly and amended it in 2012 to increase transparency in government.”

“One of the amendments to the Act calls for monies to be put into our Reserved Fund. This is an accomplishment that the NDP can boast about for having increased the reserves from the amount of $7 million by the VIP in 2011 to $65 million right before Hurricane Irma in 2017. I dare ask, where would we be now had we not had this foresight?” Walwyn questioned.

NDP members have not been arrested or charged

The minister then listed a number of individuals and agencies such as the Office of the Governor, the Office of the Auditor General, and the Public Accounts Committee, which he said are in place to detect corruption and impropriety.

“Under this NDP administration, have you heard of any allegations of impropriety from any of these entities? Has anyone been arrested, charged, convicted or imprisoned? The answer is no. What we have seen from the VIP leader is a steady stream of unfounded, divisive allegations, aspersions, and innuendos for political power, without care for who may be hurt, whether country or individuals,” Walwyn said.

“I will be the first to admit that we have made some mistakes, but our hearts are always in the right place. And we will continue on our quest to improve the quality of life for the people of these Virgin Islands,” he added.

Drowning in scandals

Throughout its time as a government, the NDP administration has come under heavy criticism for issues such as the $30 million cost over-run of the cruise pier project – which has been under auditing for nearly two years now.

They have also come under fire for the controversial $7.2 million BVI Airways deal in 2015, and for some half-a-decade worth of unaudited financial statements.

Government completed the audit for 2012 and 2013 annual reports this year and Walwyn said the audited statements for 2014 to 2016 will be ready by October.

All these political scandals are issues the NDP government are yet to completely resolve.

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  1. Looks who is talking says:

    Isn’t election about winning power. Don’t you want power? Boi go clean your closet!

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    • Look who's talking 2 says:

      Yes elections are about winning power BUT not to the detriment of telling blatant lies and fabricated stories. LAME!

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      • Oh please says:

        We don’t need your antics. The majority of the people in the BVI knows that what Fahie is saying is the truth. You are just brain washed.

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        • Rubber Duck says:

          What BVI needs is a democratic government that represents all of the people who live here.

          What we have is a government that comes from and represents in truth a few wealthy families and businesses. Not even all the belongers and “ barn here’s.”

          Until such time as we have that, the Backward Virgin Islands will continue to decline.

          No taxation without representation.

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        • REALLY? says:

          SHUT UP!!!

      • BVIYoungman says:

        The Public is MISINFORMED?!!!!


        get a grip Walwyn

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      • @Look who's talking 2 says:

        The only lies and fabrication that we are hearing is what this guy is now trying to say. The truth doesn’t need your belief.

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    • Orlando Air says:

      The fact that you haven’t been caught yet doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.
      The leases if the NDP have been serving as elected officials for most of their adult lives. Can they explain where their personal wealth came from? Will they disclose how many companies they own?
      Will all candidates agree to a full public financial disclosure?

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  2. Anonymity says:

    Publish every receipt for the broken wall, put them on this website for all to see…

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    • Exposed says:

      The million dollar wall withstood the flood and hurricanes. The ball field and recreation grounds didn’t! Bang for buck!

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      • look a bit closer.... says:

        The wall sustained damages in large sections during BOTH the hurricane and the flood. Yes some parts were left standing, but not all of it.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    “Walwyn said Fahie has no moral virtue to speak about corruption.”

    True or false?

    Thumb up if known factually to be true.

    Thumb down if known factually to be untrue.

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    • hint hint says:

      Check and google names

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      • Cudjoe says:

        One word that is not synonymous with FaHie is T—T
        Unfortunate but true.

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        • To hint hint says:

          Years ago the NDP lead the charge behind close doors trying to get rid of Fahie but we all know now that it was a failure. In a few months we will see if the same holds true for bald head and the rest of the NDP.

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        • To Cudjoe says:

          Ayo save ayo energy because trying to paint Fahie as a bad man will not work. The majority of people already see through this already failed strategy. NDP must go!

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          • Concerned says:

            that means you have a perfect explanation what happened to the 570000.00 for the after-school-program, let’s hear it.

      • Orlando says:

        Why is Orlando’s name mentioned on that website? What he did?

  4. true says:

    way too many mistakes expensive mistakes scammed by conmen, and remember he is a lawyer, he never said they weren’t corrupt just there is no proof of it YET.

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    • @true says:

      Lawyers lie all the time so I don’t trust them.

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    • In aTrance says:

      Who says that the Proof isn’t on its way? Lol.

      Myron is fighting a loosing battle. Someone mention the dead Donkey Myron is hitching his cart to. Your guy in the 9th is also a dead donkey, (without possibility of revival). You can’t bring him back
      Every meeting the good gentleman attempts to hold, ends with him being booed.
      I am sorry Myron, along with others in the various districts, We in the 9th are saying NO to NDP this time around. You had 2 terms in a row; more than enough time to audit the books; to put some of that 60% of Financial Services moneys into the Reserve, (for times like these); but you haven’t. NDP is not a First Timer. These accusations against your party would have likely been excused by a Nubie NDP; but you are or should have been Veterans by now. Bye, bye NDP

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  5. ndp heckler says:

    A fisherman will never say that his fishes are stink

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  6. Lordie says:

    I had to laugh when I heard his statement. Who is/are writing for you Myron?

    You must think before you speak. You are not entitled to being elected. You came into politics believing that this is some sort of entitlement that you must acquire.


    You want to retain power just like everyone else. You are even doing the extreme to have it and the proof is in the pudding with your recent internal party election. .. the party play politics as usual.

    You have a few young boys caught up in your scheme but one already told me you will see ting soon so check your camp.

    No one is loyal unto you in politics.

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  7. Hmmmm says:

    What you talking about? It is all about power! You all crave it or you wouldn’t be doing this.

    The question we the people are asking is, what are you going to do with that power? Will it be self serving (as it usually is) or are you going to serve the people and get this country moving forwards.

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  8. lol says:

    lol this man ain serious…… boss where mah airplane money????

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  9. Reality says:

    Oh dear all this does is further reinforce the publics unease with all the “No Direction Parties” attempts to delay reports/audits into the many projects that have excessively and mysteriously esculated in cost – classic own goal. Proof ? We all know how inept the NDP has been and looked after themselves at the expense of the people – fact

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  10. wow says:

    Not corrupt?

    hospital $100M
    pier park $80M
    BVI airline $7M

    Where did it all go?

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  11. Please says:

    Myron please exit stage left.

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  12. SMDH says:

    After $7million dollars of a plane that has not fly and will not fly ever. After the ports project being over by $40mill and much more. Now he is coming to speak this nonsense.

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    • What Time Is It? says:

      Add the Unaudited statements for several years; a situation that is an Obstacle to Government’s ability to get Loans; including to help the more financially challenged to get their homes repaired, (though currently smack in the middle of hurricane season). Add the million-dollar wall, Myron’s Catering service that caters house of Assembly’s meals, teachers dinner etc; while under the same government policy, a previous Speaker of the house had to resign.

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  13. Clearly says:

    Somebody please clear up for me if this man is now the premier and Minister of Finance.

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  14. YOUTH says:

    Who does he thinks he’s fooling?

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  15. Really? says:

    The NDP admits to no wrong doing at any time even when they go with the whole treasury.

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  16. Question says:

    Has anyone ever seen a thief admit that they’re a thief until they’re caught?

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  17. Sir says:

    Walwyn, you’re a good guy. Hate to tell you this… your cart is hitched to a dead donkey. The donkey died from the very things you speak about. Mismanagement, lack of transparency and if not corruption then ineptitude on a gross scale. Press releases and statements will not convince anyone the donkey is alive. Please let us know how you will carry the cart forward and if you tell us the donkey will do it you’ll be left standing next to a dead donkey.

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  18. Oh girl says:

    “NDP members have not been arrested and charged.”
    Should read.NDP members have not YET been arrested and charged.

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  19. Astonished!!! says:

    Oh my goodness, is this guy real???? Does he have a conscience???

    Did he read that speech before going on air?? You mean a man with a heart can so deliberate and intentionally try to f— the people in high day light? Then what will he do in the dark??

    The reserve that he is talking about, did he not read, learn or know that out debt now surpasses the reserve by 3 miles?? (3 times) Simple mathematics, we have no reserve.

    He is right to say NDP is not corrupt for all the reason he state, because there has been NO investigations, and where investigation would start, it cannot come to a conclusion because of no information, no records to show.

    Walwyn is quite a man. Is that the person we want to lead us?? then it will be like from the frying pan to the —-. He isn’t even Premier yet and see what he is already doing want to have secret HOA, the people’s business.

    I pray God, that BVI will wake up, seek the face of almighty God and save this country from the likes of W—–. Remember when the children of Isreal wanted a king by all means, they did get one who busted them. People Be Ware!!!

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  20. Hodgie says:

    Both NDP n VIP corrupt. Which one is more corrupt is more like it. We can have a vote on that.

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  21. Political Observer (PO) says:

    One politician accusing another of wanting power; is the pot calling the kettle black? A politician saying something is not so does not make it is not so. Trump called objective news reporting as fake news, the free press as enemy of the people, there is no collusion with the Russians, press and other politicians spreading misinformation…. ….etc. At home, Walwyn is proclaiming that there is no evidence of corruption in the BVI as claimed by Fahie. It would be earth shattering news, a tectonic shift……….etc if Walwyn or any other NDP member would admit if there were corruption under the NDP regime. Both in the US and BVI facts will revealed the truth.

    Ok. This election cycle let’s not chase the shiny object, get thrilled by the slick political ads, over the top speeches by people with the gift for gab, commercial or infomercial……etc. We must demand practical and affordable actions that will make our lives better. The BVI has a myriad of needs and problems, ie, infrastructure, education, public safety, cost of living, economic diversification, economic recovery, healthcare, food security, consumer protection, freedom of information, whistle blower, environmental protection …..etc. Residents need a plan of action milestones for addressing these needs.

    Moreover, the NDP was given a mandate from 2011-2019 to progressively advance the state of the territory. The impact of the hurricanes aside, did the NDP deliver on the mandate? There are a number of issues that residents need answers for:
    a. $7.2M give away to BVI Airways
    b. TPP $40M cost overrun
    c. ESHS Wall
    d. Ptojected $54M budget deficit
    e. Deteriorated road conditions
    f. Low civil servants morale; victimization
    g. Slow as molasses response after Irma and Maria
    h. Freedom of the press
    I. Poor/lack of annual certified financial statements
    j. Overall lack of accountability, responsibility and transparency
    k. Rise in property and violent crimes
    l. Independence and self determination
    m. Advocating for non-release of contractors name in HOA
    n. Slow recovery effort
    o. Questionable financial mgt.

    No doubt building research fund was a laudable action. Is the fund depleted?

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  22. ndp heckler says:

    a blind man can see that with ray charles shades like the ones he is wearing….LOL

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  23. LOL says:

    It is clear that Fahie is getting under Myron skin but it is larger than that. We the people are demanding transparency and accountability from our elected government because we are not getting it from the NDP.

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    • What Time Is It? says:

      Myron can talk all he wants, but needs to understand something very important; the things that don’t come back once gone

      “Four things do not come back: the spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity.”

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  24. Hmmmm says:

    THE D——–R is at it again.

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  25. Truth says:

    Myron really think that the people of the BVI are fools.

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  26. Woww says:

    Thumbs up if you think VIP should win

    Thumbs down if you think NDP should win election 2019

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    • Correct says:

      NDP will win because despite their missteps a Fahie/VIP administration will be a nightmare for the BVI.

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      • Sugar Coat says:

        @ Correct. This will be a General Elections for the history books as no one party will win the 2019 General Elections as past. I foresee that there will be a coalition government with members of different parties being elected. The real fight for power will commence after then. Stay tuned.

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        • Concerned says:

          The problem with that is even if they are a coalition government nothing will change. History is showing that both VIP and NDP are questionable, 6 Million Greenhouses, the 20 Million paid to some water-company for breach of contract who did sign that anyhow NDP or VIP. Hospital Cost-overrun occurred under both governments. The list is endless

  27. East says:

    You think the BVI belongs to you Myron? t

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  28. Radio 1 says:

    Walwyn, we get along, but the long rant I heard on the radio this morning is senseless and immature deh man. You are a business man. OK, case scenario- your workers at the Moorings, Pub or wherever, take up 7 million of your month and hand to somebody. What will you do?

    Second scenario. Your accountant was authorized to spend $20,000.00 on new office furniture. He spend $60,000.00 instead. Will you not demand an explanation and an audit?

    A financial audit is necessary in business and whatever shows up in the process, yeah or nay, then you know. I don’t want to hear sh…t bout VIP 2011. Let’s get pass this childish bull and move on with the work of the people

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  29. SMFH!! says:

    Myron really think people are a set of moo moo. One thing is for sure I am only voting for candidates that have at least one parent with VI lineage! Cannot trust someone to lead who is only binded to the BVI by a piece of paper cause you do not tryuly know where their loyalty is!

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  30. Donald Trump says:

    I like this guy Myron he reminds me of me, make the BVI great again, yea!

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    • Robert says:

      The difference with you and him is he GRAB THEM BY THE BALLS AND YOU BY THE PUSSY CAT, LOL????????????????????????

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  31. Brad Boynes says:

    Boys in vehicles. Administer that.

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  32. Referee says:

    The Lion and the Unicorn are at it again – fighting for the crown (not to mention the pot of gold).

    Timing is not right though. Many of us are still fighting for our lives and wellbeing as we attempt to recover from last year’s mass devastation. Where were most of these freedom fighters when we needed them? Missing in action. Compassion was sadly lacking.

    We can certainly do without all of this unnecessary confusion at this time. Shucks, man! All you go sit down with this nonsense.

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  33. Guy Hill says:

    Words are very self serving especially in this climate of political correcness. Fella got some nerves.

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  34. More Than That? says:

    So basically,this means that there is more to it than what the public knows

    The pier money
    The hospital money
    The million dollar wall money
    The green house money
    The BVI Airways money
    The 100-000 Escalade money
    The Water & Sewerage missing money
    Plus what we don’t know

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  35. LOL says:


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  36. Cudjoe says:

    Andrew,if he had the best interest if VI at heart,would have taken a sabbatical from politics. Because of him the VIP is a jumbled comedy and because if him, NDP eremain in power.

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    • To Cudjoe says:

      You again? You only on here to blog as he instructed you. You are in the minority with what you are saying. The VIP will win but until then please stop condoning the NDP wrong doings because you hate VIP. Fahie is a true leader and we will not standby and let persons like you try to destroy him out of greed and hatred.

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  37. Myron go Sit says:

    No one more self serving than t— minister. NDP as a whole is a joke. They need to listen to themselves in the House. A bunch of good for nothing. And — minister need to stop pretending. — joined the party where — had the better chance of gaining leadership

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  38. Woww says:

    I do think Myron will win and be the leader of the opposition side.

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    • Poww says:

      Hands down Fahie is most effective in the Opposition. He knows what to look for when searching for corruption. VOTE FAHIE FOR OPPOSITION!

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  39. Nostalgic says:

    What a disgrace! We need to expel this clown Myron like we did DA. You bat!!

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  40. The light will shine soon says:

    Let us see a breakdown of how much was spent on the pier pack, hospital, schools, roads. Look at East end road how many times in a year is the government going to repair that road in the name of trying to create jobs, give us a break down of how much the government spent on gas for each government vehicle and trips, give us an estimate of how much each country donated after the hurricane and what was the money use for. Some of those government office burn electricity daily who is paying for that. Until we can see a report of how the budget money was spent you will continue to be in hot water because money do not grow on trees we just want evidence we want the truth. The people are struggling too much and the price for food items is going up the bank is making things difficult for the people with mortgage we need answers please the people need answers

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  41. Son of the Earth says:


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  42. Larry says:

    The Government is corrupt. We can do without the NDP and the VIP. They are one in the same. If VIP is elected their supporters will get the government contracts and kickbacks will be paid. I am not voting for any party. I am voting for individuals who I perceive as honest who will uphold the mantra of good governance..

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    • BVi says:

      @Larry I agree with you. There are still some good people out there whether they run with a party or not. Voting for who you feel is honest and can do the job is what everyone should do. Unfortunately the BVI is so heavily entrenched In The party politics itnis almost impossible to win a seat if you don’t run with a party. It’s time to highjack the parties

  43. Duuuuude says:

    Wow Wallie come back to Earth. Fire the Marketing Department who wrote these speeches. You just insulted the entire population. The only thing that will save all of you is another IRMA.

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  44. ! says:

    I heard you on the radio, Myron. Yes, all these laws NDP passed are great, and would clear up all the questions about transparency. BUT, not a single thing has been done about financial reports of any kind! Where’s the audits? Laws are only on the books if the government doesn’t act on them. Transparency laws are no good if no information is released!

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