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Walwyn urges new dispensation in wake of COI report


Former legislator, Myron Walwyn, has said it will no longer be business as usual regarding how government conducts itself now that the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report has been released and its recommendations made public.

One of the overarching recommendations arising from the COI report is for the United Kingdom (UK) to exert direct rule over the territory for at least two years. And in response, the territory’s leaders compromised and arrive at a government of national unity, inserting members of the former parliamentary opposition into Cabinet.

But while Walwyn did not take a position on that COI recommendation in a recent Facebook missive. He insisted that there is a shared responsibility in how the BVI arrived at the current quandary to which he alluded.

I accept some responsibility

Walwyn said he welcomed the opportunity to improve and shore-up governmental systems and organisations but argued that the COI’s recommendations will significantly change how government interacts with its citizens and the business community.

“We must all take responsibility for failing to adequately improve our antiquated governmental systems,” Walwyn said in his post.

“While I did my best during my tenure as an elected official, I accept some responsibility, and in so doing. I sincerely apologise for not doing more to agitate for sufficient change in this regard.”

The former legislator lauded efforts by leaders in arriving at a unity government and praised their ‘hard but necessary decisions’ which he hoped were acceptable first steps in the preservation of the BVI’s ‘proud history of self-governance.

Walwyn said he vowed to support any effort aimed at bringing resolve and modernisation to systems of governance in the BVI.

Instructive COI recommendations

In the meantime, Walwyn called many of the COI’s recommendations ‘very instructive’; arguing they will serve the territory well once implemented.

Walwyn also stated that he was “very understanding” of the highlighted scepticism for the BVI’s long-standing petty-contract structure but even though well-intended, he agreed it was an area that would benefit from these recommendations.

“Additionally,” the former Education Minister said, “I strongly support a full and complete investigation into any government project that could have been better executed, including the construction of the ESHS wall.”

“Ultimately,” he added, “I’m relieved to see same referenced, recommending that the matter be completed.” Walwyn said he remained committed to assisting in any way to ensure a prompt conclusion to the wall investigation.

And according to Walwyn, it should not be understated that the BVI’s systems of governance prior to the COI, reflect the ingrained spirit of what it means to be a close-knitted community.

He said this was admirable, but called for an ‘advance to the next level of governing’, where good governance as a core value prevailed as the daily mission and vision.


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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    Fairly clear which horse he is backing.

    But it’s way too late for him. He is done with government.

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    • Calvin says:

      He may be done in your eyes but not in mine. He is one of the best representatives we ever had. Myron produced great work while in government. I will not make a wall that had maybe had procedural problems change my views of him. I have not seen any evidence on dishonesty or corruption. I heard talk but not one shred of evidence. I will not turn my back on a person who has done so much good and have helped so much people for one project that we have an issue with it. I want to see him back in government. We don’t know good people. Myron is good people.

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    • @rubber duck says:

      Speak for yourself. I will still vote for Myron. I know the man and I know he has always done his best for the country and the people. I bet that most of the money to pay the man from Senegal was to make sure Myron lose. You all ain’t see it coming to light?

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      • Crazy Joe says:

        You believe that paying money to a man in Senegal has any effect on on the BVI?

        You believe in this voodoo crap?

        No wonder you all want to be like Haiti.

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        • Sigh* says:

          They believe in lots of crap, the earthquakes inherent to life on earth are now all of a sudden attributed to a voodoo man smh!

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    • Wall-win says:

      Man you now looking to act like a saint after years of being a co**upt and cr**ked politician. Only difference between you and the rest is that you speak more eloquently so the bulk of the population thinks you’re the second coming of Jesus. Sit at your restaurant that the **** built and then smoke a cigar upstairs. You’re no longer wanted or needed. You’ll be busy enough working on your defense.

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      • @Wall-win says:

        You see how we hurt each other? I have known Myron all my life and corrupt is not one of the words I would ever use to describe him. Outspoken yes. No nonsense yes. But never corrupt and crooked. We need to to stop doing this to each other. If you have evidence of him being corrupt or crooked you need to go to the police and provide the evidence not being on here blogging under a fake name. That tells me a lot about you.

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    • @rubber duck says:

      You sound like somebody who had say that they know when people lying but still get caught. So you alone, with one vote, could say who done with government or not? Do you believe in witches and magic too? I really can’t with some of you.

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  2. Deep thoughts says:

    This is one of the most insightful, objective and intelligent views I have heard on this COI report. I expected no less from you. I always look forward to hear your views on things and I have grown a healthy respect for what you have to say. You are right, it will not be business as usual.

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  3. Words of wisdom says:

    I hope that people understand what you are saying. This is a well written opinion post Myron. We are busy fighting each other and not paying attention to what is going on.

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  4. Agreed says:

    It will certainly not be business as usual as we begin to implement the recommendations made by the CoI. Walwyn is right. Many of our leaders – past and present, should share responsibility for where we are today as the longstanding policies and procedures that they have followed should have been modernised to ensure adequate checks and balances are in place. But hindsight is 20/20 and the first step is acknowledging that there is a problem and working towards a resolve. I hope that Walwyn is included as part of the resolution as he adds value.

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    • really says:

      all politicians past and present needs to be exempted from running for office. This includes Walwyn. His arrogance and inability to take responsibility for his action is his biggest challenge.

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      • umm says:

        So you missed the part in his statement where he accepted some of the responsibility and apologised?

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        • Really says:

          I watched his testimony on the COI. There was no apologetic tone. I saw arrogance, deflection and sense of entitlement. He was more concerned with being right as he threw public officers under the bus. So his crocodile words right now is mute to me. So Myron, any thoughts of running for office is dead on arrival. For God in heaven sake….go sit down. We will be trading one vice for another.

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          • @@really says:

            I saw someone properly answering the questions being put to him. You all want people to admit to things they didn’t do to make you all feel good? Get away from here with that nonsense. Myron and the rest of the ministry staff had a right to defend themselves.

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          • And says:

            This is why civil servants need to do their jobs following policies so that when the hammer drops they are on right side. We have a history of victimizing public servants who stand up against breaking policies and who work to correct behaviours in the service that are damaging our territory and this is years of abuse. Those who have been victimized in the system because they stood on the side of what is right will have their time.

      • Really l says:

        Look how these darn hypocrisy sound mind they were blind folded with fat Albert and his lies from a to z fooling us but he fool himself you never once here nothing negative because they all got their big cuts .now the fat lady sings on his ar. se you people still hoping and praying your nasty hobby can continue but no more sheep in wolves clothing. Rubber duck needs to go swim to bottom of the pond.walwyn for premier he is the best and only one who can put back this territory on its feet
        Smartest thinker in politics

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  5. @really says:

    It’s the ignorance of people like you that have us in trouble. I suggest you do some reading on British history. Maybe you would understand a few things.

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  6. Puzzled says:

    I watched keenly at the COI interviews and I am almost finished reading the report. Firstly, Myron, Steve Augustine Lorna Stevens and the other finance lady in the Education ministry did a good job at explaining the project. They were the best of all that I saw. I am puzzled though to see what is written on the wall project in the COI report. That was not the same information that came out during the interviews at all. I also do not see anything that is criminal at all. The former commissioner of police said that he completed his investigation and send the file to the DPP office. He said that when he was on Claude’s show. This was since two years ago. What has happened with that? Something is not right here at all. Everybody know that with government of the contract is under 10k they did not have to have a trade license. All of a sudden now we acting like we didn’t know that this happens. Where is the crime in that? Am I missing something?

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  7. Hmm says:

    The UK with this Bullsh..t united government has given all of them wings to fly.

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  8. We need serious prayers says:

    I weep for my country everyday. I have never seen a people as confused, as bad minded, as blind, as prejudice as we are. We seem to not have any sort of discernment whatsoever. We allowed a Jim Jones type leader to make a mockery of us and God in front of our very faces we could not see. Now we are allowing the British to do what they did to us during slavery. Make sure that we do not trust each other. They have teared down our leaders for us to believe that only they, the British, have our best interest at heart. No where in that report do see them talk about the civil service for which the governor is responsible. Do ministers do the day to day works in government? Can’t you people see what these English people are doing? Are we really that dumb?

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  9. Bvibuzz says:

    Myron I so happy you are bared from running again it will save our tax payers money

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  10. VOLTRON says:

    Our beautiful BVIs is at a stage in our democracy where we need innovative minds to circumnavigate these turbulent times. There is no deficit of intellectual persons living here and I honestly think that Myron has a lot to offer.

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  11. Resident says:

    Like Myron or not no one can dispute that he was the best Minister of Education this territory had ever seen. He was considered as one of the hardest working ministers of education in the REGION!
    Now what I am upset with him for is for his role in ousting Dr. Smith from the leader of NDP. He and Mitch had need to be a little more humble. Now I hope he learnt his lesson and that his defeat has humbled him. With that said if he runs in the next election he has my vote.

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    • @Resident says:

      I think you have some of your facts wrong. Myron had nothing to do with Dr. Smith leaving the head of the NDP. All the people who left to form PVIM were the master minds behind pushing out Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith supported Myron taking over in the NDP elections.

    • Public Officer says:

      He was spoke highly about at a meeting that I attended in Guyana. The education system was moving and we were ahead of many countries in the region. Many of the decisions that he and his team made were adopted by other countries. We wanted to kill him for the extra year but look other countries are doing this right now.

  12. Appreciation says:

    Myron I will always appreciate you for the work you have done and how helpful you were to me and my family in times when no other politician even took the time to find out how we were getting through with our struggles. You came to us even before we called you. We called others and none showed up. You are the kind of people we need representing us. May God continue to look over you and do not listen to naysayers. We have been trained to hate ourselves so pay the haters no mind.

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    • @Appreciation says:

      This one touch me. I want to cry out. The police kept on turning me down to join the force. the only job I wanted was to be a police. People keep telling me to go to Hon. Walwyn about it. The man did not even know me from before but made things happen and now I am on year 5 in the police force. It kills me when I read some of the things people saying. All I say to myself is that you all don’t know Myron or else you would not be saying the things you all saying.

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  13. yes says:

    These are words of wisdom. I like your thinking. You have spoken like a true leader.

  14. @Appreciation says:

    I understand your sentiments. One day when he was minister. My house phone rang. It was him on the line. My daughter in law had called him about a letter she had sent to the ministry. He was just returning the call. I was shocked. I have never called a minister and received a call back. He really was a genuine person.

  15. snuffalupagus says:

    He sounds scared to me. And energized that he knows who to attack to get his desired position now.

  16. ungrateful people says:

    After hurricane Irma he was the only government minister that came to our neighbourhood to see how we were managing. The he came back one week later with assistance for us to buy windows and doors. I will not forget him. I want him to come back in the politics. He will always have my support. Some of us to ungrateful. Myron help plenty people in this place and it is some of them same people who he help out there talking bad about him. We to wicked in this place.

  17. @SERIOUS PRAYERS says:


  18. Still owe me says:

    He’s no better he used to p** me to vote for him still me for one of the school fees he said … n he was in office I knew him from the time I was 8 his son n I was best friends so I know personally he’s no different just he actually tried helping the community

  19. Something fishy says:

    This whole wall story is beginning to look like a witch hunt to me. I have worked in the civil service for 27 years. The arguments I see being raised about this project are things that have been happening for years and in every ministry. 70 contractors and 40 without trade licenses. The 40 contracts were below $10,000 from what I understand. This has been the policy in government for the last 30 years. If the contract is under $10,000 you don’t need a trade license and good standing. Whether this is correct or not it is what every ministry and every department in government has been doing for the last 3 decades. Do people getting bush cutting contracts have trade licenses? NO!
    The next thing I see is that the contract was spilt up. Myron and his ministry cannot do projects over $100,000 without approval from cabinet. It was the NDP cabinet that decided to do the school wall in this way. Not Myron, the cabinet! The cabinet has the power to do that. When the cabinet decides then an extract is sent to the ministry telling them how to do the project directly from cabinet. That’s how it works. So how Myron is being blamed again? I just don’t understand.
    I also have not heard anybody say that Myron or his ministry staff get kickbacks. If you have 70 contractors on a project and kickback is involved at least one of them would have talked by now. We know that Tortola people cannot keep no kind of secret. If you intend to steal wouldn’t it have been best to give the full wall to a few contractors instead of 70 so that they could keep your kickback secret?
    The whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me.
    There was a police investigation done. The last police commissioner said that. He said it was given to the DPP. This is two years going on three years now. Why haven’t we heard anything about that after so long but now the COI Report turn around and say that the investigation is ongoing when the commissioner done say it was completed.
    Something don’t sound right to me.

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  20. Diana Samuel .h says:

    Myron one of the Bess he had my vote .wet all of my
    Family .
    Myron is for the poor and rich he is very good man wit respect

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