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We’re all shocked and embarrassed — Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn

Opposition Leader Marlon Penn has counted himself among locals surprised and humiliated by reports of Premier Andrew Fahie and Ports Authority boss, Oleanvine Maynard’s arrest in the United States on drug and money laundering charges.

He expressed those sentiments in a written public statement issued to the press Friday morning, April 29.

“We are all shocked, saddened, and even embarrassed,” Penn stated. “However, it is important that we look beyond recent events and towards healing and unity. I accept and acknowledge the gravity of this issue, as well as the other challenges and new headwinds that we now face.”

“I strongly condemn any violation of the confidence and responsibilities entrusted to public officials. So, I ask of you, citizens, residents, and friends let us pray earnestly, and work with great resolve and steadfast focus on improving our good governance structures and the proper functioning of our public institutions,” added Penn who previously indicated his intention to become the next Premier of the BVI.

The Opposition Leader further called on residents join in unity to address what he described as “daunting challenges” ahead.

He also called for residents to “realise the aspirations of our territory for future generations”.

Fake drug busts, re-election funding alleged in Fahie’s trafficking plot


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  1. fdfd says:

    where the cr**k Claude Skelton Cline is. He likes to bark I want to hear him now!

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  2. vg resident says:

    You should have not been shocked as it seems everyone had heard rumours about drug dealing in the BVI. Lots more folks will be arrested once the UK lands in the BVI

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    • watchman says:

      So Fahie/Maynard getting caught means the BVI sold drugs?

      I beg to differ!! The other elected officials knew nothing of this. These are the acts of criminals not community.

  3. Serious ...... says:

    Don’t want ANY of you former politicians back in! You all have stink on you! Acting like you are shocked, you knew most of this too, set of liars, all of you!

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  4. Called it!!! says:

    Andy, I’ve been saying you were allegedly crooked for years. As have many others on here. Everything you said was a lie. Y’all grab C***e before he sneaks off the islands. He’s just as dirty and you can bet Andy will snitch on everyone he can.

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  5. Big Richard says:

    CSC fled Detroit when his boss there got caught. Hopefully he’ll flee BVI for parts unknown. Bye Bye

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  6. Schuups says:

    Your thing was why Ronnie got put out from Govt. But you shock and the COI is for all of you. Suspension of the Constitution means you also don’t have a job. So behave yourself and start for once to look out for the Country but you shock.

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    • March Fok. says:

      I’m more concerning about them …, This is a tuff one on their minds, the shame and disappointment the feel…Me in hot sun for these people about march, naaaah.

  7. Fahie u don't have sense. says:

    What you doing dealing with or talking to or doing business with this dirty, talkative brainless show off boy for the Port Director.. Fahie u r an idiot.from the time you get knowledge that this fool is involved you should have backed out..This boy just show off bad, bad bad, mommy is this, mommy is that, mommy can do this, mommy can do that.Fahie u disappoint me big time..Sorry to say but sounds like a lot of years in Jail to me. Let the few who are complicit and encouraging take to the street, most of us won’t..

  8. 2 cents worth says:

    My take on a quick glance through the CoI is that previous admi nistrations have not gone unscathed. Having an election without cleaning up shop would just simply be doing the same thing as before and expecting similar results. It seems to me any past BVI politicians would do well to consider other lines of work these days while they consider what skeletons could emerge from the investigations recommended in the CoI.

  9. Oliver T says:

    I’m a US resident with much affection for the VIs. Now that this corruption by a minute nummber of politicians has been identified and will most certainly be corrected by the overwhelmingly good and honest people of the VIs, you can be assured of a wonderful and prosperous future. I pray for your success and happiness for years to come.

  10. Casual Dress says:

    No Government, No Opposition needed, Thank you

  11. Anonymous says:

    Another example of locals inability to properly govern themselves…Stop confirming the British low opinion about us!

  12. You are fired says:

    You too Marlon violated the constitution by not declaring your assets after several requests to do so. That will disqualify you from running again.

    You don’t get to ride high and free on this disaster. You don’t get to play “good cop, bad cop” with us. We will not be rallying behind you.

  13. Anark says:

    A country deserves the rulers it’s peoples vote in. Tell me, do you want a nation to be proud of, or a nation governed by crooks? The BVI has proved they cannot lead and govern themselves, so now you have to once again bow in suplication to the crown. I feel direct rule may be a far better option, especially once they hunt down all of the wrong doers! Your days are numbered if you have been dirty!

  14. Sriker says:

    Wonder who the un-named minister in the DEA arrest report is? Good people of the BVI’s don’t need this,
    but this too shall pass.

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