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Walwyn promises Premier Smith advisor role

Premier Smith (left) and Walwyn.

National Democratic Party (NDP) Chairman Myron Walwyn, who is vying to become the next Premier of the Virgin Islands has promised retiring government leader Dr D Orlando Smith the role of an advisor if the NDP is elected into government for a third consecutive term.

Walwyn made that promise at the launch of the party’s election campaign inside Maria’s by the Sea Hotel in Road Town on Saturday.

“Very often when a political leader in the Virgin Islands demits office, the person is cast aside and no longer useful to the party in which they started. That is going to change because I will have you as have an advisor, Premier,” Walwyn said.

“I know you know your job very well. There are going to be some very difficult periods that we going need people who understand things, who know things, and who will calm me down [at times],” the politician said.

Walwyn, who is Dr Smith’s immediate successor as party leader, pledged to “carry on” what he (Premier Smith) started years ago.

He further described Dr Smith’s tenure as Premier as one resembling strong leadership.

“You are the father of the modern-day Virgin Islands and your record speaks for itself,” Walwyn told Dr Smith at the political event.

The NDP is expected to face off against some three political organisations to secure another term as the Government of the Virgin Islands. Elections must happen by April 16.

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  1. nick says:

    not yet the premier but already spending money on consultant fee.

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    • Thanks Nick says:

      You see what you just said, “not yet Premier”. So you do understand and agree that Myron is going to be next Premier.

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  2. Hah says:

    This is a huge source of a lot of our problems. Rewarding cronies. What record? The first Premier to be publically questioned by his party. A Premier that lost the confidence of the U.K. and most of the residents. A Premier that lost the ability to handle the spending of finances to the RDA. The Premier whose party members willingly ran to the side of the opposition. The first Premier to have the governor step in and give funds to the Police because NDP was not doing its job. The Premier responsible for losing $7.2 million without any return on the investment. Never before has these series of unfortunate events happened in the BVI.

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    • What Time Is It? says:

      B4 Minister Walwyn made that statement it would have been a good idea to check in with the Wise Lady, the Hon. Mis P. She, like a good doctor, correctly diagnosed the problem/s within NDP, and offered a solution. Here he is, forgetting and directly negating the good lady’s Diagnoses. OK Mr. Wolwyn, go ahead and make the Doctor your chief Councillor. Actually, after the $20-something millions spent on Consultants, he should by now be a walking/talking human encyclopedia. Lol

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    • Terri says:

      So that will mean Lorna will be running things again for another 4years??? We all know she is the balls that Orlando can’t juggle

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    • @ hah says:

      That is a record…..lmao

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  3. Juan Ping says:

    Both will be advising each other completely out of government. LOL

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  4. Snoppy says:

    You sound dangerous

  5. Sam the man says:

    “Your record speaks for itself….” Failure, ineptness, financial bankruptcy, ar—-e and leaving the BVI in a much worse state than when you took over power….oh and foolishly giving away $7.2 m to a bogus airline….

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  6. Brad Boynes says:

    Seize the time. Eggs ain’t hatch but wanting chicken n chips.

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  7. LOL says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the BVI listen to the priorities of an aspiring Premier and vote wisely.

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  8. Oh my, unbelievable, just what people thinking says:

    See, there you go, incase you are thinking it will be a different NDP
    it will be the same. There you have it Pepole, straight from the horses mouth so to speak. People be wise. Had I known is too late.

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    • Come on says:

      If you’re really trying to convince people that Walwyn’s leadership style will be the same as Dr. Smith you might as well save your breath. Walwyn has earned his stripes and we will give him a chance to be leader of this Territory. He has worked his ass off for the people of the BVI.

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  9. Blah says:

    At first I was completely against the Idea of Dr Smith as an advisor but after much thought it would be a great idea. He has vast wealth of knowledge of what a Premier should not be doing.

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  10. Asha says:

    Schupps…Myron looking support from people who are loyal or doctor Smith. As soon as the HOA is dissolved Dr. Smith will become a political relic.

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  11. Jane says:

    I am sure that Dr Smith will do any such consultancy work as a civic duty and will not be being paid one cent for it. If he expects to be paid then his consultancy services are not required.

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  12. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Wow………! First, think that we can agree that Dr. Hon Premier Daniel Orlando Smith (AL), MoF, is a decent and honorable man. Further, he served the VI well as a medical practioner. However, as the Premier exit stage left, he is not being highly viewed or rated as either a skilled and effective strategist or tactician. Based on performance, the jury is still out on how the Smith-led NDP government compare/contrast with other governments. Suspect that it is not rated in the top tier.

    The Smith-led NDP government has some question marks in its performance: $7.2M BVI giveaway, MIA after Hurricane Irma, $40M~TPP project cost over run, $1M+ ESHS wall, RDA, Willie T saga, TBLIA extension, wasted money on Third World road network, outfitting of Peebles, family conflict of interest employment, ministries running wild, unreliable water supply, dumping of raw sewage into sea, 2.5 years without a Central Library, NHI, erratic power supply…..etc. Further, ????????????to the Premier for building the reserve fund.

    Nevertheless, without the burden of day-to-day leading government operations, perhaps the Premier may indeed be a key political consultant. In time being out of office, perhaps, he can rehab his political image.

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    • @PO says:

      $40Mil TPP overrun nonsense has been debunked over and over. If we didn’t have the Pier Park the country would have gone in to economic turmoil as the cruise industry is what is keeping the small man alive, especially over the past 2 months. If you think people buying the foolish overrun nonsense, think again. Governments have been promising a cruise pier for over 20 years and NDP delivered and delivered well with the top quality cruise lines visiting our shores. Further, the same pier park got PORT OF THE YEAR going up against bigger ports in bigger countries.

      BVI Airways was a good initiative but was handled very bad. The wall is a wall is a wall, nonsense. The NDP has a good team, a good leader and will do good things for the BVI in my opinion, we just need to keep them on their toes and demand action from them. I am not splitting my votes, I’m voting NDP all the way.

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      • PO says:

        @PO, see that you were selected on your response: TPP, BVI Airways. Really, flinging $7.2M at BVI Airways, a bankrupt, defunct and bruk airline was exercising effective stewardship of taxpayer dollars? A simple google of the bruk airline should have been cause to hit the pause button. Ever wonder why AA, Delta, Jet Blue, Spirit…….etc is not jumping at starting a direct flight between MIA and EIS. A commission of enquiry is needed on this. What do you ascribe the excess construction cost of actual over planned TPP to? Poor estimating?

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  13. Ace says:

    Hon. Walwyn is smart and strategic individual. Blogs do not equal votes on election day. He has hitched his wagon to Dr. Smith and say what you want, if the Premier contested the next elections as an at-large candidate he would win a seat. Despite the hoopla, Dr. Smith’s stock is still high, people still love and trust him. He has made missteps like anyone else but he has also lead with a steady hand in the most crucial of times. Great move by Walwyn despite the naysayers blogging over and over.

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    • Spade says:

      But we neither want Smith nor Wall-loss so y take unwanted and wastful advise from someone that screwed us in the ass?? To screw us un the ass sime more??? What a setta idiots

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      • Reasoning says:

        @Spade and others of us on the same page, I am baffled at the thinking and conclusions of some of our fellow brothers and sisters. What more/else will it take to remove the scales from our eyes…and reclaim the once 20/20 vision we had? Have some of us we drank the Forbidden Cool Aid Hon. Frazier warned against?
        It would be one heck of a Psychological study to separate BVI voters into 2 groups who all lived the same experience; before and after Irma. How can both groups having shared/gone through the same political/leadership/catastrophic experience end up with such totally different conclusions?. It started with Miss P; spokesperson; (Flies couldn’t set on them under her watch). Next Bishop Cline, Hon. Archie, in his later days bemoaned the decisions he made/signed off to without knowing the facts; others and now, the Uk herself, acting in ways that Definitely marks/spells Disapproval and lost of confidence in the NDP.
        Ray Charles, now dead ad was blind, as well as Stevie Wonder would see through the reasoning and come to a different conclusion. Anything else spells, favoritism, cronyism, and a few other adjectives.

        Please, this time around, (there might not be another); Let’s put country above self, by applying the thinking of a good Judge and look at the facts and Do the right thing!

  14. Soooo says:

    So you’re saying, If I vote for you Walwyn then I voting for the same guys who got us in this current mess. For example: bad roads, one trafic light working, massive debt and budget over-runs, poor leadership, poor international relations, ruined financial services, ruined beaches, no price control, sell off of vital properties, no accountability or transparency, the worst telecommunications services, poor educational facilities, scandals, secrecy, corruption and the like.…smh…ok!

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    • @ Soooo says:

      He said advisory role. Let’s be for real. Despite the issues that Dr. Smith would’ve had as a leader, he is still someone with vast experience and knowledge having held elected office for over 20 years and being the leader of the Territory for more than half of those years. An advisory role means that you can be leaned on in certain instances where your experiences can be relied on. Why is it okay to pay millions on outside consultants and not utilize your own people here in the Territory? Walwyn knew his statement would draw this type of drivel and he basically baited people like you into responding with ignorance, making his choice even better with those that have common sense and understands what he means.

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      • Reply says:

        It’s interesting that you don’t deny the “issues” that were listed. Meaning, you are ok with how things are…Which I think is the real definition of ignorance.

  15. Ndp heckler says:

    Bull! When he was your boss you didn’t used to listen to him…Think we’re stupid or what?

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    • SMH says:

      @Ndp heckler, I here thinking the same thing! The man did as he please and felt no regards as to the Premier because he felt that he received the most votes and should have been Premier or at least Deputy. Does he really think that Dr. Smith’s and Dr. Pickering’s NOD Supporters are going to vote for him?
      May son, stop playing your fiddle and gwan go long!There is no third charm for you!

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  16. @Ace says:

    Agree with you 1,000%.

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  17. Brad Boynes says:

    All NDP need not gun for office. Even the fired ones.

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  18. To all you NDP haters says:

    Stop trying to tell people who to vote for. All the negativity you are throwing out is not going to work.The next leaders of the country has already been picked. Get over it already.

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  19. ndp heckler says:

    Political job applicant………..The NDP need not apply

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  20. Home Boy says:

    Poor Dr Smith, what adviser Walwyn talking about when he was ill advised by he Walwyn himself. It will be the best thing for Dr Smith retire from politics piece fully. I don’t know what is wrong with Walwyn just chatting foolishness and let the Doctor get some well deserve rest and practice his medicine for the time being.

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