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We need legal services on demand, says RDA

CEO of the RDA, Paul Bayly

The Recovery & Development Agency more commonly known as the RDA is seeking to retain legal services on a more regular basis.

The RDA — which was created to execute government’s recovery plan — said their primary reason for seeking these services is for the RDA to have what it described as the “full benefit of high-quality professional legal advice and services available to the RDA on demand”.

“Due to the relatively small size of the RDA, and the nature and complexity of the contracts it will have to engage in, the RDA must have full and unfettered access to comprehensive professional legal services,” RDA explained.

The successful law firm will be required to provide advice on any disputes with suppliers or other contractual parties, manage all court disputes assigned on behalf of the RDA, provide advice on potential options for private-public partnerships, and ensure the RDA is in compliance with local laws, among other things.

Law firms are invited to submit proposals to provide these services before 4 pm on April 25.

No tolerance for fraudsters

In the meantime, the RDA said it implements “zero tolerance” on fraud, corruption and other prohibited practices. As such, each proposal shall be examined and evaluated based on its ‘completeness’ and ‘compliance’ of their requirements.

Interested firms can visit the RDA’s website for more information on how to apply.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “No tolerance for fraudsters?” When it in itself is Real Deliberate Anti BVI people fraud? Hence, the RDA!

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  2. Lawyer says:

    These contracts are not so complex that you need any specialized legal advice, unless there are plans to build, nuclear power plant, underground subways; h2 high speed rail networks etc that I haven’t heard of. Anybody with a 3rd class LLB should be able to provide basic advise on the basic contracts I am seeing out for tender. This is nothing more than the thing already talk over a Friday night cocktail and everybody looking for their own piece of the pie. If you think black people corrupt, please watch how that RDA money is being spent.

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  3. Blah says:

    How about using the Attorney General? We can’t afford any extra fees and large salaries that the RDA commands.

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  4. Reasoning says:

    @Blah, you are on point. We are already paying the Boss of the RDA a chunk of money. Considering that amount, it seems he would have been bringing such tight and tough planing and executing we should have a near Flawless Recovery outcome; (free of the kind of Law suits we have to pay out). In further discussing the AG, its mind boggling, that here we have a learned AG likely fully staffed and resourced; yet we are being sued left right and center. Why? Who is drawing up and sifting through the contracts b4 they are signed? Are we being sued because of our lack of performance or not being able to deliver as agreed to?

    The Hon premier, in his budget address stated that our country doesn’t have a Money Problem, but instead a Money Management problem.

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  5. E Scott says:

    You can only laugh at the comments that confirm the reason the RDA need legal support . BVI people have corruption and entitlement running in their blood . The people who give the money have had it with BVI and insist it’s Donne correctly. And before you all start slagging of my comment was it just this week that mr cline agreed a $98K 6 months deal to do diddly squat in plain view . Lol

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  6. LCS says:

    Let’s try to do this without having to pay an arm and a leg Mr. Bayly. Use the Attorney General, who are already getting a salary for their job. How do justify this type of expenditure? Please re-think. Hopefully shoever needs to approve this won’t agree with you.

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  7. @EScott says:

    The last time inquiring did some research, they found that all countries across the globe, including yours, “have corruption and entitlement running themselves, institutions and people.”

    Hence, the BVI is not in no ways peculiar from the rest of the world, including from your own country.

    With regards to entitlement or feelings of such, if we should not feel entitled to our lands, institutions, finances and country, then who should, you? GTFOH you RD.

    When our ancestors were eating rock stone, sand and sea water to stay alive where were you?

    when the toiled from can’t see in the morning to can’t see at night, where were you?

    Well, i was there, and i saw their toil produce what you are now here seeking.

    So, if you don’t like our earned attitude, GTHO.

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  8. Tell me says:

    What projects are the RDA working on exactly?? What real work has the highly paid head actually done? Maybe I missed something.

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  9. @Tell Me says:

    He ain’t did s**t, but sucking on BVI money t****e. Big ole fraud, That is the RDA in a nut shell.

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  10. abc says:
      blacks would have been in jail long time the man is a t***f
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