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‘We are closed from distributing water’

While announcing that it is ‘closed from distributing water’ as a result of damage caused by heavy rainfall on Monday, the government-owned Water and Sewerage Department (W&SD) said it will take a day or two before it can address aspects of the situation.

The absence of piped water has affected clean-up efforts significantly especially for residents who are unable to get rid of silt that had seeped into their houses and businesses along with flood water.

The Water and Sewerage Department explained that there are a number of broken mains hampering water distribution to various communities.

“Customers on Tortola are advised that an assessment of the water distribution system is ongoing since after 5am [Tuesday] morning. So far, we have damaged lines in Huntum’s Ghut and Spooner’s Estate, and an undermined pumping main from the BiWater plant to the Sabbath Hill reservoir. Note that the Fort Hill and Sabbath Hill reservoirs service customers from Brandywine Bay to McNamara, and along the Ridge Road from Little Dix Hill into Cane Garden Bay,” the department explained.

“Currently, we are closed from distributing water because we cannot receive water due to exposed lines, and customers cannot receive due to damaged lines. It is a network. So, while lines to some customers might not be damaged, the damaged areas might prevent water from getting to you.”

“Machines cannot access the pipework between the BiWater plant to Sabbath Hill reservoir as the ground is too saturated. It means then, that it would take another day or two before we can address this situation. We ask for your patience in this matter, and apologise for the inconvenience,” the Water and Sewerage Department further said.

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