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We have no intention of forcing same-sex marriage on BVI, OTs — UK gov’t

Theresa May is the Prime Minister of the UK.

The United Kingdom government has said it has no intentions of forcing its Overseas Territories (OT’s) to legalize same-sex marriages.

However, they are urging its OT’s to comply with international human rights obligations as it relates to the matter.

The British government’s response follows recent recommendations from its House of Commons and it’s Foreign Affairs Committee pushing for the BVI and other OT’s to decriminalize same-sex marriages in their respective jurisdictions.

READ: UK report recommends that BVI accept same-sex marriages

Those aforesaid bodies had also recommended that the UK set a date by which it expects all its OT’s to legalize same-sex marriages. They recommended that the UK government intervene via an Order in Council if the OTs failed to comply.

Effectively, an Order in Council is a forceful command made in the name of Her Majesty the Queen. Failure to comply with that command could result in the UK exerting diplomatic pressure on OTs.

“The UK government is committed to equal rights, including LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights,” the British government said in a May 7 report titled ‘Global Britain and the British Overseas Territories: Resetting the relationship: Government response to the Committee’s Fifteenth Report’.

It continued: “We believe that the strongest, safest and most prosperous societies are those in which all citizens can live freely without fear of discrimination, and where all citizens, including LGBT people, can play a full and active part in society.”  

OTs are self-governing nations

The report further indicated that ‘LGBT rights and broader human rights obligations’ are matters which are continuously raised with the leaders of these self-governing territories such as the BVI.

“We are working to encourage those territories that have not put in place arrangements to recognize and protect same-sex relationships, to do so, and continue to engage with all the OTs to ensure that their legislation is compliant with their international human rights obligations.”

However, the UK made it explicitly clear that they “have no plans to introduce an Order-in-Council on this issue”.

“Our relationship with the Overseas Territories is based on partnership and therefore as policy on marriage law is an area of devolved responsibility it should be for the territories to decide and legislate on. As has been demonstrated by recent LGBT cases, the territories’ justice mechanisms and processes should be allowed the space to address these matters.”

The UK government, however, noted that 10 of its Overseas Territories have ‘legal recognition and protection for same-sex relationships’.

UK Government’s full report

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  1. Shaun says:

    While I oppose such recognition on moral and religious grounds, I am afraid it’s only a matter of time before the BVI will have to amend the current law or promulgate legislation to offer such recognition based on Human Rights Grounds.

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    • dumb says:

      People are so ignorant.
      The LAW currently allows same-sex marriage, and always has done.
      It’s only that the the BVI Government (and other OTs) refuse to recognize such same-sex marriages and therefore discriminate against same-sex couples.
      If the BVI wishes to outlaw same-sex marriage then the current law needs to be changed.

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  2. Hmmm says:

    The UK think we stupid. They said more than this so print everything and not just some of what they said.

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  3. The Nation says:

    This is good news, because we would not take that lightly. Next, we as a Territory should do what Bermuda did – pass legislation that affirmed the traditional definition of marriage.

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  4. Quiet Rebel says:

    This is double speak. The UK is not going to enforce same sex marriage on the VI and other OTs yet it expects the VI to comply with their international obligations. The VI sooner, not later, should expect increased pressure to legislate same-sex marriages.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Not at all. It said it is not going to force you to get your superstitionist heads out of your backward posteriors but you really should do it anyway.

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  5. Eagle eye says:

    Keep yall anti nature way to y’all self.

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  6. AFRICAN says:

    While you are at it we need to be legally able to have more than one wife. Stop killing our culture. Europe is a curse on the planet.

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    • African? says:

      Says the guy using a telephone or computer (both invented by a Europeans) to connect to the internet (invented by a European) and writing in English (a European Language). I’m sure you love your Puma sneakers and your fake Louis Vuitton man bag and your fake Gucci shades and your Dior cologne (all European brands). And the list goes on…

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      • Afro-Caribbean says:

        Why is your post about material things, did it ever occur to you that people don’t need telephones and worthless designer junk to be happy? You seem like a very sad person if this is all that is important to you, I actually feel pity for you.

        African was talking about culture and his or her right to live as he/she wishes. It is sad because form your post I don’t think you can ever understand what that feels like, your culture is nothing but brand names sold to the highest bidder.

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    • true says:

      1 is plenty!

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    • Yep says:

      If they should have that right then we should have to right to many wives.Well said.Im gland you are talking from the african cultural standpoint.

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  7. Two ways says:

    When you have two wives, you will still want to have two more side-chicks?
    Well, while you are at it, some women want the right to have two husbands also. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. The week you over by Susie, that is the week for me to go over by Frado, or Frado come over by me while you out. That will lend for happiness all around, don’t you think?

  8. Mouse says:

    I really don’t want to hear this woman but at the same time she has a right to her twisted opinion and I forget what I really wanted to say.

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  9. Eagle eye says:

    Check the meaning of marriage on your dictionary app and you will get a surprise.

  10. Visitor says:

    Funny how there are so many on here hating on gays and same-sex relationships.
    I visit the BVI frequently for business and pleasure and always manage to find plenty of ‘fun’ with DL/married/straight local guys all discreet and living in the closet.They’re happy to meet a visitor as they don’t want to bump into you every Sunday at church with their family.
    Those that protest the loudest are always the ones with the most to hide. Think about it.

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    • I agree says:

      this is so true. If half of these “DL people” were to one day come out of the closet, this place would have a serous hike in cardiovascular related deaths. Tsk Tsk if they only knew

  11. popo says:

    ms may the only right dem got is fee dead. god no accept it why should man. to pls who

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  12. One people says:

    Before we start bashing gays just remember all sin is sin , under paying and treating people bad is sin having more than one man are woman while married is sin , every one have a Right to do they want , stop hating and gays

  13. Citizen says:

    Come on people…Do you all really trust those Blokes in the UK?. Did you guys not learn from the years and years of slavery?

    • All good says:

      Yeah slavery is allowed and condoned in the bible.
      So for all those that claim the gay people are sinning etc maybe should all turn back the clock and go out to cut the cane in shackles.
      Then you truly live your righteous, holier than thou, bigoted lives you dream of.

  14. Dictionary says:

    But isnt urge synonymous with force.
    There is no difference.

  15. Phoenix Rising says:

    Know the Hows’ and Whys’ of control. What is not being said?

    No more spoon-feeding, we must do our own research to show ourselves approved.

    You can do your own study on just these four (4) constructs presented below for a start, that is, if anyone is serious enough to understand the global agenda:

    First. Where did this propaganda of expressions really start invading minds and gaining serious traction in western societies? Research- The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution (1970), by Shulamith Firestone.

    Second. The National Library of Medicine. The study of DNA imbalances before birth, exacerbated by endocrine disruptors, genetic modified foods and liquids interrupting the endocrine system, prenatal, causing bio-physiological mutations and abnormalities in the development of children.

    Third. Scientific engineering and re-engineering of genders.

    Fourth. The study of cropping and depopulating human beings on Earth, and the strategies employed to accomplish their agenda.

    There is “soo” much more, but true warriors against the invasion of the minds of our people to normalize such lifestyles under the guise as rights, without understanding the motives of the parasitic elites’ agenda, do not reveal all to those in question. It is not about hate, just to educate. “Live and let live,” but they must stop trying to cajole us into accepting their unwanted/destructive covenants.

    Please do your own research to show yourself approved to defend one’s culture and traditions.

    • Haha says:

      @Phoenix Rising
      Defend one’s culture and traditions?
      What culture and traditions are you talking about?
      You look at BVI culture and you could be anywhere in the US.
      That christian religion you all preach about was beaten into your ancestors by their white european masters.

      • There are levels to this says:

        @haha. All encompassing, but all religions have their origins from ancient Kemet before they were replicated like everything else- to suit others’ benefit. But if you can decipher the parables without the images, you will innerstand why its doctrine is still required today. Keep studying; there are levels to this.

        View link-

      • Sorry says:

        @haha. Correction. So long we don’t do what the Greeks and Romans did.

  16. @haha says:

    So long it’s not Greek or Roman cultures.

  17. awesome says:

    good thing a certain minister is not premier forcing such a lifestyle upon the people

  18. CW says:

    For a place basing much of their economy on tourism and destination weddings, being bigoted towards same sex couples is a dumb and backward as it gets. I actively encourage gay and straight couples to boycott the BVI and encourage them to choose friendly locations throughout the Caribbean that realize this as a common reality that has no bearing on the real moral issues that already a problem in BVI. What, the drugs and shootings and corruption and pitiful recovery effort are because of gays??

    How does two people getting married affect you or your marriage? IT DOESNT.

    Grow up or reap the consequences of what you sow bigots. There isn’t a bigger non-issue in the entire world. This is especially rich coming from those individuals that cry about the UK making rules for no reason that apply to OT’s. Hypocritical at best, since you making rules for no reason that affect gays. I always think the ones crying loudest are the ones with something to hide… Maybe in their closet?? LoL strupes

    • @CW says:

      “Live and let live,” but we do not want “dykary and faggotry,” just made up two more words for your lexicon, spreading as a normal lifestyle in our territory. Period! True warriors have nothing to hide, because our position can be said directly to your face. Haters will always hate the truth when it is presented. Live your life or seek treatment to correct your DNA imbalances if you so desire, but know, there are medical treatments available. Have a good life.

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