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Wheatley against constitutional review with Order in Council looming

Minister Vincent Wheatley

Ninth District Representative Vincent Wheatley said he is opposed to the BVI moving forward with a constitutional review if an Order in Council from the United Kingdom (UK) parliament remains hanging over its head. 

Wheatley made that argument as legislators debated amendments to the terms of reference of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) yesterday, September 21.

Wheatley said while he had no issue with the composition of the CRC, the terms of reference was an entirely different issue. 

“I think sometimes we find ourselves dabbling in leaves where we should be more dealing with branches, roots, and [the] trunks of matters. We are playing around a committee,” Wheatley said.

The legislator said he sometimes asks himself if the BVI is on a real journey towards autonomy or is simply just playing games.

According to Wheatley, there are decisions the BVI really needs to make, but he felt no real efforts were being made to make those decisions. 

Wheatley said the BVI needs to be deliberate about what it’s doing to get to self-determination. 

“Right now, there’s an Order in Council over our head; an Order in Council that the Governor just has to go and gazette that thing, and we gone. All 13 of us (legislators) in here gone,” Wheatley argued.

He continued: “But we here talking about constitutional review. So, we should say that this should never happen again; that the territory should never be put in a position where anybody can put an Order in Council over your head and then tell you ‘come negotiate’ about your constitution, where you want to go, your aspirations as a people. Let’s talk about that, but, meanwhile, I (the UK) have an Order in Council.”

Given the Order in Council in place, Wheatley said it was clear the UK doesn’t trust the BVI to move forward in good faith.

“We’re playing in leaves. Let’s get out of these leaves and let’s start coming down in the branches and the trunk and ask ourselves, ‘Are we going to go through this review in good faith, in trust, in a sensible partnership?’ And I said no,” Wheatley stated.

“I like what we’re trying to do,” Wheatley added. “It’s a good thing. But it is simply an exercise, because it is expected.”


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  1. Johnny Walker says:

    Branches and leaves??? Lol dude must be dr_ _k as a fish

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  2. lol says:

    “We’re playing in leaves. Let’s get out of these leaves and let’s start coming down in the branches and the trunk and ask ourselves, ‘Are we going to go through this review in good faith, in trust, in a sensible partnership?’ And I said no,” Wheatley stated.


  3. Some of the Ninth says:

    No matter how they try to bring you down! You remain one of the Most Blunt and honest reps and WE STAND WITH YOU HON VINCENT WHEATLEY!

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  4. @ johnny says:

    and soon he will be walking on water 😂

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  5. New Wave says:

    Vinny boi you ain’t in no leaves or better yet must be you was reading some soursop leaves last night…🙄

    Anywho, tick-tock; time is running out on all ya’ll…

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  6. Own demise says:

    Let’s start with why there is a order in council hanging over our heads.

    Knowing the UK didn’t have good intentions for the BVI why did he and others in the HoA contribute to the negative circumstances that have help the UK justify making that move?

    Start at the beginning not the middle. Talk about the missteps and misdeeds that gave them a green light to take us backwards.

    When you should have been representing us YOU were playing games.

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  7. Really says:

    HONEST????WHAT A JOKE! ONE OF THE MOST IF NOT THE MOST DI***NEST MEMBER OF THE HOA!!! You benefitting from hoa pranks?

  8. Johnny Walker says:

    Next week he’ll be saying “we are playing in the sand, but we should be in the sea wrestling the sharks”🤣🤣🥴

  9. hmm says:

    I don’t usually agree with him but he’s right! Its like having to do it with a gun to your head.

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  10. Reality Check says:

    Think of the Order In Council as the equivalent to a cattle prod, and get off your duffs and get the government turned around and functioning properly. The current constitution hasn’t kept you lot from raping the country and it needs to be able to keep future elected officials from doing the same things. As well, it needs to level the playing field so that if Belongership is ten years it can’t be changed without a constitutional amendment; no backroom shenanigans. Government in the SUNSHINE, not where the sun don’t shine!!

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  11. Afraid to Speak Up says:

    Too many cowards in BVI afraid to speak up and always willing to compromise. The Order in Council is a scare tactic because they know they are dealing with cowards. Stand up for your rights the world is watching and willing to support but you must be the ones to stand up. There is a bigger order in council over UK head don’t be afraid these crooks have already lost. Its only little dark places like BVI they can intimidate their game is over. What we should be doing is working out a survival strategy independent of their sinking ship or they will surely carry us under with them. Come out from under their spell and save yourselves. Their evil days have been sealed they are trying to take as many as possible with them. Don’t be fooled.

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  12. trust truss says:

    My Boi the UK don’t trust you because you wanted to give a Hard- Core Criminal our sacred gift.

  13. W.E Man says:

    Wheatley said the BVI needs to be deliberate about what it’s doing to get to self-determination.

    After the COI live stream, I don’t think anyone would be in favor of self determination of the Virgin Islands. Good Governance should be your goal, not self determination.

  14. Ning says:

    Amen! Hallelujah!

    Finally someone understanding what this is all about. There will be no escapeing that guillotine when the people of the UK realize they have been sold a six for a nine. Pass the popcorn please!

  15. Talking Bulls says:

    Is this review for the UK or the BVI? Who is conducting the Review? This man is so out of it that he cannot accept anything good for the country because what pertains now suits him so fine that they can get away with anything and everything. Last time I check Virgin Islanders are the ones conducting the review. It is pathetic that there are so many Virgin Islanders around that oppose anything good just because it was proposed by the UK. The UK did not write a new Constitution and said this is your new constitution. They said, review what you have and see how you can improve it.

  16. "The UK doesn't Trust Us!?" says:

    I wonder why? Maybe it was the Premier getting busted for Coke and Money Laundering?? Maybe it was the COI?? Maybe it is all the drug busts, guns and cash seizures happening every week.
    The stuff that comes out of this guys mouth is amazing. I am pretty sure his brain switch is shut off – but the mouth is in overdrive.
    Much better to stay quiet and make people think you are paying attention than to open your mouth constantly and prove you are the fool over and over.

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