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We’re using non-traditional tools to fight crime — Premier

Premier Wheatley

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has indicated that his government is focused on using non-traditional methods to tackle the rise of violent crimes in the territory.

The Premier made the announcement in the House of Assembly recently after Opposition Leader Ronnie Skelton asked what the government is doing to tackle the increasing incidences of crime in the community — something residents find concerning.

The Premier pointed out that the National Security Council is working on a national plan to address crime. He said this plan will include non-traditional measures of stemming crime and violence.

When asked to explain “non-traditional measures”, Premier Wheatley said his government will be using strategies such as “education, youth programmes, helping young people find jobs, conflict resolution, and reducing some of the causes which lead to crime.”

The Premier said the measures will be used alongside the traditional methods that law enforcers use to tackle crime.

Over the last several months, there has been an uptick in gun-related crimes as authorities continue to urge youth to stay away from the drug trade. The authorities have linked the drug trade to most fatal shootings and many other violent attacks in the territory.

Still, many residents continue to take offence at the assertion that crime is increasing because of the drug trade. These groups have argued that the authorities are branding the territory as a morally bankrupt place that doesn’t abide by law and order.

And while many support more stringent measures to fight crime, they maintain that they’re not in favour of measures that trample on their rights as citizens.


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  1. School children are saying that … says:

    … the non traditional methods appear to be non effective.

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  2. Salty Fish says:

    As much as I try to keep the ‘fire of hope’ alive in my heart and soul for our Country, it is articles like this about our directionless and delusional leadership that have me on bended knee!

    Decisions and planning are made in a vacuum by people that would be better served seeking advice all while our Country suffers greatly because of their ignorance and narcissism!

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  3. Styles. says:

    The premier mentions he us using conflict resolution to reduce crime.

    So is he saying he knows who are in conflict in this case?

    SO in case he knows who are the guilty people, why isn’t he throwing them in jail?

    They’re probably friends?

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  4. Jokes says:

    What can the Government do about crime? NOTHING! People will do what they want regardless. People are not scared to spend time in HMP. There are certain activities that people are involved in that only end one of two ways, dead or jail and no Government or Police can stop that, sadly. What we need are proper schools and youth support so that we can avoid too many of them falling along the wayside. The Government has ZERO support for the young people until election time comes around and then act surprised when they get involved in crime and other illicit activities. Look at the places where there are less crime, especially violent crime and you would notice their educational standards and youth opportunities are available for all and that makes all the difference. Pure lip service from these power hungry fuckers that only care about travelling on the tax payer dime. There is NOTHING in place to assist the youth, all they do is talk talk talk.

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  5. Crap says:

    is getting easier to recognize when this man speaks!

  6. Say their names! says:

    When last have any of the victims names been mentioned?? It is all talk and NO ACTION with the government.

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  7. To Premier says:

    We all are in one accord with fighting crime but becareful what all you agree with as most are convinced the Commissioner of Police is a failure and only interested in fulfilling his role in the bloodless takeover attempt. Also why are you being the face for this message when this matter is under the Governor. Stop doing their dirty work for them while they only come in the front when things make them look good and look like saviors.

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  8. He says:

    U don’t care about the people. U don’t care about crime what u care about is how much time u bored a plane off the tax money i can’t wait to get him out

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  9. WEW says:

    How about a traditional way … put the police on the street rather than in a bunk sleeping.



  11. @jokes says:

    First and foremost the children need parents,
    They need a family unit,

  12. Lol says:

    What’s non traditional about those things? We are in trouble.

  13. @styles says:

    Hope he’s not a customer

  14. @@jokes says:

    Parents working to make end meet, and so forth. It takes a village to raise a child.

  15. Well!!!! says:

    Well that all I can say, you talking and it getting worst and worst same thing over and over nothing anit really happening Power is a very serious thing.


    IDIOT , the opportunity was there for The OPPOSITION to UNITE and work together for their people and country / LORNA was never in control of the OPPOSITION ? , they had their own little ” POWER” STRUGGLE / ( aka ) private war going on / ITS the talk on the streets , so try looking in the right direction , and “OH” don’t forget to open your eyes

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