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We face ‘constitutional crisis’ if elections don’t happen early — Skelton


Political leader of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) and former Finance Minister Ronnie Skelton is calling for the 2019 General Election to happen at least two months before the end of April so that the territory’s economy does not collapse.

Skelton made the call while contributing to Tuesday’s debate on 2019 amendment to the Elections Act that is being introduced in preparation for the upcoming elections.

“The Governor, [Augustus Jaspert], has already set a date — it must happen before the 16th of April. But, any date for election must give any government that is coming into office at least eight weeks to put a budget in place for this country,” Skelton said.

The former Finance Minister added: “We cannot, as elected people in this country, allow the country to go into a constitutional crisis. So polling day needs to be at least eight weeks before the 30th of April. If we don’t get a budget in place by the 30th of April, we are heading for a constitutional crisis.”

While further arguing his point, the PVIM leader said every sitting legislator is ‘well aware’ of the efforts required to produce and approve a yearly budget.

“The Ministry of Finance needs time, [and] the House of Assembly needs time to do what needs to be done,” he insisted.

Back in December, Premier Dr D Orlando Smith sought permission from members of the House to withdraw some $138.9 million from the Consolidated Fund to facilitate government operations until the start of the new fiscal year.

The funds were for a period of four months – January to April 2019 or until the 2019 budget is passed.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith, the man who will decide the date of the elections, told BVI News during an NDP rally last Saturday that he ‘does not know’ when elections will be yet.

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  1. pvim/pu coalition says:

    Ronnie is a good man but he needs to surround himself with people that he can trust unlike those that he was with before

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    • HRMPH says:

      I am quite concerned about what Mr. Skeleton says and does – it should be a huge concern for the Territory – financial services is dead and Ronnie’s words and actions could kill off any hope of increasing revenue from tourism. He may believe that Fishing and Farming are the future, but any such thoughts are clearly deluded.

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  2. Please says:

    Na na its about not having a sufficient campaign season so that important issues that is hiding in the closet dont come out.

    The people of this country for the first time since this group take power in 2011 is continually been deprive of a proper election where the issues can be heard and digested properly. NDP 1 and @ you are something else.

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  3. Truth says:

    Ronnie, will you tell us if you will support the wistleblower law? Are you trying to speed up the election to avoid answering this question?

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  4. Ok then says:

    Now this is how a true leader thinks. No word of this by anyone else.

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    • thing to talk says:

      Thing is what Mr. Skelton is saying is the truth. Yes, he is the only person that is saying it but ask of these same persons that are seeking to be elected, if what Mr. Skelton has said as what is likely to happen if the election and a new government is not formed and budget is passed ahead of this April 16, 2019 deadline.

  5. Anonymous says:

    constitutional crisis, somebody watching too much TV.

  6. Fact Check says:

    People seek out the information for yourself if you don’t believe Ronnie but he is correct.

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  7. maybe says:

    @ HRMPH
    you are not aware of the fact that the Russians, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and god knows who else harvest billions of dollars worth of fish in our waters annually. This is no joke. Some of these trawlers are actually factories that can and package the fish on the spot. You people take too much for granted.Check with Port Authority and Customs to get an idea of the value of agricultural products that are imported and can be grown here.Omar Hodge was on to something with the green houses…sad it did not materialize but the opportunity still exist…positive vibrations and a can do attitude will go a long way.

  8. Brad Boynes says:

    Orlando is a jokers joke

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