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Walwyn tells parents ignore ‘unnecessary’ appeal

The appeal made by an Enis Adams Primary member of staff

The appeal made by an Enis Adams Primary member of staff

Minister of Education Myron Walwyn has called on parents to ignore a ‘totally unnecessary’ public appeal that staff at Enis Adams Primary School made this afternoon for donation of toilet paper.

The female member of staff who posted the appeal on social media wrote: “Can parents please send a roll of paper towel and a roll of toilet paper on Monday (February 13). We have ran out.”

The minister, in a relatively quick response, told BVI News Online that the ministry already has enough of the items requested.

“I am asking the parents of that school to ignore that notice that was sent out by that school. It is totally unnecessary and uncalled for, because the Ministry of Education and Culture has those items in stock.”

“We are grateful for when the help can be there from parents. But, in this particular case, it is absolutely unnecessary. I know for a fact today I checked and those very items are there in the basement where the Ministry of Education’s storeroom is,” Walwyn further said.

He stated that there is no record of the school administration requesting the aforementioned items from the ministry.

In fact, Walwyn said he has an open-door policy and could have been contacted personally about any presumed shortage of supplies.

“The ministry did not receive any report. I think what happened was that the chief education officer was expressing the need to be careful with supplies and to make sure they are not wasted – because you know we are dealing with children. Sometimes the children waste things; and we are trying our best to curtail costs in all areas. But I know for sure those items are there [at the education ministry].”



Walwyn said school administrators should do their job.

“Persons need to do their job and do it well; requisition what you need. If there is an issue that you have, persons within the school’s administration level know they have access not only to the education officer, but they have access to the permanent secretary and they have access to myself as minister. I have an open-door policy for all teachers; all principals. If there is an issue in the school that’s urgent, they know that they can call me. There is absolutely no need for this [request by Enis Adams Primary School],” Walwyn further said.

It is not the first time that reports have surfaced about what is said to be a shortage of supplies at different schools in the territory.

But Walwyn today reiterated that an overwhelming majority of those reports are baseless. “The ministry can’t manage everything. What I can say is that 95 percent of the times when persons are out there saying that the ministry does not have supplies; it is totally false.”

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