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We seem to inherit all the problems – PARSONS

Eileen Parsons. File photo

Former Minister of Education and Culture Eileen Parsons has claimed that the National Democratic Party (NDP) ‘seems to inherit all the problems’ of the Territory whenever it forms the government.

She made the comment a few days ago during the NDP Radio programme, while mentioning Premier Dr D Orlando Smith who was among Government lawmakers in earshot.

“Dr Smith; doesn’t it seem to you – or is it only to me, that everything stops and seems to come alive when we get back [into government]?” Parsons said.

Premier Smith chuckled.

Parsons continued: “We seem to inherit all the problems in this country, but it’s good when we are able to overcome them. The road-works and the dock in Virgin Gorda that has been deteriorating from the time that I was born, and only now [NDP politician] Hubert is inheriting it to fix it and all that. But thanks to you [Premier Smith] and your team, we are able to take it one day at a time.”

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