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We acted with integrity when issuing farming, fishing grants

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has again sought to extricate his government from the appearance of any wrongdoing in the disbursement of  taxpayer funds for the farming and fisherfolk grants first issued last year.

The government paid out $6.1 million worth of economic stimulus  to the fishers and farmers since the advent of COVID-19.

“My government can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have acted with integrity to help the people with all the grants and none of the money has hit anywhere around us. It has hit its target and it is up to whoever has received it to account for it,” Premier Fahie stated.

According to the Premier, the grants were issued to help with the territory’s needs in the areas of food security and food production after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gov’t not responsible for circulating list

The Premier, who is also Finance Minister, said while an investigation is currently underway as to how the list of recipients who received grants came to be in the public domain, he had nothing to hide.

“We cannot be held responsible for that list that is being circulated because it is not our official list. But parts of it are questionable with the information that is on it,” the Premier stated.

He further said several persons on the list were “in question”; making the list clearly inaccurate.

According to the Premier, all persons who received the grant also received a letter stating very clearly that “you must be able to account for every dime that you received”.

Engine for fisherman a whole business

Turning his attention to the large disparity in the amounts disbursed between the fisherfolk/farmers and the grants made to other businesses around the territory, Premier Fahie said the requests made were different in those cases.

“If [fisherfolk] needed an engine, they would say that they needed an engine – an engine for them is the whole business. If they needed fencing, fencing would be different.”

He added that grants were not based only on giving them money but applicants were instead required to outline their needs in the fishing and farming sectors.

He further said the formula for issuing grants to businesses was different to that of fishing and farming grants. 

“If you look at it and compare in raw form across the board, it would never seem fair,” the Premier said.

Meanwhile, the Premier said that there was a majority of farmers who have since been showing how they have been able to develop their business with grants.

“There are a lot of success stories out there, and we will be bringing them to light,” he stated.

Penn concerned farmers, fishers grants not under subject ministry


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  1. to be clear says:

    so a fisherman is any local who holds a fishing license , these people have been given vast amounts of money where other businesses have been left to rot. Now giving someone in full time employment a grant for $9000 minimum for something they make less than $9000 in 3 months even 6 months is betond a joke when business that makes that every couple of days gets less and is supposed to be grateful, the fishermen pay on INCOME TAX NO SOCIAL SECURITY for their earnings compared to business owners yet we are the ones getting left hung out to dry….We have been forced to close and then reopen at less than 10% income where fisherman and farmers have been working all the time….. its f**ked up beyond belief!

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    • Beauty says:

      It’s ok cause we “saved a couple hundred million dollars a day with the barges.” Put you head around dat!

  2. Rizzo says:

    The simple solution would be to publish the official list with the allocated amounts as there is nothing to hide since it’s PUBLIC funds.

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  3. LB fam says:

    No sir! You acted with impunity not integrity! But we know you all can’t tell the difference!

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  4. Sick and tired says:

    Is this man really serious? He takes all of us for fools. He continues to misrepresent the truth and then turn around and tell us that what we are seeing is not really what we are seeing. The majority of people on that list are not farmers or fishermen and we all know that. You took the government money to gain political advantage with families and have the nerve to come and justify it?

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  5. Smh says:

    Look at his mouth. Nothing but untruths coming out of it.

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  6. UK Own says:

    Millions and Millions and Millions on the Ground Flying around in The First District.LOOK STUPIP MONEY PEOPLE..INTEGRITY MY A**.JAIL WUK..People with Alcemers People who can’t walk and people who don’t even know how to get to Town got money..Well I guess you sit under a tree all day and get a check the New Normal Thanks Covid..Sick set of Fowl Cocks.

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    • True says:

      He made sure district 1 people was well taken care of. Thing is, all that money floating around in district 1 and it still looks like a semi GHETTO.

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      • 1st district says:

        @True, when he driving in the blackened glass, bullet proof ESCALADE, THE SHITZ LOOKS LIKE ROSES TO HIM. SHAME!!

        • My gosh says:

          This man really think he is rolling like the Politicians in the US. What is the real reason for a leader of a piece of volcano rock in the middle of the ocean need a bullet proof vehicle for?

  7. @Rizzo says:

    So in agreement. Show the real list.

    We have to stay focus because they are trying to distract us. We want to see the real list.

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  8. Enough says:

    Premier please stop digging, no one believes you anymore. Show some honesty and serve out your last few months with a bit of dignity

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  9. heckler says:

    With most of it being distributed in VIP controlled districts

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  10. what ah waste says:

    Yeah to fisher people who never scaled a fish and farmer folks who only have about 3 different types of tea bush growing in pots

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  11. WEW says:

    So let us see a complete & accurate who and how much.

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  12. Unfair says:

    The funny thing is we the ones suffering and didn’t get a dime they expect us to help repay it back this world is so unfair I am not surprise I said bet the ones who need it most won’t get a dime. We the people is not pleased and needs to see the list publish and what seems to amaze me I can’t even get fresh fruits and vegetables to buy. Those figures I see on the list I didn’t hear any comment that the figures were wrong for a country that don’t print money to be giving away those kind of money to people who do deserve it is ludicrous.

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  13. Fairy says:

    Publicy publish the” official and accurate list”, Mr Premier. I dare you.

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  14. Rebel with a cause says:

    Mr. Fahie since the list being circulated us flawed, why don’t you just issue a corrected list? There are people on that list who have never fished nor farmed for a living. Explain those discrepancies. Why wasn’t the disbursements done by the subject Ministry? There is a lot wrong with this picture. God is high but He sees it all.

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  15. Farmer Fred says:

    Does the premier realize a stimulus is not the same as a grant?
    How much money did the “farmers” and fisher folk lose because of the lockdown?

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  16. .... says:

    My family been planting food for decades
    Does that defines me as a Farmer, Planter or Gardener? Who determine who should have gotten these fundings? What happen to those who are in utter need for assistance, that applied for and even plead and beg? NOTHING! I am really pissed off and angry about this whole guava crop. The same way them had Rallies here and there during Election, them need to go out their and listen to the Peoples concern and address their issues. Stop with the Shinanigans that you going look into it, but still NOT doing crap! Only funding money into the same channels that are not beneficial to the PEOPLE only to few.?

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  17. @ I TOLD YOU YOU ALL says:


  18. @ I told YOU ALL says:


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  19. went. says:

    show us the tax payers the list and let us judge how you acted

    • Thought NDP was the worst ever says:

      These other VIP members are disappointing, low in courage and character to allow this man to be doing all this nonsense without resistence and outrage…I thought the last NDP was the worst Government ever but this VIP has now taken the crown and trophy as worst government ever..

    • @went says:

      You all can’t judge a darn thing. Shut up.

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  20. Welsa says:

    What has stuck with me from this article is how the Premier’s position is that the recipients are the ones who need to account for the funds they received. This is a point of character and integrity. As a leader you cannot escape responsibility by unfairly shifting blame to other people. Publish the list, stand up to the scrutiny, and take responsibility for your actions Premier. Wear what you buy. That is strength in leadership.


  21. Incorrect says:

    No you did not!

    This was blatant squandering of interest earned on SSB contributions deducted from the pay of hardworking people.

    It is a big disgrace and all who received those ‘generous gifts’ that they were not deserving of had no right to take them. They are no different to those who dished them out.

    I am sick and tired of our being taken advantage of. Sadly, our people get in their lil groups, fuss and carry on, and take no action to address these wrongdoings. Perpetrators know from experience that after seven days it is business as usual. We are like sheep to the slaughter as a result, and ’tis high time this stops.

  22. YE says:

    Bull sh** small businesses still has rent n bills outstanding. We was given nothing compare to fisherman n farmer whom dont pay rent for a space!

  23. Excuses Govt says:

    He needs to shut up. And start preparing to vacate office… Every time he opens his mouth he sinks deeper in the Pit he dug..

  24. No new term says:

    Lol this government know they ain’t getting back in. Watch them such the treasury dry before they leave. Set of c***ks!!

  25. Wow says:

    I really hope that the COI includes a mental health check as a part of its proceedings because I am beginning to worry about this guy.

  26. Truth be told says:

    Many people names that appear on the list did not get a red cent. There should be some kind of explanation about this and since the list is incomplete and inaccurate then it should be corrected and the right list should be published. After all, this is the people’s money not an enterprise or some family inheritance. As far as I see who deserved to get did not get and those who did not qualify received.

  27. Norris Turnbull says:

    Maybe just maybe Integrity has as different meaning for the VIP and NDP and a lot of corrupt business people man and woman in the BVI.

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