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Well over 100 curfew breaches since the BVI’s lockdown

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force has reported that more than 100 curfew breaches have occurred since the government first imposed a lockdown in the British Virgin Islands.

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews told BVI News that while other crimes have been seeing a decline since the curfew period, breaches have spiked the overall crime rate.

“Crime in general and serious crime is down, and as of 18th April, we had recorded 132 breaches of curfew,” Commissioner Matthews stated.

“These breaches will affect our data in the minor crime’s category going forward; showing an obvious increase,” he added.

Difficult for criminal organisations to operate

The top cop, in the meantime, attributed the many restrictions associated with the lockdown as the key reason regular crime has dropped locally.

He said: “Most persons have been compliant and the lockdown and border closures have clearly made it difficult for criminal organisations to operate. When criminals are out and about, they are being identified quickly, thanks to the curfew keeping the majority of law-abiding persons indoors.”

The extended 24-hour curfew period is anticipated to end on Sunday, April 26.

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  1. V4 says:

    ‘Other crimes have been seeing a decline’ no sh*t Sherlock, everyone bar 100 are stuck in their houses.
    If the ludicrous home curfew doesn’t end on the 26th I feel sure you will have 20,000 plus breaches. Social distancing and improved personal hygiene levels and allow people out to purchase food for their families. this is not the bubonic plague, it is a serious respiratory virus there is a difference

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    • Gage says:

      Indeed you’ll start seeing an increase in breaches if this continues.

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    • :) says:

      A serious respiratory illness that is highly contagious and can be spread without even direct contact with an infected person. How many ventilators do you think the BVI have? The territory is so small the virus can infect 25% of the population easily in just a week because Almost everybody uses the same supermarkets etc.

      Social distancing has not been working well. Just look at the pictures or videos from during the allocated shopping times. People are more concerned with being as close to the cashier as possible. I have almost gotten into fights from telling people to get off my back in stores.

      I suspect as soon as the curfew is over people will rush to supermarkets and money transfer services. Have you ever seen people staying 6 feet in Western Union or any Supermarket. Even when they aren’t on each other’s bumper they are still close enough to contract the virus if any infect are around.

      I think government should just open as well. The shopping situation isn’t working well enough for the entire population.
      Government has tried and nobody can blame them. We have to allow people to evolve. If they want to continue to be idiots they will pay in either hospital fees or their life.

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  2. I’ll be one of them says:

    If y’all don’t end this 24 hours curfew on the 26 am going outside on God !!

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    • To I'll be one of them says:

      I’ll be right there by your side.

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      • Social Distance says:

        “I’ll be right there by your side.” 2 meters away though.

        • And the Devil whispered... says:

          “You are not STRONG ENOUGH to weather this storm.” And I took a deep breath, steadied myself and replied, “Get thee BACK Satan – at least 6 Feet, you Asshole!” C’mon we’ve got this. Just use common sense and don’t be a COVIDiot. Church, Jesus doesn’t need the cash just now. Hairdresser, really? You’re willing to bet your life on a haircut? Buy your stylist a gift certificate and wait until things calm down. We all need to make a living, but don’t bet your life on it just yet.

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  3. Musa says:

    7 days more for now and keep the port closed for 2 more months

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  4. Notice says:

    Not a single road block or police officer on the road..

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  5. TruDat! says:

    Will that be 132 x $5,000 = $660,000 for the public purse? Or are all dem just get a warning?

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  6. Chrome- says:

    So now we know what the lockdown is really for

  7. Chrome- says:

    So now we know what the lockdown is really for

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  8. bishop says:

    but only the small-man wuz punished…all the biggas got away

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  9. well sah says:

    do you call going out to look food to eat a crime?????????

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    • GTFOH says:

      Well, you can get 3 meals in prison for free and it’s no real difference than the current curfew. Step outside when you ready.

  10. revisittheplan says:

    If the curfew is not lifted, there will be many more.

    People are going nuts. Imprisoned by the govt. Hungry. Mental health issues.

    And then on the flip side, about half the population are actually permitted to be out.

    What’s the point?

    Mr. Premier, guv, it is okay to admit that things have not worked out. Revisit the plan and do so soon so that people have notice before Sunday.

  11. smh says:

    So what was the actual punishment for the curfew breaching crime? Very curious indeed.

  12. No nonsense says:

    If the government can release 2mil to feed John public and most of then NON TAX PAYERS by choice or what ever. I DEMAND my increment. Them acting like a irresponsible woman with 5 children. Hair and nails more important than feeding her swell belly children!!

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  13. REVENUE says:

    Please increase the fines and impose labour and community service…

  14. Wow says:

    I ist though curfew was a good idea.
    We pl a food order on Sunday, they just told me over the phone I might get it Friday or Saturday.
    6 days??? This is totally ridiculous Sir

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  15. Fools says:

    More people have died in the USA from this virus than we have in the Virgin Islands. Go ahead, there is space in the cemetary.

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    • V4 says:

      Yep that’s true and that is 0.015% of the population do the maths that’s the equivalent of under 5 here. I know 1 is too many but get a grip. People have to use common sense, distance and wash your hands, you can’t lock the country in or down forever this virus is not going away anytime soon

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  16. Real says:

    If the virus is a contact virus or if it spreads thru the air as u idiots suggest then any and everyone would already have it wake

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ill be going outside as soon as sunday to go for important food supplies and necessities cause right now i dont have any food and is unfair the government only looking for the police officers who are shopping

  18. Peace says:

    We need to act like people with brain, 95% of the population comes in contact with each other every day . This virus could spread like wild fire . Some of you guys related to D trump,

    • V4 says:

      You sure your brain doesn’t want to check that percentage, sounds as outrageous as Trump himself, what are you a door to door salesman!. Keep a distance and wash your hands, don’t touch your face when out, what bit of that don’t you get

  19. Windy says:

    There’s nothing the constitution that keeps the government from putting the entire population (except those connected & government workers) under house arrest for four weeks ?

  20. Living in Fear says:

    This is no way to live. Use good sense. Go out as needed. Stay away from large gatherings and groups. Protect yourself. Wash your dam hands. Stay home if you are not feeling 100% Get some fresh air & exercise. Eat properly.

    If you are too fearful, keep yourself on quarantine for as long as you like. But don’t demand that of everyone. You say you have Faith, yet you live in Fear. That is not Faith.
    “Fear not, for I am with you and will not forsake you.”

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