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West End Police Station reopens: Commissioner calls for updated laws to improve public service

Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews is urging the government to update the necessary legislation that would result in faster operations in critical areas of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF).

Matthews made the call at the official reopening ceremony of the West End Police Station on Thursday, August 15.

He said: “We still feel frustration in the public service. Colleagues sitting here will agree with me cause sometimes we can’t get through some of the blockades to get things done as quickly as we would want to. And that’s not about people being difficult or awkward, that’s about practices and procedures that may be outdated now. Maybe it’s time in 2019-2020 to revisit some of our procedures to see if there are ways that we can do things quicker as long as they are legal, as long as they have integrity, and as long as they are transparent to speed up some of the processes.”

Merging of entities strengthens criminal justice system

With the West End-based station now refurbished, Matthews said it now symbolises another step towards ensuring the BVI has an efficient policing strategy and an effective criminal justice system.

“Not only do we intend to base additional officers here as well as Customs and Immigration officers, we also intend to equip the station so that persons who are detained by officers can be questioned here properly according to the law,” Matthews said.

[They can be] necessarily be detained here as well; rather than shipping everybody back to Road Town Police Station with the obvious inconvenience and risk that that brings with it,” the top cop stated.

He also said the Cane Garden Police Station will continue to remain open as the RVIPF has recognized that two stations are needed in the western section of Tortola.

Symbolism of the West End Police Station

Premier Andrew Fahie, who was one of the first to call for the urgent reopening of the facility when he served as Opposition Leader, spoke on the significance of the West End Police Station in the First District — the constituency he represents.

The Premier described the station as the ‘centre of consolidation’ for the western communities, especially after the hurricanes.

“I am, [therefore], asking every citizen to discipline themselves. Once you discipline yourself, then the police work will be limited,” Fahie said.

Investment by the UK goes deeper than providing security

Governor Augustus Jaspert, who has responsibility for the territory’s constabulary, said the $1.68 million investment in policing by the United Kingdom is about a partnership with the BVI that goes beyond just caring for security.

He said it’s also about caring for the territory and its people and ensuring they are able to progress and achieve in the society.

“This police station has been repaired by the United Kingdom — a gift from the UK taxpayers to BVI which is also repairing the Jost Van Dyke police station, Customs and Immigration building and helping to repair the Virgin Gorda police barracks as well as already repairs to the Road Town police station which has already been completed,” Governor Jaspert stated.

Second reopening in four years

The West End Police Station has now undergone two reopenings in the last four years with the first being in 2015 after undergoing renovations for nine months.

Following the 2017 hurricanes which cause considerable damage to the facility, the station had to undergo extensive repairs and saw many proposed reopening dates by the previous NDP government.

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    Finally! Thanks Premier and others.

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  2. Hmmm says:

    All the UK give most grants for is to build prisons and police station.

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  3. SMDH says:

    When it comes to police stations and prisons the UK quick to give grants but for the other urgent needs of the people they want to make us take out a loan.

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    • @smdh says:

      Standard colonial doctrine and methodology from the beginning of EU/UK conquest.They are not economicaal, economically, politically or humanly oriented towards uplifting the Black man and his conditions.

      How much longer before we come to such a collective reality.

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  4. lol says:

    Doesn’t look all that bad for a pig sty

  5. @SMDH says:

    Please note that it is not the UK making us take out loans to repair our homes. It originally started out as grants but then the good old NDP decided to beat a man when he was down and turned the grants into loans.

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  6. Dman says:

    This is great news,I remember what it looked and felt like after Irma. There was an undercurrent of uncertainty and fear without a police presence in the area. Now please, get the force out into the community so that people get comfortable with the police and the police get comfortable with the people. All can band together to force out (or lock up) the bad elements.

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  7. Joseph boodoo says:

    I want gary to investigate the port . C—– ins. Police cover up on murder. My family has been seeking justice for my dads work and his death . Who thief his monies . Now we have been left with nothing is this the same laws the government is following and where’s Mt dads monies . I welcome you Mr . Gary to visit my home to see how we live . Is the laws for negroes only and not Indian people. My mom can’t walk now and is 78 years and nobody knows how we have been living . Mr. Gary if this happen to ur dad would he GEF his monies so who thief my dads monies . Mr. Griffith before my mom dies to can you he’ll us please.BT his is not fake or lues . Where’s this justice all of you ate paid by the taxpayers like my dad and many others . Check out the port to see how they thief his monies and caused my dad to suffer and die for 20 years in waiting for his monies . From the government the banks the church the private sector or business men . Or arebthey Thiefing our taxdollars and who thief my dads monies. Ask Michael a—– he was in charge of the p—. Mr. Griffith if I am lying then lock me up or take me to court . I have written to lawyers . Human rights groups. Even the president and people all over the world . Sir with due respect to you my family is dying today for what they did to my dad and
    my family is suffering today. Mr. Gary you represents justice for the taxpayers who pays ur salaries and the whole bunch of thief I ng lying olititions . where’s justice for my family .

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