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We can’t play dead | 20K hoped to sign ‘anti-UK register’ petition

“We cannot lay down and play dead” — Bishop John Cline. (File photo)

A petition hoped to generate at least 20,000 signatories is among actions local stakeholders are taking in response to the United Kingdom’s public register controversy.

The BVI Christian Council organised the petition as well a May 17 march from the Sunday Morning Well in Road Town to the Governor’s House as a sign of protest to the UK-mandated register.

The public register is an amendment to the UK’s Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill, which mandates that Overseas Territories like the BVI reveal the names of ‘secret’ owners of offshore companies registered in the territory.

Head of the Christian Council, Bishop John Cline said the petition will be submitted to Governor Augustus Jaspert, who will then present the petition to the House of Commons in Britain.

“We expect that when they receive our petition and see our voice of unity that they will rethink their position,” Bishop Cline told BVI News on Monday, May 7.

The March

According to the clergyman, elected officials in government, stakeholders in the financial services industry, the Christian community, and residents in the wider BVI are expected to participate in the march.

“We want 20,000 people there, we want the whole BVI. We want children, mothers, and children; those in schools, in college, at home, even those who feel that they are not born in the BVI. They are affected so if they want their livelihood to continue and want to support their families, they also need to participate and support the country that has supported them for so many years.”

He said the peaceful protest is for the continued viability of the BVI.

“It is for political and economic justice because we feel, as a country, what the UK has done in the House of Commons is an attack on our democratically elected government, on our autonomy, economy; and we are standing together as a nation – to stand for what is right and what is justice.”

He described the UK’s move as discriminatory and one that ‘wreaks of racism’.

“We cannot lay down and play dead,” the clergyman said.

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  1. RESET - BVI says:

    You got the land up P— so just chill dude! Why don’t you march against the local injustices to the citizens by your government? I tellin’ yuh some ayo just as transparent as Saran Wrap! NDP has had years to deal with this eventuality; yet the little done was lauded as great improvements and heap of self-praises bandied about. Time for a reset. Reboot the system and let innovative ideas thrive without this manufactured wealth BS.

  2. TurtleDove says:

    The UK is wrong, this is unethical, mean spirited and shows a lack of concern.

    That being said our angle should be to point out to the world that the entire civilized world should have the same policy. Not just punish a few islands out in the caribbean.

    There could be a case of this ‘wreaks of racism’. but we may lose some with this argument.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Reeks of racism? The biggest losers will actually be the Trust Companies which are more or less all owned by Europeans.

  3. Silliness says:

    We are not in a position to deal with this now. The Caymans response should have been ours, but we are unable to think clearly. Let’s throw our lot in with the Caymans- they would be happy of the support and we can get on with more immediate matters like the looming start of hurricane season.

    • Consultant says:

      Good idea. We could learn a thing or two from the Cayman Islands. Weren’t they voted among the easiest place to do financial services with worldwide recently. Ah, but that would mean we’d need to be humble enough to recognize that we can learn from non Belongers.

  4. ,SMH says:


  5. VI Stronger says:


  6. strupes says:


  7. Rubber Duck says:

    You might as well pray to your imaginary god as it will do the same amount of good.

    This will not be reversed.

    Better start to think how we plug the gap in the economy.

    Retired Residents from abroad, research and development , better tourist facilities and so on.

  8. Boo says:

    What is the point of this march? Its a done deal.

    Lets march for the COI on the pier park,
    lets march for the audited accounts,
    lets march dor waiving the tenser process, lets march for the deal struck on the land of parry,
    lets march for the hospital overruns,
    lets march dor no FOI legislation,
    lets march for nothing on the register of interests..

    Come on Bishop…please

  9. Omg says:

    “ you can not run a sustainable economy on the back of dirty money.” ????????????

  10. devon says:

    This place is crumbling !

  11. rastarite says:

    First of all, why did the UK parliament pass this bill. The reason is that the British public, whose economy and lifestyle benefits are going south, seem to think that it’s all due to non payment of taxes by British corporations and individuals. So a team of lawyers/experts in international finance needs to analyse the situation (Panama Papers) etc and prove to the British authorities that no taxes due have been lost and that all is above board. Second, if the Brits want to penalize Offshore Territories then ALL jurisdictions should be made to have Open Registers and abide by the same standards

  12. Sigh says:

    Why on a Thursday? Ppl have to work man geez we haven’t all lost our jobs yet.

  13. truth says:

    As the script say , soon your sins will find you out.

  14. truth says:

    What about marching against, homosexual in churches, against all the killing, against the high cost of house rent ,food ,material ,against all the lies being spread ,against carnival, jouvert ,and March for Lord for souls to be saved baptized in Jesus name ,walking and practicing the right principles of God in one accord , one faith , one Lord, one ,baptism,humble ourselves and pray so we can hear from God and he will heal the land,my God people are dying without a hope ,dying going to hell ,while people playing Church ,help us Jesus, save us your people who gone astray from our first original love.

  15. Sam the man says:

    I’d have thought the Bishop would have no problem with openness and transparency so that concerns about alleged d— financial deals and m—- l—- are dealt with? If nothing untoward is going on why such fuss and panic? …after all it says “God is light; in Him is no darkness at all. If we claim to have fellowship with Him yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth” Maybe the Premier needs to dust down his best-selling book Achieve your dreams – “The secrets to becoming more with less” Unfortunately I think Mrs —- has helped burn our bridges with her performance on UK radio – maybe — thinks –‘s the real Premier? The other option is independence but after the help and support we needed from the UK last season we’d be totally screwed if we went it alone in my opinion….Anyhow the Premier said they’d planned for this for two years… why the emergency meetings and marches?

  16. Actuary says:

    There aren’t 20,000 adult belongers in the Territory I don’t think.

  17. NDP will never learn says:

    After 20 years of foolishness and stupidity the chickens coming in to roost- I will only imagine the laughter in London as these people march in support of ”dirty money”

  18. Remember says:

    All over has dirty money…and they said she represented us well and was a bit passionate. What about diplomacy, tact, etc.? Benito would have done a much better job and we all know this. What will marching do? Thats a done deal the BVI had over 30 years to get their act together. They thought financial services would always be in their hands. Kept patching issues like the roads.. instead of being ahead they like the premier fell asleep. A H you for one go sit down but it aint about J C. Really who you fooling darn puppet on a string stfu.

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