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Wheatley pledges support to Maduro-Caine’s Fisherman’s Wharf upgrade

Opposition legislator Alvera Maduro-Caines (left) and government legislator Vincent Wheatley.

Natural Resources Minister Vincent Wheatley has pledged to provide any required support to Sixth District representative, Alvera Maduro-Caines, as she rolls out her project to upgrade and improve the fisherman’s wharf in her Baugher’s Bay constituency.

“If I can assist the people of Sixth District and the representative, of course, I’m going to do it. We are sent here by the people to represent the people. Anything we can do to help or empower our people, that’s what I want to do. That’s what we’re trying to do for all the people,” said the minister, notwithstanding being seated on opposite sides of the parliamentary aisle to Maduro-Caines.

Maduro-Caines, in the meantime, said work has already started on the project.

She described the project as necessary especially considering the area is known to see a large volume of traffic and visitors.

“This is an area where tourist and a lot of traffic goes everyday so it will be nice to see something beautiful and pleasing to the eyes on this strip right here” she said.

The district representative also mentioned the prospect of renaming the wharf in honour of her late predecessor, Omar Hodge.

“Presently two gazebos are being made to put here. We’re going to put flowers and pavers and hopefully a statue of Omar Hodge and it will be named Omar Hodge Fisherman’s Wharf added Maduro-Caines.

Once completed, the fisherman’s wharf, according to the district representative, will be “a nice little green space where people from the community or other places can come and relax”.

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  1. nah man says:


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    • Hmm says:

      Exactly and what about the port authority the port needs more space and expansion it needs to be moved or land need to be acquired it cant remain how it is .

      We are missing out on too much economic opportunities here because of careless and senseless leadership.

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    • Ok says:

      Good reminder. They should be moved at the owner’s expense.
      The only question I have is where will all that garbage go? Any possibility of recycling some of the metals?

  2. PVIM says:

    He is the only vip thats making sense

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  3. Zone 6 says:

    Ndp and funny man screw her niw vip must come to her recuse

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  4. Ausar says:

    Good job, Honourable Wheatley!

    Now is the time to put petty politics asides, based on who’s in a particular party or not; regardless of district, and support the welfare of the people.

    If this is the norm going forward, truly it is a new day, in Virgin Islands’ politics!

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  5. Basic Needs says:

    Dear Mr. Minister, While you are there helping to sort out the marine situation in the 6th, Remember that here at home in the 9th (VG) our Passenger dock doubles up (as a passenger/Cargo dock) and has been like that since the days of Moses, it seems. It is Outrageously Dangerous, and 3Rd-worldish. Any day can be the big fiasco. Because the Ferry have full use of the dock during the daytime, Cargo offloading and transporting happens at night, with 5 and 6 ten-yard trucks running all night (extremely noisy while the rest of the BVI sleeps), one behind the other; sometimes until day break, moving (Sand, gravel, blocks, steel, lumber +++), passing within 100-feet of the Senior Citizen’s home. Whatever needs to be done needs to be done NOW, in broad daylight. Its been like that forever; no need to Prolong and Prolong. GOD isn’t going to drop by and Fix it. You are the man Mr. Minister with the Responsibility, Mr. Action man. You also have 4 At-Large reps at your beck n call. Don’t waste the opportunity like what happened in 2007-2011. It not Now, When?

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    • @basic needs says:

      Obviously you have never traveled I have been to many ports of entry where cargo is unloaded as well as ferry/cruise passengers

  6. TRUTH says:

    This VG Cargo/Passengers Dock fiasco seems to be bigger than NDP, VIP and any other P. I would suggest that if the loan goes through for the four hundred plus Mil, to take forty mil and pay to the man on the hill to acquire back the land below.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Be the legacy

  8. Basic Needs says:

    Ok “traveler”, seeing Ferry docks in other countries being Double-Used as Cargo-passenger docks doesn’t make it Right or safe; nor the normal manner of moving passengers and cargo. There is such a thing as International Standards. By the way, my comment was not about ferries that also carry some boxes and cases of stuff. My comment was also about the Noise Factor with the big 10-yard trucks running all night racing to empty the barge of its sand, gravel or whatever before day break. Have you stopped to think or question the safety and the possibility of life or limb?
    Do you think its the norm, or the way its done in first-world countries?. The BVIs is a tourist destination and the safety of visitors to our country is of paramount importance and concern to their governments and people; as well as ours. Likewise the safety of our nationals is of concern to our government and people; and I submit that standing or sitting on the side or area while pallets of blocks and bundles of steel on Bobcats and trucks unloading a vessel is not only dangerous but unacceptable.
    Both VIP and NDP apparently wanted to or tried to remedy the situation; but however after many years, remains unsolved; perhaps until the one serious or fatal unforeseen or unexpected happens. I am aware that Little Dix Resort owns the property on the left side of the dock, behind the beach, has for several years been offering to assist by making a part of land available to government to assist with alleviating the dock situation. Meanwhile there has been attempts to have the Cargo Dock built at “Manchineel Bottom” the rocky area beneath the big house sitting on the hill (Collison Point). But for whatever reason/s, there doesn’t seem to be any agreement or progress in building the cargo dock there.

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