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We have fallen in love with negativity in the BVI

Dr Wheatley

Deputy Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has said he believes there is too much love for negativity in the BVI and has further called out members of the media for their lack of positive coverage of the government initiatives.

“We had a farmer’s week the other day. One media company never even reported that the Farmer’s Week happened,” Dr Wheatley complained. “[They’re] just looking for nonsense and foolishness and sensational headlines to print all the time – as opposed to reporting what’s happening in the society.”

“They are the media. They are democratic institutions but some of them are just here to tear down the society – it’s clear to me,” Dr Wheatley continued.

He further contended that persons use the media as a platform to attack persons they dislike.

Speaking in the House of Assembly recently, the Dr Wheatley said while he is an advocate for critical analysis, he believes criticism needs to be principled and fair.

“I’m the last person who will shy away from criticism because I believe every democratic society needs persons who will critically examine the society,” he stated.

Despite all of this, Dr Wheatley said he felt there are some instances where persons unfairly criticise each other. 

“There are many out there who, I don’t know why, but we’ve gotten into a habit of demonising each other and we believe the worst about each other,” Dr Wheatley said.

“Sometimes we seem to just flock to negativity and we get very excited for negative things which are taking place,” he added.

The legislator further said felt the advent of social media has made things worse with incessant rumours and gossip.

Lack of public support for legislation

Dr Wheatley said he entered politics “to help the people and to make the changes” that he felt were necessary. 

“I can rest well at night, I can have peace because I know I’m in here for the right reasons to help people to transform the society from where it was to where it needs to be,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Premier said his party campaigned on good governance legislation which have since been brought to the House of Assembly.

However, he decried the lack of participation in government-hosted consultation meetings within the community. 

“Now the legislation has gotten here, I’m already seeing persons trying to find a way to criticise the legislation and we as an administration, we consulted on the bill,” the minister said while speaking about government’s proposed Contractor General legislation.


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  1. DoLittle says:

    Look who talking? When the last government was in office you criticized everything they did. Some of the very things you have adopted and continued even though you criticized them. People are talking negatively because you are a complete and utter failure. For all that mouth you had people expected to see more productivity and they are disappointed. The only thing you have done is build a pound for animals. The whole of the VIP need to be sent to that same pound and come off our roads.

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  2. Doh says:

    What an ID10t

    If there is nothing positive to report then you can’t fake up news. The BVI is a negative story these days due to the he government and their policies. Give us better news and then the media can report that.

    Do better

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    • Jah says:

      Lol agree

      The propaganda coming from the government that’s the sun is shining while it rains is getting old.

      People are getting off of their knees now and can see above the Shiite

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      • Creator says:

        It’s difficult to underestimate the deputy premier.
        This is a perfect example of cognitive dissonance; he knows
        there is corruption in BVi yet he also wants the negativity that corruption causes to not exist.

  3. Rubber Duck says:

    Who could possibly criticise the way our schools are left to rot.

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  4. It's true says:

    Minister this is so true. The hate and jealousy between BVIslanders is so obvious and this will be the cause of their demise whilst blaming everyone else on the way down. The foundation of this negativity is fueled, as the Minister says by gossip, presumption of facts people think they know but don’t and who people think does or does not deserve success, even if that success is achieved through hard work, determination and sacrifice. Anonymous blogs have exposed this generation for what it has become. For certain, a large portion of the COI is born only by the jealousy and hatred of others instead of reliable facts. If only it was known how much potential there could be for growth and prosperity through unity.

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    • LOL says:

      It is only true because the tables have turned. The reality is, this VIP administration NEVER EVER EVER had anything to offer the BVI. During the last election they made the most noise, spewed the most lies, pushed the most negativity and it won them the elections. It didn’t even take 2 years for us to see how incompetent and useless they are. School cannot be reopened for an entire year but here he is complaining about news sites.

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  5. Styles. says:

    Hey Natalie.

    You should ask for respect. You have to earn it.

    If you did good work the news sites had nothing to report other than the good stuff. But you’re creating mock-up after mock-up. So yes they focus on you failing.

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  6. Hmmmm. says:

    You needs to go. Stop letting the puppet master control you.

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  7. Citizen says:

    OMG. The emperor has no clothes.

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  8. LMAO says:

    Hahahaha!!!! Hear he now. Sowande play the tapes and articles from last election. This is how VIP won so now take your lash. The VIP think people afraid of them like some big bully but the people had ENOUGH! You are brave enough to confront the people but you cannot even approach your leader about anything. You are a complete disappointment.

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  9. Dissatisfied says:

    We all gave you guys a chance and it was a big let down and you especially I expected better from. Action speak louder than words your non action turn up very loud. There is so much needed improvement in the Education System you need to focus on a New and Modern approach to education. Education is like a Computer it must be updated and upgraded. Otherwise we will be left behind the rest of the world.

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  10. Joshua says:

    Mr deputy essential I am almost persuaded to return a little respect to you. I was aware that you notice the pro government media outlet. How everything they have to say about the ex governor is completely negative as if he have done nothing good for the territory. I am so glad that you noticed that a certain pro government news site will not promote anything negative about this failing government. I am so glad that you notice sir, the negative comments about the bvi news the people’s news site, news you can depend on. I will shake your hand on this mr deputy but please remember that charity begins in the VIP, your home. It is quiet obvious that the cracks are becoming more visible.

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  11. Agree says:

    I actually agree with you Hon. Wheatley! This behavior you talk about was started by your VIP administration during the last elections. Don’t cry now that you’re on the receiving end.

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  12. MY DEAR NAT says:


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  13. Smh says:

    Dr Natalio Wheatley You yourself and the rest of your p**s that running the country is the negativity y’all self up now I can’t get water up paraquita bay for my farm , lieing to the ppl them nuh it on 24/7 sick of ayu now !!!!

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  14. Jane says:

    Mr Wheatley, as a well-qualified poet you will be familiar with Juvenal, the Roman poet. Juvenal wrote of “bread and circuses”. Here the “Farmers Week” is the “circus” and you decry the media for not giving it attention.
    What the phrase means is to generate public approval, not by excellence in public service or public policy, but by diversion, distraction or by satisfying the most immediate or base requirements of a populace by offering a palliative, for example food (bread) or entertainment (circuses) or in this case “Farmers Week”.

    BVI lacks the fourth estate, an independent press, which properly challenges and dissects the work of the political classes. A lot of nonsense goes around these parts because no-one is really fact-checking what politicians say and do. Mainly the bread and circuses ploy does the trick so Mr Wheatley do not grumble too much when it doesnt.

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  15. heckler says:

    LOL hear this one-termer

  16. Facts!! says:

    This has been the case for a while now. We also don’t know how to disagree and communicate respectfully. And we expect the younger ones to be better.

  17. Cart u a*es says:

    And go fix the d**n school boss and stop crying we already done enough of that crying s**t already…

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  18. He less says:

    He can’t even walk from the high school campus to the softball field in Myron shoes. He is the lessest thing I ever see in my life.

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  19. Pandora says:

    If you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look in a mirror Sir!

  20. That is why says:

    Kye is the only one that I will give another chance. The rest of VIP I WILL VOTE AGAINST NEXT ELECTION. STILL SAY KYE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEPUTY PREMIER.

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  21. EDUCATION says:

    Natalio….FOCUS ON OUR EDUCATION. EDUCATION. EDUCATION. EDUCATION. EDUCATION. How many times do we have to ask you to get our children back into school full time? How many excuses do we have to hear? The entire country is crying out for an education for our children. The amount of money we generate as a territory compared to the population means we could have THE BEST EDUCATION SYSTEM IN THE CARIBBEAN … we could have children coming out of the high school that people WANT to hire…. instead…. the money is spent ‘elsewhere’, the children are being robbed of a proper education, teachers and principals are begging businesses to sponsor graduation…. and to FIX it all you think the best way is to make laws to force employers to hire BVIslanders who are not qualified for positions…. and failing that… you hire them in the public service to do nothing but collect a paycheck…… FOCUS ON EDUCATION – the fallout of a proper education system in a well structured environment would be massive. PLEASE…. look past your own bank account…. after all – it is us who pays your wages….

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  22. foxy says:

    thew little child from the bank will beat him

  23. He in a bad way says:

    We trade out a solid leader like Myron in education for some clown soup. Natalio don’t bring nothing to the table. Nothing. Just a bunch of talk like he picking up corn. Its best he had stayed by the college doing the bad job he was doing there to.

  24. Stop it.. says:

    You wants us to call wrong right and to support the nonsense you all doing..Wake up my conscious brother. This is not you. Like you drink Fay soup..

  25. ReX FeRaL says:

    The negative attitude and way of thinking been around for a while young man. Turning that around I’d a monumental task n fleeting illusion.

  26. Musa says:

    Sir if you want love be a part of sharing love ,just for the record go back the last election the way our leaders and future leaders campaign in public tell me how we all will end up and all of you know that .

  27. Lord have mercy. says:

    Well I am not surprised because to win an election and an elected seat you have to tell a forty foot trailer of lies and you all know that A Lies them telling us and many of you all still voted for them because you preferthem , so its all comes down to who can tell the best lies win ,VIP NDP PNP .

  28. musa says:

    new kid

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