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We have the $$, outstanding salary increments roughly $9M — Walwyn

“I see no reason why these increments cannot be paid by March 15 by any government that takes office after February 25” — Walwyn

The three years worth of outstanding salary increments that the National Democratic Party (NDP) said it will pay to civil servants by mid-March amounts to approximately $9 million, party leader Myron Walwyn has said.

He said those monies are now available for payout based on the more than-$60 million in excess revenue the territory reportedly raked in at the end of 2018.

Walwyn gave those details on Monday in response to the wave of scepticism and criticism that he and the NDP have been receiving since Sunday evening when they first promised to pay all outstanding salary increments by March 15 this year.

“The new NDP government will ensure that the approximately $9 million is available immediately. We have an obligation to do so. Our current fiscal position can allow for the payments,” said Walwyn who also underscored the Caribbean Development Bank’s recent report that the BVI’s GDP grew more than two percent last year.

Increments only for workers who perform well, evaluations nearly complete 

Civil servants/government workers only qualify for increments — which is typically an increase in an employee’s base salary — if they successfully meet performance objectives that are set between employees and their respective managers yearly.

Walwyn said performance evaluations of civil servants have been completed for the outstanding years 2016 and 2017 and are nearly complete for 2018.

“The administrative process [for evaluations] is virtually concluded and, as I traverse the territory, our civil servants have asked numerous times about their increments. Armed with this financial information [about the BVI’s current strong economic standing], I see no reason why these increments cannot be paid by March 15 by any government that takes office after February 25 (Election Day).

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  1. Lordie says:

    Dumb and dumber!

    It is due to the civil servants and no matter which government gets in it will have to be paid.

    Stop bribing the people with what is due to them.

    T******g scumdrell!

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    • @lordie says:

      He didn’t say vote for NDP and you get an increment. He said increments will be paid in March. If they will be paid in March surely it means they already started the process so what is your point?

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      • @ @lordie says:

        He didn’t have to say vote for NDP. We are not daft. People can read between the lines. After all this is election season!

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        • ? says:

          Read between what line? Government is not VIP or NDP, Government is GOVERNMENT! If increments have been put in motion there’s nothing a different incoming Government can do except award the increments accordingly. Same way no matter which Government wins the CDB loan will be used for what it was approved for and so on.

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        • @@@lordie says:

          Public Servants undergo performance evaluation from January to March each year… so reality is that election season happened around this time.

          • @ @@@lordie says:

            Stop drinking that kool-aid.
            Nobody just offers 9 million, but he does not expect anything in return. If I was a public worker, that will surely get me thinking of voting for him, because I want the money.

          • Vigilante Empress says:

            So for the past 2 years that increment were due you’re saying that there were no months of January thru March? A third year came and past (2018) and they still were not paid. How cometh only NOW they are being paid? Planned and executed for release at the right time (they hoped)but now being used against them. #TingToTalk

      • wise head says:

        so what is this saying i guess you did not read right!!! and i quote “The new NDP government will ensure that the approximately $9 million is available immediately.

  2. No nonsense says:

    Smart pants and trixter,if you have this money, why hold on to it till NOW? And where is the back track payment for those who was employed during that time and has since left??

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  3. Joke! says:

    What a joke! All this being rushed out now? You made all of us wait so long to do this now? While thankful for the possibility, we don’t believe you, especially at this late date.

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    • ACCRA says:


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    • Accra says:

      He was not the leader of the party, you people are forgetting this main fact, the party was led by someone else, this is a new leader with new innovative idea to take this country forward together with his new assembled team, what is wrong with you people?

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      • @ACCRA says:

        Ronnie wasn’t the leader either and people have him to hang calling him disloyal etc. What’s the difference here then? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and NDP needs to stop trying to bribe voters.
        Like someone said set it up in such a way that it is paid regardless of who is in power.

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  4. Best statement ever says:

    And I quote, “I see no reason why these increments cannot be paid by March 15 BY ANY GOVERNMENT that takes office after February 25 election day.” I feel he knows he is losing the battle as this wasn’t one of his self-centered rants about his NDP party fulfilling this promise. One thing for sure is that we will be getting our increments. Can’t say the same for the NDP getting back in power.

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  5. Eagle eye says:

    Pay it and stop talk it

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  6. lol says:

    So why you hold our earned cash hostage for years?

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    • SATTIEE says:

      They hold on to it to fool you all again. This man is a con. The ////// stab a friend for a con to be a //////. Look what this place become the old people is turning over in their graves.

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    • Biggie says:

      Fool me once shame on me.
      Fool me 7.2m more times shame on you! And I ain’t votin for you.

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    • Vigilante Empress says:

      Especially when 90% of the civil servants could gave used this same money to rebuild their homes and lives after IrMaria. And they claiming they are for the people and country. HOW? By keeping us living like third world citizens in our own country? Imagine, just imagine if this money was released when some desperately needed it. Not my votes ennuh.

  7. Diaspora says:

    If the $9M is available to pay civil service their increments, what is the delay in paying them? Whose decision was it to freeze it to freeze the increments? Was it a universal decision by the Minister of Finance or was it a joint decision by all government members? Will the Premier be thrown under the bus, run over and backed up upon after the election if the NDP were to be returned power? Were the increments frozen to be used as a carrot just before the election (ok I’m a cynic and conspiracy theorist lol)?

    Are recently retired employees who were entitled to increments be paid retroactively? Well, while we are at it, will employees be paid interest on over due increments? Be brave and pay the damn people now. We always say that employees are the most important resource and if so treat them like it. We take care of utilities, infrastructure, equipment, systems, buildings……..etc but when it comes to employees that is another tory. Stop using employees as pawns. By the way, are increments based on merit or on longevity?

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  8. Questions says:

    So why weren’t they paid for the pass three years when you all claimed the economy was robust?

    Have you now found some money to deal with the High School too?

    Can we get some money to get the port facility in West End going?

    What else are you going to do with the extra money you found?

    Can you at least let us know what you have planned for OUR money before you start spending it?

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  9. wow says:

    Will the CURRENT Minister of Finance and the Financial Secretary please confirm this?

    If so, why wait so long? Do it NOW and then that would be a great incentive for me to vote for ayo!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    First of all it was NDP that held back the payments now they promising to pay as if they doing someone a favor and wants to be rewarded with our votes.

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  11. Haha says:

    The pied piper calling a merry tune. Haha. Big joke.

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  12. lawyer says:

    Don’t bash the NDP! Only a responsible government manage their fiscal position. If holding back increment was necessary because of cash flow then they should be commended for getting back on track and paying out now. Andrew will be a disaster as minister of Finance! He is an expert on passing out questionable contracts to his friends and supporters. Look how much C***** and C***** done made off of Government with nothing to show for it. NDP were the proven best managers of our money!!

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    • @Lawyer says:

      You are absolutely correct. Also I don’t see where Myron is saying vote for NDP and you get an increment. He is saying that because of the steady hand of Dr Smith and despite VIP and others lying about the Territory being broke, we are at a fiscal position where the increments can be paid. The Government should be lauded for this not chastised. Imagine a Government that can fund increments, has access to $65 mil CDB loan and granted $400 mil in loan backing from the UK. We also have over $100 mil in reserve and consolidated collectively. I am voting for NDP all the way!

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      • TCG says:

        In reply to @lawyer, isn’t it the same steady hand of Dr Smith that handed over 7.2mill of public funds, OUR MONEY to owners of a defunct airline and to this day, is unable to account for the money, the aircraft or show what value we received for substantial sum he handed over?? Is this his idea of sound management of our fiscal resources? I noticed none of the NDP candidates have touched that one to attempt to explain how the public is supposed to trust them after throwing 7.2 mill of our money down the drain. Oh, I forget, I think I did hear Myron say that “projects fail”. SMH.

    • Weir D. Playne says:

      Well if we had $7.2 million to spare and maybe overspent on the Pier Park by $2 million less we might be able to pay the increments on time.

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  13. Hmmmm says:

    I have been reading and I don’t see anywhere that Hon. Walwyn said vote for NDP so you can get an increment. He said thanks to NDP’s work the economy was a lot better and now Government can afford the increments. If increments are already in progress then civil servants will get them no matter who is elected. What is all this nonsense about? You no longer want the increment?

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  14. SMH says:

    This man wouldn’t stop demonstrating how controlling he can be. If you not abusing by his Ways, then he becomes verdictive and hold the Territory hostage! Guess the people who supports him like this mental enslavement

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  15. So says:

    Why not start on the high school so the children can stop going school half day then $9m your Government could’ve started the on the last year

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  16. Hmmm says:

    Since yall bickering bout it, I wonder when yall receive those increments yall gonna return them? This has been the peoples cry and the NDP government is answering.

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    • @Hmmm says:

      Oh please you getting on like NDP doing civil servants a favour. It’s already theirs they can do with it as they please.

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  17. Don't Understand says:

    Isn’t the government dissolved? Wl

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    • Joyce says:

      You need to educate yourself on the system. The Hous3 of Assembly was disolved but the Government still functions up until elections. Decisions are still being made but since yall want the house disolved no one is there to ask questions. Wait for the next Government and you will see the amount of crap they have done.

  18. LMAO says:

    This man is a l–r and a de——r. What a shame.

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  19. Doubting Thomas says:

    By the way, didn’t this same Minister tell landlords to get their places ready by January 2019 as we were going to have hundreds of medical students to accommodate?

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  20. Observer says:

    The only reason to make this announcement is POLITRIX

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  21. confused says:

    Isn’t there a verse or 2 in the good book about blatant lying…..and if the money is there why isn’t it ear marked for schools, water, sewage, REAL roads…….

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  22. Interested says:

    These NDP supporters are really blind and foolish.
    There is no budget,because the NDP Government was unable to produce a balanced budget due to the large deficit.
    A new Government will now produce 9 million dollars to pay civil servants increments 2 weeks after an election ?
    Myron is unqualified to be the minister of finance,If you cannot manage your personal businesses how you are going to manage the territory.
    With their atrocious record on spending and corruption,I cannot believe people are still running behind them.I was one of their loyal supporters from the inception of the party,but I have had enough.Their is a limit to loyalty if one has any integrity at all.

  23. JYD says:


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