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West End man charged with six counts of incest

West End Police Station

A 37-year-old Vincentian man living in West End, Tortola has been charged with incest.

Incest is the crime of having sexual contact with a blood relative usually including a parent, child, sibling, grandparent or grandchild.

The accused West End resident is charged on six counts of the offence.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has not released the man’s name. This is typically done when trying to protect the identity of the alleged victim.

The man, in the meantime, was arrested and charged on April 16. Police did not disclose the nature of his relationship with the alleged victim or any allegations into the matter.

The charges against him were announced in the RVIPF’s latest arrest blotter for the period April 4 to April 17.

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  1. Whatt says:

    These island people in the bvi

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    • Wel Sah says:


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    • @Whatt says:

      Is whatttt???? That your culture. SMH

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    • Nik says:

      Isn’t this y’all culture? Don’t point no fingers here! Move ! Look at you nuh kmt

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    • Reply@whatt says:

      Idiot are you aware that the bvi is considered island ppl too
      Y’all are so stupid
      Before you talk about island ppl look at ayo self
      Look around and see who killing ppl in the bvi, is ayo own ppl
      Look at the latest murder, who did??? A bvi islanders

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    • MYOB says:

      Hush yuh mc.. Alyuh famous for the same thing in the BVI, but alyuh does cover it up well with alyuh drugs money. Don’t know what make you feel like alyuh exempt from this very nastiness and other unscrupulous acts. Y’all are not as special as you would like to believe.

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    • :) says:

      You lie! You all in the BVI are cousins. Stupes, I fed up now

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    • Snh says:

      That’s actually the profession of some on the bvi did you forget that yall parents slept with their brothers cousins uncles ect thanks to island people that changed their life and gave them some unrelated d$$k and Pu$$%

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    • Hm says:

      So BVI is a continent then?

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    • Anegada says:

      Lol I know if a young couple east e d that got married and they are 1st cousins it have another set in Anegada that just had a baby w and w same last name and they know they related

  2. Oh says:

    Oh ok. And what about all the ones who married to their cousins because it is the norm in this place…charge them too.

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  3. Weird says:

    Shouldn’t both parties be charged if it’s incest? Unless the person is a minor, which I doubt since there was no stat rape charge, if no rape accusations both parties should be held accountable no?

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  4. bvi news says:

    please remove all comments. this is a very sensitive matter and soon the names will start coming in codes.please remove all comments. thank you

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  5. Tooth&Claw says:

    In the BVI you are more likely to go to jail for incest than murder!

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  6. WEW says:

    Rampant in the BVI. Nature’s Little Secret.

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  7. OMG says:

    I have some banana wine for him to drink if he wants before he goes prison

  8. Nasty ! says:

    He needs life in imprisonment !!! These dirty men abusing innocent kids… how does that thought even come to mind!!!! I’m disgusted at this!

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    • Rly!!! says:

      Dont assume its a minor wait for details before you starts ranting

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      • ?? says:

        i said “innocent kids” minor or young person, he had no dXXX right!!!! looks like you condoning what he did!

      • ah sah says:

        @Rly IT IS A MINOR she is ONLY … OLD is that Minorish enough for you???????

        Some of yall just make me sick you point fingers at island people saying all sort of rubbish When in actuality the Majority of you so called BVI landers are actual products of INCEST!!!!
        Come for me i have time tuhday!

        I am not condoning what this father did to his daughter it is wrong and I pray the judge throws the book at him and he gets the maximum sentence there is.

        BUT please dont point fingers dont throw stones when the lot of you have been covering up your nasty incest ways for years and sweeping it under the rug.

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        • Hgdsd says:

          All now bvislanders sexing them cousin set of nasty people

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          • tolian says:

            who bvi islanders sexing them cousin ? name them out cause all of you all talking is propaganda stop encouraging incest man , … proud bvi islander i never one day think to sleep with my cousin or family member , get your facts straight from airing your mouth a set bvi islanders haters you all be . how u so sure the comment about island man is really from a bvi islander ? st vincent men just a *** to caribbean men race , go to h**l or go look work to do and climb the volcano !

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    • @nasty says:

      Did I hear you right. I humbly concur if written by an expat. If there is no statue of limitation on the laws governing incest. Pause, I should ask is there really incest of the books governing incest in the bvi. If so when the British take over either extend the prison or build new ones. 5/8 of the bvi going balsam gut.

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    • HTR says:

      I totally agree. Life Imprisonment.

  9. son of the soil says:

    I will bet my last dollar that it is a island man

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  10. Anonymous says:

    @MYOB, If you feel this way about us why don’t you leave, some of you hate us but you still want to live with us. There are some very nice people from the different Islands, but a lot of you need to back to where ever you came from. How can you live in a place where you hate the cistens?

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    • MYOB says:

      If I’m going back to where I come from it’s right in the BVI. Being from there does not mean that I have to condone alyuh stinking behaviour. I chose the ways and culture of the so called “island parent” because y’all are too uppity and condescending. Your comment is living proof of this because my comment was not based upon hate, but to display why the madness needs to stop. I’ll reiterate and say, y’all are not as special as you believe. S**T HAPPENS EVERYWHERE. Why every single time something horrible happens alyuh feel the need to pull down fellow Caribbean countries like y’all are exempt from the foolishness that they indulge in? This has been going on for eons. God forbid anybody should call y’all out on the stupidness. You running helter-skelter to tell me to leave instead of trying to change the trajectory of this horrible history of xenophobia in the BVI. As stated previously, I from here too, but I don’t have to be a bandwagonist to the folly.

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  11. ire says:

    at least get the age correct.. he 38 yrs old

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  12. Embarrassed! says:

    I’m a Vincentian and this sort of behaviour is sickening. Only someone who is sick in the head will do things like this! Send him St Vincent let him clean off the roofs in the red zone without a mask! Damn xxx!!

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  13. WOW says:


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  14. Indigenous Virgin Islander says:

    BVI news, you people are guilty of suppressing freedom of speech. Why was my comment about vincy people not posted? The general public needs the hear the hard truth.

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  15. @ ASKING says:

    This person needs to be castrated and I am applying for the job / am sure my dog would enjoy his balls after I season them and bar B -Q them rass / all he did is to give vincies a bad name / it is very unfortunate that THE HOLY people here find pleadure IN IN putting down all vincies

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  16. Heretoo says:

    You know, one of my female BVI working associates who does be on her phone all day talking to everybody she meets once said if she had to marrying a person she will chose her cousin because her cousin is always kind to her and treats her well and will never cheat on her. She said emphatically, cousin any day than them old island man. You believe the beast in her?

  17. well sah now says:

    lordy! I beg for the man balls, he is a bad person to commit such act on anyone, but, he should be punished according to the law

  18. Flat island says:

    It’s ok for cousins then land of coral n limestone

  19. Guana lobster says:

    It’s ok for cousins then land of coral n limestone!

  20. French says:

    Listen all ayou garrot and gasso need to take ayou a** back down island want come to Virgin Islands talking f**k if it so bad up here go home!!!!!!

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  21. Uknown says:

    They should cut off he f**king *** what kind of nasty s**t is that huh????? Regardless u not suppose to be doing them things to a child ……all he do is ruin his child life as a parent u should protect them not use them nasty nasty nasty shake my head

  22. Salty Dawg says:


  23. Sonia says:

    This is wear the law needs to change. Why protect the idiot identity? What benefit is it really to the child and other children for when the idiot get out of prison?

    • xee says:

      Hopefully by then he would be reformed fully. and the child needs to be protected…it is sad enough. Just think about it.

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