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Walwyn to Fahie: Stop planning protests and assist with school repairs

Myron Walwyn.

Education Minister Myron Walwyn has challenged First District Representative Andrew Fahie to divert his energy towards assisting to get schools in his constituency ready for the new academic year and away from preparing for protests.

Walwyn made the statement in retort to Fahie’s recent threat to “revolt” if students enrolled at Leonora Deville Primary School in the First District are placed back under tents come September 17 when school officially reopens.

Responding to the threat this week, Walwyn said: “The energy that he would use on a revolt could be properly directed to help the school that we are trying to fix to bring relief to our teachers and students.”

The minister then said he was ‘disappointed’ at Fahie, whose threats he described as “plain rhetoric for political purposes”.

He further sought to allay concerns that the Leonora Deville school building will not be ready in time for the new academic year.

Repairs to the educational facility are “progressing very well”, he said.

“We are working assiduously to finish the work to have the school ready for next week and I invite Honourable Fahie to come forward and make good on his public promise to assist.”

Walwyn said Fahie had made the promise on public radio months ago.

Fahie had reportedly said he had donors and volunteers from his district who wanted to assist with getting the school fixed.

“I willingly accepted the much-needed assistance and wrote to him two times asking him to make good on his utterances and, to this date, he has not been able to provide the money or the volunteer assistance that he said he had readily available.”

“He asked questions in the House of Assembly about the school … but never once has he asked me privately about how things were progressing with the school in his district,” the minister added.

Leonora Delville Primary is among a number of schools that were ravaged during the September 2017 hurricanes.

This caused the Walwyn-led Ministry of Education to relocate students under tents throughout the duration of last academic year.

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  1. Island man says:

    Myron is right; why you want demonstrate? Just come to the rescue and assist.

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    • L says:

      That’s what Myron saying now, but when the people of district 1 wanted to do the repairs he wouldn’t allow them to.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Myron, it’s your responsibility. Why weren’t our schools rebuilt 12 months ago? Why did you invest $7.2 million in that airline? Why did you spend $80million on the pier before you spent a nickel on our schools?
      AND, Why are you giving away diplomas for votes?

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    • @YES says:

      you need to stop playing with the people of any district Myron especially district 1. does your public know that Mr. Fahie was all set and ready with the solution and finances to repair Leonora Delville Primary School months ago but all you have been doing is blocking any athempts. you came to the school and spoke to our children with your empty promises and now here blaming Minister Fahie. Here’s a challenge for you! Give Mr. Fahie the go ahead with his plans for district 1 and you step down. watch progress. the only minister who was doing any work after the hurricane is Mr. Fahie. the rest of y’all is just a waste of the tax payers time and money. Can’t even run education and want run country.

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      • Concerned Parent says:

        I agree 100% Fahie tried his very best but on numerous occasions got turn down… so Myron stop making the man look bad.. I attended all his meetings there was indeed donors, but it seems like once the money is not given to the government direct the project doesn’t get a go ahead… ppl y’all wake up and smell the coffee that’s brewing.. do it for our kids…. Fahie keep up the good works and we the ppl love you.. M— failed our kids.

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    • BVIslander says:

      I voted Myron to defend my child’s welfare. Why is he on here chatting nonsense. My child goes to school under those tents and I can truly say that conditions are DEPLORABLE!!! He should be the one finding solutions and out looking donors. Forget Fahie. Those tents are TOO freaking hot and when it rains, some children get wet and most have to sit in poodles. Then you have people sexing in the tents and leaving condoms behind on the desks. This pure Bull$#it!!! One whole year after? Really? With all the school in the West down. This is bloody well unacceptable. Stop arguing with Fahie. I voted YOU!!! DEFEND OUR KIDS BETTER!! THEY DESEVRE BETTER!!! Give me a good reason to put an X BESIDE YOUR NAME AGAIN!!

  2. Just asking says:

    Why should he asked you in private when would not answer in the hoa.

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    • Sigh* says:

      Because it shows a genuine interest in the progress of the school for his people, rather than a public ploy to gain political points….

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  3. Soothsayer says:

    Yawn, politicians just boring, tedious and deceitful…

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  4. Hush says:

    The Festival money could have fixed this and other urgent matters in the country. It’s ridiculous and you need to own up to your failures instead of going tit for tat.

    These conditions are unacceptable one year later.

    We pay taxes and our tax money should be used for the better of the country and our people. You could have done better on this one but nothing in the first district is a priority for this Governmenr.

    Remember we are your boss Myron.

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    • Nonsense says:

      Nobody said money was an issue, it said the school is being fixed. Stop trying to justify Fahie’s foolishness.

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      • Myo says:

        Some people in district 1 seem to think Fahie is A God. Wake up my people if the first district. What has he really done in our district for all those years. He full of ____.

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    • hmmm says:

      Yes cancel festivities outright and fix one school, i cant see anyone finding fault with this solution. you are brilliant!

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      • No wonder you can only follow says:

        Read fool. The blogger said fix school and other urgent matters. You so eager to defend Daddy before you read. Ask Daddy what next to reply and say. Poor child. The blogger right. His priorities messed up! Also clearly money is an issue or it would have been done for the school year.

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    • Bob M says:

      Did he receive any kickbacks from that airline we lost so much money on? Why did he approve it without conducting any due dilly?

  5. ? says:

    Well i think it was a waste of time to spent money on the festival and schools need repairs.

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  6. Gumption.Official says:

    Open comment: Around here in all Angles (business etc ) humans will faster post on social media calling Down someone or a business etc vs sending a person an inbox message saying XYZ. It’s just the culture of around here and the habit of most people.

    Regarding this article now I understand what MW saying! The man asking everyone else but not coming one and one and asking a direct questions. The follow up basted on the question then should have been ask in the HoA based on feedback etc.

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  7. He got to be shame! says:

    Licks for Fahie again. I heard him say he had help available but I guess that was just pure talk!

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    • L says:

      The help was there. We, the people of District 1 were ready, Myron wouldn’t allow it.

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      • @L says:

        You missed the part where the minister said he wrote to Fahie twice on the matter and no response yet?

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        • L says:

          The Minister wanted information on who the donors were and other specifics. The donors didn’t want their names revealed or for government to get their hands on any of their money.

          Tell the Minister to tell the whole truth and not just certain parts of it.

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  8. Oh please says:

    Myron exit stage left

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  9. Hah says:

    If you cannot do your job resign. What assistance are you talking about? You are the minister in charge of education not Fahie and your boss is Premier of the BVI.

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  10. FIRST DISTRICT says:

    Myron you were not truthful about this project from the beginning and the children suffered so stop the political games.

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  11. My take says:

    As a member of the 1st District who was involved in trying to get the community efforts going on the school I am 100% sure that this Minister is not being truthful. He needs to stop.

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  12. BVI people says:

    What I realize is that this Minister spends more time on trying to manipulate every situation to look good rather than just trying to do good. Enough of this foolishness.

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  13. To Myron says:

    Every story have three sides so stop trying to once again fool the people. You signed contracts in December just to fool the people and the children knowing full well that you had no funds to do them. The children ended up under the tents longer than they should all because of political games.

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    • @ To Myron says:

      So which of the three stories is this one? Is Hon Fahie deceptive? Ask your district representative for his correspondences with Honorable Walwyn then you can see who is being untruthful.

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  14. Come on says:

    Enough of this tic for tac nonsense and just get the dam school open and get the children from under the tents. SMDH

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  15. all i see says:

    Fahie and Walwyn fighting meanwhile Fraser looking more presidential

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  16. CW says:

    BVI has officially become third world

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  17. Katniss says:

    Wallwin and the ndp has f—– the bvi people

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  18. My recollection says:

    I am not taking sides but I will say what I know that in December 2017 in a 1st District weekly meeting in Carrot Bay Methodist Church Myron said to the people of the 1st District that he signed 3 contracts of over $150,000 in total to start the repairs work in January 2018 of the school and by the third term the children will be back in the building but for now they will be under tents for school. Everyone agreed to work along with him even Fahie. However it is clear that lies were told in the very House of GOD. The contracts were not worth the paper they were on. On February the contracts were signed again and work didn’t start until long after. This project was not given any priority.

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  19. Now says:

    Now I see why Kendrick & Ronnie doesn’t want to work with this character.

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  20. Logical vs Ignorant says:

    Nobody talking about doing repairs. Fahie keep announcing he have these big wig international donors..just to make himself look and sound good.. He can’t even put his money where his mouth is. Come time to get the assistance, mums the word.

    Secondly, don’t be ridiculous talking bout festival money and repairs by first District members. This ain’t no pocket change of damage we sustained here in BVI. We sustained more than 3Billion (with a B) in damages. So it will in fact take aid/assistance from both public and private sector.

    You all need to think logically. Instead of joining forces to make himself look good, at all turns he always trying step out in front the Government and make it look like he doing when he even isn’t…just spewing ah set of promises to the public and the poor saps in D1 who keep lapping it and drinking it up. Feel sorry for them, for they hang on to his every word.

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  21. Diaspora says:

    Ok. Let’s us keep this real. Government has the responsibility for designing, constructing, maintaining, operating, budgeting for………etc public schools. Public schools fall under the MEC so the minister should get at it; step up to the plate. The assistance offered by others, including district reps, is just welcome assistance

    Repairing storm-damaged schools should have taken prudence and priority over spending $350K on Festival. The Premier should have intervened and stop the low priority expenditure. However, the Premier again let Ministers do as they like; it is like ministries are operating like a governments within a government, Further, taxpayers pay taxes so that vital services can be delivered, ie, public education…….etc. Expenditure on schools and other facilities should be based on needs, not on how people vote in an election.

    Here is a news flash. The electorate requires people having the desire to lead the territory work to heal the nation, improve residents lives, move the ball to progressively advanced the country…..etc, not focus on petty nonsense. This applies to government and anyone trying to unseat government. Further, we must stop enabling nonsense; if we enable nonsense, we will get nonsensical talk.

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  22. Vg says:

    Vg schools ain’t fixed except ROMPS and NOT WITH GOVERNMENT MONEY. myron you need to stop. We have to make noise to get things done cause you ain’t listening OR doing.

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    • @VG says:

      The entire article went over your head. ROMPS was fixed and not with Government’s money is correct. The Minister is simply suggesting to Fahie to put his energies towards assisting with repairing the school instead of organizing a protest. Let’s look at a few things.

      1. ROMPS was fixed through donors and from a previous article, the school looks really good.

      2. Fahie said he had donors and members of the 1st District ready to come forward and help. Where are these donors?

      3. If ROMPS was fixed through donors, why would the Minister refuse/sabotage Fahie donors and not fix Leonora Deville through donors? The only persons that suffered here are the staff and students of that district. This also makes the Minister looks incompetent as well.

      4. The Minister has stated over and over how the donors and the fixing of schools will work. The Ministry shows what is needed for the learning institution and the donors do everything else (budget, hire and pay contractors, etc).

      5. Where are Fahie’s donors?
      6. Where are Fahie’s donors?
      7. If Fahie really had donors I don’t see the Minister refusing them.

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      • We Are Here!! says:

        We the donors are here. We met with the minister and he refused us because we wanted to fix the schools ourself ……

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      • Reporter says:

        If we start with the fact that “Politics is a Dirty Game”, with some politicians doing/saying whatever they believe is a winning strategy, at all cost, and some who truly have their country and its welfare at heart, we will be better able to tell the Difference.
        Regarding repairing of ROMPS Vs Leonora Deville Primary School, consider these facts: Investors in the 9th especially Oil Nut Bay, Mosquito and Necker Island did extremely well under NDP. Along with acquiring some 400+ Sq. miles of land, Unbelievable tax-free concessions, acquisition of Trade Licences, Seabed Rights, advisory consultation on fishing grounds and boundary etc. Remember the member in the 7th stating “He is happy to have rich white friends”?. They prefer an NDP government.
        (2) The district Rep in the -th is doing rather Poorly, especially considering h– Passion for improving the lives of constituents in the district and ran 3 or 4 times; yet without accomplish anything and about to become a “One-Timer”. Every meeting — calls, never accompanied by a minister or someone in position to answer questions on Funding of a Project or Fixer-Upper. — never Fails to be Booed. However, the NDP Needs the -th; especially now. School children already have it that Myron is already promising voters in the -th, that he will give —– a Ministry. What Audacity!. If that is correct, that offer would equate to B——-.
        (C) Could this situation be a reason to Myron t Accept the offer for Oil Nut Bay to fix and modernise ROMPS, but b—– donors from fixing the school in the 1st?.
        Sometimes we have to look at the bigger picture and to look at things from a distance.

  23. Tit for tat says:

    Get the schools fixed and stop answering every thing fahie say. You too petty for an antiguan descent.

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  24. NDP says:

    Boy i hope and i pray that Shaina take out Fahie this time around because i am sick and fed up of he

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  25. foy says:

    “wet your hands and wait for me”

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  26. ?? says:

    Here in all comments are a microcosm of divisiveness and division amongst our people.

    The truth is, if every BVIslander, local, expatriate, business owner and others with huge bank accounts who have gotten rich and continue to off of the BVI, such as the Arabs and others, were to contribute $5.00 to a pre-established account, over $200.000 could be raised towards school building repairs.

    The truth is, people are only interested in blaming, finger pointing, bad mouthing and slandering, but never to offer anything to correct or improve the situation.

    It is not the government that should be feeling shame that our schools are not yet in living condition, but every one who calls themselves natives, locals and or expatriates.

    We should all feel very ashamed as we have done nothing and will do nothing to improve our schools for our children.

    Further, many will flagellate their mental and bow down to their “mother land UK,” but will never question their mother as to why it has not contributed to the reconstruction and revitalization of an important and critical part of the education system of the “motherland UK territory, and why the “motherland” choses instead to cripple the pillars of the territory’s economic backbone ensuring there would be no capital to repair schools.

    That is what mothers do, they inhibit growth of children while rebuilding prisons to imprison their uneducated sons.

    The Bunch sent to St. Lucia is back home in a brand new prison, but our children are still facing tents to learn under next week.

    Yet, many are still blind to such continuing imperialist and colonialist practices, and wish to exist under such indefinitely.

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  27. I love it says:

    Andrew, you are beginning to look petty. Revolt? What good is that going to do?

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    • Time for change says:

      Maybe if you knew history, you will see that the only way things get done is through peaceful and forceful demonstrations… the slaves had to revolt for their freedom.

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  28. Myr says:

    This man moves very shady.

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  29. No nonsense says:

    As a district “born” i did not read the whole story. The Education minister is tripping. It’s a WHOLE year since those tents are there. The weekend that they were blown and destroyed, I helped picked up the pieces. The minister talked about contract signed to rebuild the school….another witch hunt. There was people wanting to donate financially rebuild the school. He refused the help, he wanted the money in his hand. The was skilled workers willing to donate help, he gave some excuse about strengthening the building. What was done in that regards…?? Same darm old building after going in a fetching circle. THEM RUN THE COUNTRY BROOKES AND POOR INNOCENT WE SUFFERING. Some body tell the Queen to send the boat for All a dem

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  30. Really says:

    Political ploy Myron. You have never wanted any help. You want all the credit

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  31. 2 Grand says:

    U politrickans beta stop playing games with people money and time. Do the people’s work you are SERVANTS NOT MASTERS.what you sow u will reap . Time is the master and the King of creation nah Jah and live hate him and die. Like or dislike your choice speaks for u.

  32. Brad Boynes says:

    Wish all will talk about the issues facing this society and cut the doll house rhetoric wasting mind and thoughts on.petty so so bull nonsense.

  33. Joe says:

    Myron is just a cr***. And any one how talk good about Myron is just like him

  34. Disinterested says:

    Myron, stop the nonsense and take a seat; in fact, take 2 or 3. Go do the people wuk; stop throwing corn. The BVI has nuff tun a major problems and uno behaving like likle chiren. What are you going to do about education, economy, environment, employment, health, infrastructure, cost of living, crime…….etc. Andrew, enough of the drama. Was spending $350,000.00 on Festival a higher priority than fixing schoools? The Premiership, if it is to be, will happen in time, When you rush the brush, you get daubed.

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  35. Light says:

    If Fahie and Walwyn were able to work together they would make a dynamic team.

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  36. FED UP says:

    Stop playing games with the children future..

  37. Concern citizen says:

    As a 1st. district resident neither one is ready for this race as the top leader to carry this territory. Both are inexperience, act childish, and can’t see further than their faces. When a society do not hold a government/ people to what is right and just for children these are the end results. What is right for we the children? A comfortable building within a learning environment.

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