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Wet fete added to emancipation events, Carrot Bay Fest returns to 3 days

At least two significant changes have been made to this year’s staging of the emancipation celebrations — the reintroduction of the three-day Carrot Bay Fest and the addition of a new event to the schedule of events.

According to Stuart Donovan — a member of the Festival & Fair’s Committee — a wet fete will be added to this year’s festivities.

“The wet fete … will be on August Tuesday in the morning. We’ll have Asa Bantan performing for that along with the ABN Band,” Donovan told members of the media on Wednesday.

The festival commences with the annual Gospel Fest on July 25 and the official opening of the Road Town Festival Village, which will remain open from July 26 to August 6.

Thursday, August 1 will be the annual Calypso Show, which will see 10 participants competing for this year’s crown and a cash prize of $7,500. The first and second runner-ups will be awarded cash prizes of $3,500 and $2,500, respectively.

Also in the Village on August 7 will be the Soca Monarch competition, which will have seven persons competing for that title.

East End

The East End festivities will begin on July 28 with the Mr and Ms Junior BVI pageant followed by the Festival of Culture and Praise and a Food Fair on August 3.

A beach picnic at Beef Island is set for August 4 while the Rise & Shine Tramp is scheduled for August 5.

Carrot Bay

Carrot Bay has reverted to three days of activities with the Cultural Fiesta along with the Oliver ‘Ollie’ Turnbull fishermen’s tournament commencing on August 8, Cultural Activities Day on August 9, and Cultural Market Day on August 10.

Kiddies Fiesta Returns

Also making a return to the calendar of events is the Kiddies Fiesta for the first time since 2017 and is scheduled for July 20.

The fiesta will include back-to-school giveaways for youngsters. This is being made possible through public and private sponsorship from organisations such as the Rotary Club of Road Town.


Meanwhile, sub-chairman of the FFC’s Parade Committee Ottley Hodge said there has been an increase of troops this year and for the first time, there will be three stalls built to accommodate persons along the roadways. These stalls are being erected to help keep patrons entertained with activities until the parade reaches their location.

The slogan for this year’s festivities is “A Colourful Cultural Vibe as BVI Festival turns 65”. The slogan was submitted by Khadejae Hull while the theme, which was written by Tonya Vanterpool, is “BVI Festival 2019: Honouring all generations – Let’s commemorate the 65th emancipation celebration”.


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  1. Help me says:

    I’m wondering if there’s and editorial mistake with some of the dates posted?

    Under where it says East End, it said that Rise and Shine would be the 5th of August…… The 5th is Actually August Monday. Would that be referring to the regular Rise in Shine in Road Town but was added under the wrong Subheading?

    Does this mean Jouverts are being reduced?

    I would like a bit more clarity on this please.

  2. Wow says:

    What a waste of f**king money. Cancel scholarships for young people, cut back on this and that but we seeing brand new jeeps for all legislators, monies for jump up and wuk up. I don’t know why anyone is surprised anyway, this has been VIP ever since the late HL Stoutt left the scene.

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    • New Vehicles! says:

      Yes it seems the Government has to buy vehicles for legislators who had none and was walking. This is some madness. I guess I understand now why VIP wanted or needed the Government this badly. Very sad days ahead if this is the direction.

      Like 4
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    • Stop the noise says:

      Scholarships has been stopped since Irma when NDP was in and the VIP has started it back. Stop the noise about party, this is just a simple article about what’s happening for the 65th!! And if NDP was in they would’ve done it BIG too! Just like the 60th !

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    • No Name says:

      @ wow


  3. NB says:

    Oh the lawlessness

  4. One eye fowl cock says:

    If ar you don’t like it go Sandy pit and camp out for the week with ar yo fast self

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  5. Curious says:

    What is the cultural relevance of the WET FETE? Can anyone enlighten me.

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    • Libo says:

      So we can see people acting the fool and saying its fun. I dunno know. Everybody culture but our own.

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    • @Curious says:

      And, unless they’re using water straight from the sea, what a waste of a precious resource!

      Like 6
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    • @Curious says:

      This is so sad! Free your mind from mental slavery and stop with the pessimistic behaviour.

      Do you all know that the Virgin Islands (British) depend on tourism? Wouldn’t this be the best time to shine more light on festival. What do we export? Besides off shore banking and tourism what are other ways of bringing revenue into the territory?

      It seems that everything that is done will forever be a problem. Do you seriously think for a second that they will neglect education? Stop crying over spoil milk, NDP vs VIP. The point is VIP is in and we the people of the Virgin Islands (British) need to come as one if we are going to move forward. If there is a problem speak up from behind the computer and phone screens. Voice your concerns. Attend the various meetings and flipping well SPEAK.

      To all the visitors and locals that will be enjoying the 65th Festival please have a clean and fun time. Please tell a friend to tell a friend that this summer the Virgin Islands (British) will be the place to be.

      The sensible, passionate and lovable BVI people welcome everyone with open arms. Cheers! Johnny Cake & Fry Fish on Deck!

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  6. Centralize the village to Road Town says:

    I still say centralize the village. The money that is being spent on two other stages and the preparations for the other two villages are a waste of money and that money could be used in other places.

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  7. Why the H**l says:

    So why is Carrot Bay getting three days?? Why they couldn’t just get One which is Cultural? The Fishing Tournament Day. WASTE OF MONEY ON THIS… KEEP EVERYTHING CENTRAL AND SAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS WE CAN FOR SEVERAL YEARS. This gets a thumbs down as for right now.

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    • WOW says:

      So pessimistic. Carrot bay used to be 3 days since forever. Carrot bay festival is funner than town on most years. 1 day is not enough.

      Bring on the greased pigs!

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