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Water and Sewerage will soon be a statutory body

As the territory continues to grapple with water woes, the government has announced that steps are being taken to make the Water and Sewerage Department a statutory body.

Statutory bodies are still government agencies though they operate like private companies because they are fully responsible for funding their operations.

The Ministry of Works has stated that it wants to hire a qualified individual or firm to facilitate the transition of the Water and Sewerage Department to a Statutory Body.

“The Consultant will be responsible for a broad range of duties, including conducting a full assessment of the Department and reviewing existing systems and structures and will facilitate the transition of key functions from the Government of the Virgin Islands to the Water and Sewerage Authority,” the release from the Works Ministry said.

The government aso wants the consultant to develop a five year Strategic Plan for the Authority, including a strategy to reduce non-revenue water and increase revenues. The consultant will also be tasked with modernizing the current billing and inventory system of the Water and Sewerage Department.

The government has been speaking about making the Water and Sewerage Department a statutory body for years. Many believe this will improve the services of the Department as it will become an independent agency that is less reliant on the national budget for its operations.

However, others are not as hopeful, citing other statutory bodies such as the BVI Ports Authority and BVI Electricity Corporation that continue to function with inefficiencies despite their independence.

Expressions of Interest for those interested in consulting must be submitted electronically to the Procurement Coordinator at the Works Ministry no later than Monday, 30th October, 2023 at 12:00 pm.


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  1. resident says:

    And they will still be the worst run department in government until they get the money and advice on how to fix our infrastructure

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  2. Ideal candidates says:

    Perline to be the new CEO and Sindee to be her lap dog!

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  3. NOW IT DONE! says:


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  4. @ideal candidate says:

    Wiggy would be best since he would know where all the sewerage pipe he put under the ground are.

  5. Wait says:

    Before it gets a proper audit? Or the auditor general or Governor sleeping on this one. Are they hiding stuff? Was public works, HOA and facilities audited. They get a free pass? This is getting interesting. the COI should have included this department. Somebody should speak with the former Director and I believe people jaws would drop to the floor.

  6. Biwater says:

    should take over the W&S department, terminate the public servants and transfer their competent employees to operate the water production and distribution system in the BVI.

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  7. @resident says:

    The ministry of works is the problem. A set of incompetence in there and then they hired a consultant who has been on and off the tits for years. Minister’s hands are in statutory bodies more than they are at departments and units. Don’t be fooled, The weak or political Boards do what is asked of them, including firing people who tells them the right policy yet end up getting fired.

  8. Hmm says:

    For those of you who don’t know this is what happens when the IMF comes into a country and sets policies. They devalue currencies and privatize important Government departments to drive up the cost of living.

    The UK is not taking over yet but you can see their hands on the country while this so-called leader that we have sits by and allows it allegedly to save himself.

    It would be interesting to know what the FEDS Investigations has about a lot of folks around here especially those who worked close to him..

  9. resident says:

    Online payment for W&S should also be implemented

  10. Truths says:

    There are 3 sides

  11. @ideal candidates says:

    Don’t rule out wiggu, cousin and auntie

  12. @resident says:

    Those sticky hands no-clues at mcw don’t know better. How died they get up in those positions? Every department and unit under that ministry complaining about resources. Wow



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  14. Who you kidding says:

    It will be same old, same old just some cronies being appointed to a board and collecting high salaries for doing nothing.

  15. Well sah says:

    Ya all must remember P was not running the department for the last 2 plus years before she officially retired. K put the PS. b to run the department. P had no say. K and B run the department into the ground

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  16. @ @ IDEAL CANDIDATE says:

    you need to know what time it is ( after mr PENN ) left that was it ▪︎ then
    came prince charming ( mr wiggy ) who didn’t know B from bullsfoot , he was just an actor and made it look real and who came after was even worse she had a lot to be desired and the rest is history

  17. The Joker says:

    I read this and I laugh and laugh and laugh! Someone need to give this dance we do a name. Hire expensive consultant to tell us what we all already know, pay a bunch of money for someone to make a report, pay expensive lawyers to examine the report to make sure we haven’t broken any laws in hiring a consultant and no one’s feelings will get hurt if the report ever gets published, governments response will be as expected

  18. @@@Ideal candidate says:

    This department didn’t do annual reports. Maybe you should go look for them and compare: you ought be shocked. One was gaining while the other was working for the people. Big difference.

  19. @well sah says:

    Facts. Who knows know and those facts will be made known.

  20. VEX says:

    The Department was already in the ground but they put it 6 feet under.

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