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We won’t oppose for opposing sake, says Opposition Leader Penn

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has extended a proverbial olive branch to the new Andrew Fahie-led government, stating that the Opposition will not arbitrarily oppose the ruling party’s plans if those plans are determined to be in the best interest of the territory.

Penn made the remarks at the National Democratic Party’s final campaign press conference on Friday.

“I will not be an Opposition Leader that just opposes if the government is doing things that are good. I think we should help and work together especially because some of the members of the government are new, so we have to work together to ensure that we get the best possible outcome for our country, and that is my focus.”

Penn, however, noted: “If they are doing things that are wrong, I am going to hold their feet to the fire.”

The newly-appointed Opposition Leader said, at this juncture, the territory is going through some of the “most crucial and critical times” it has ever experienced in recent years”.

“We have to ensure that we are not just an Opposition for opposition sake but an Opposition that is inclusive, an Opposition that works with the government to move the country forward.”

Opposition Leader, Premier meeting

Among Penn’s first order of business in the post will be to meet with the new Premier to discuss the way forward on issues such as Brexit, economic substance, and economic diversification.

“These are issues that we need to have a clear, cohesive plan going forward and it will only happen if the government and the Opposition work together in one accord. So I’m reaching an olive branch to the Premier to ensure that we get together very early on these critical issues,” he further said.

In the meantime, Representative for the Fourth Electoral District Mark Vanterpool said he too is willing to work with the new government.

“The electorate has made their decision. It is a democratic society, and I strongly support the new government and want to give them all of the encouragement to do their very best.”

“We will do whatever we can in a public and private capacity to see that the government is successful because the country then will be successful. We also want to make sure that as a democracy and as a people … that we hold the government to the fire and make sure that they do the right things in the interest of the people.”

He also called for unity now that another general election has gone.

Representative for the Sixth Electoral District Alvera Maduro-Caines echoed similar sentiments.

“In the Opposition, we will have eyes, and we will make noise when we have to make noise,” she said.

She said the VIP have always claimed to be a party of inclusion. On that premise, Maduro-Caines said she will be “now looking to see that they are a government of inclusion”.

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  1. Hmm says:

    This is going to be a weak opposition that would be around Andrews table begging for a contract rather than representing the people.

    Especially when it was alleged that most of them had already made secret deals to come over if the party had lose .

    I think next election is when we should get some real good candidates. Things are going to be very challenging for the next four years.

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  2. Well Said says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. Forget coalition and come together as one team and work together to build back this country. Make the BVI great again!

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  3. VIP says:

    Marlon, you are a very good person. You might be younger than your present Leader but you far exceed him in wisdom. In the next general elections 4 years from now, if you are still in the NDP, you should seek to be the Leader of the NDP, because if you all insist on keeping the present leader, the results will be the same in the 2023 elections.

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    • Strupes says:


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    • Reason says:

      To VIP, agree with certain statements. The chairman of the NDP is a very strong person. And coming 2023 NDP will come stronger than ever before. Let’s just hope that this present government can be transparent”like a looking glass” and honorable in their promises to the people of the Virgin Islands.

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  4. Bah ha ! says:

    Weak opposition

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  5. Lionel Ready says:

    “Penn, however, noted: “If they are doing things that are wrong, I am going to hold their feet to the fire.”

    Haven’t we heard these same words from Kedrick Pickering on the sewerage matter? Well he had say hands to the fire. Lots of talk but no action on real matters. Get some kahunas and deliver the people business government or opposition.

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  6. Political Intelligence says:

    The VIP, with Fraser and Andrew had oppose for opposing sake. Often times, their way of thinking was so stupid that it made you scream. You would question their intelligence, how they use to oppose for the mere sake of doing so.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Bird brain, use your intelligence to figure out a way to get us back that $7.2 million or take several seats in a ant nest.

  7. Not a leader says:

    Marlon is all posture and act- he is not a visionary- he need to go open a business

    • Go siddung says:

      Myrun. You and your cronies will blog you way to derail this young mans destiny. You was given an opportunity and was rejected. We have more faith and hope in Smurf than we will ever have in you.

      Since when is Opening a business the measure of who is a leader or not?

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